Tokyo Nuclear accident 4

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October 4th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Satire , Suspense  |  Author:  |  950 views


It was not until quite today–September 19– that Yusuke noticed it.
He didn’t know what kind of clothes he should wear for the participating in a demonstration.
He almost wears the suit which made with full order in 365 days.
He doesn’t calm down when he doesn’t wear the shirt with the collar even on a holiday.
He has not felt inconvenient that he didn’t have the sporty clothes for example, a polo shirt and the trainer…
Although, he was a member of a high-quality sports gym, he was very busy recently, and it was the only his use that a monthly fee was paid from his account.
Still Yusuke was unrelated to the superfluous flesh for the moment.
He usually makes his suits in the bespoke tailor shop in NY for only the private customer which his business partner introduced when Yusuke went to NY for a business trip.
He ordered to a shirt, a coat, and an accessory in conformity with his aesthetics according to the advice of Martin of the salesclerk of the shop according to TPO.
It was a thought of Yusuke that it would be stupid to judge people from only their appearance but, even so, that it would be more stupid to be too unconcerned about an appearance.
However, he has not imagined good clothes to participate in a demonstration so far.
He thought that he would like to contact Martin by an international call right now, and look up Martin’s opinion about the appropriate clothes for the demonstration.
As soon as he calculated what time NY was, He noticed how this idea was stupid, and he sighed.
He came to witness the huge demonstration which protest the nuclear power plant of Japan at everywhere of Tokyo, after a nuclear plant accident happened in this March.
However, he thought that the demonstration had nothing to do with him and it was not the demonstration for him to fight.
Yusuke thought that the demonstration should entrust to other people, and he believed that he should contribute in the future of Japan by doing his best at his work.
But, few days ago, When Yusuke walked towards the cafe located in the yard of Ebisu Station for meeting his girlfriend, he noticed that there is a crowd of people in the yard of the station.

Thery were three Jack O’ Lanterns wearing the masks that 7 or 8 people surrounded.
An electric bulb seems to be put in the lanterns, and a light leaks out from the eyes of these pumpkins.
The light originally should have leaked out from the hole of a mouth and the nose of them, but they were covered with their masks, so it can’t leak out.
These lanterns wearing not only the mask but also the sash written “NO NUKES” lighted up there warm and kindly.
He felt nostalgia with a Jack O’ lantern.
When he was young, he has lived in US on account of his parent’s work for several years.
The Jack O’ lantern is a pumpkin of the talismans against evil.
It is the light protecting from a bad guy.

“Trick or Treat”

Yusuke didn’t like an American too sweet cake very much, still the event of the Halloween with that orange pumpkin was good memory of his childhood.
Hidden memory appeared slowly in his mind, and it became orange gleam…
“There is a co-worker wearing the mask in our editing team all the time. She never takes off her mask.”
Recently, his girl friend came to tell him such a thing.
She doesn’t claim that the co-worker is obstructive.
However, she does not sympathize with that co-worker.
She came to only talk about the co-worker wearing the mask whenever Yusuke met her.
However, Yusuke wasn’t able to do any reaction about it, too.
A certain youth man gave the handbill to Yusuke at the side of the Jack O’ Lanterns in Ebisu station at that day.
“Let’s join us!! 50,000 people would gather!! Good-bye Nuclear Power Plant meetings will be held at Meiji Park on September 19″ were printed on the handbill.
Yusuke is going to participate the demonstration that is the first opportunity in his life today from now on.


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