Tokyo Nuclear accident 3

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September 30th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Satire , Suspense  |  Author:  |  818 views

When it was decided that my new assignment for Japan would start, I read some books written by my fellows of the Europeans about their experiences in Japan.
The exoticness or the spirit of zen, and the taste of Ukiyoe…
Even if Europeans become crazy like a patient attacked by fever and pursue such a things in Japan,
they felt suffering that they could never enter into Japanese people’s heart.
Although all Japanese laughed quietly like a buddha, Europeans don’t understand what all Japanese think in fact.
Such a thing was written in many books.
I felt familiarity with Japanese who were not only having no change in facial expression but also having no change in emotional and I used to take the airplane of the first Japanese going.
Now, I actually know what kind of the thing about the smell of the Japanese noodles “Udon” which drift within the enclosure of a station that Peregrine Hodson wrote to his book.
I used really many stations, while staying in Japan.
And I understood that all the stations in Japan are stained with the smell just as if it would be a destiny, if it says in Haruki Murakami’s style.
However, the day I have to say good bye to Japan at least have come on.
The company which I work decided that the base in Asia of the company in Tokyo to transfer to Singapore.
It was decided that I would also move to the new office in the Singapore.
So, I made a decision to reveal my heart to the girl who I have wanted to surely talk with, before I would leave Japan.
I must confess, I sometimes saw her in Ebisu where I lived and worked, and I followed her When she finished her work and came home.
I didn’t have any purpose to follow her.
I became to know only where she lived in.
I found out that there was a Diner in front of her apartment.
So I come and spend at this diner when it is Saturday, Sunday, and other holiday.
I spend all the day eating something or drinking tea or reading books there.
This type of Japanese diner was a place with the anonymity very much.
Even if anyone kills time there all the time, it does not seem questioningly.
It has been my custom of these past several years that I spend like that.
I expected that if I would be lucky, I could witness her going out somewhere.
However, I was able to hardly see her.
She almost shut herself up in her room on a holiday.
Or, When she got a long-term holiday, she seemed to go out to some trip.
Even if I could not watch her figure, I spent near her, I was able to fell an ease.
Just after East Japan great earthquake disaster, she seemed to leave Tokyo for a while.
However, approximately one month later, she came back to Tokyo again.
I noticed that she came to appear in Ebisu.
She covered her face with a professional mask after a long absence when I watched her.
I thought that everybody who saw her could understand that she would defend the radioactivity.

Because, her mask wasn’t an easy thing to prevent only a cold or a hay fever.
Anyway, I spent all the time at last in this diner open for 24 hours until this morning.
All the duties of mine in Tokyo of the company had already finished, so I entered on a holiday my company gave me for moving.
While I was staying the diner in front of her apartment, I lost the opportunity to go home, and I wasn’t able to leave after all.
The residential area outside the window of the diner seemed to still slept.
Still I was hard to leave here and looked at the door of her apartment In dusk.
However, I was shocked the next moment.
The door of her apartment was open, and a large man came out from her room.

Oh, my God!
Anybody stayed at her room yesterday!!
Oh my God!!

I dashed out the diner in confusion as soon as I finished accounts.
The man seemed to go to the station.
I followed him in secret.
I got on the train which the man got on.
I noticed on a train after a few minutes, this train was going to pass through Ebisu station that I should come back from now on.
I was puzzled that whether I should get off Ebisu station and go back to my apartment without chasing him further or not.
But, he got off just at Ebisu station.
I was disgusting that he lived in Ebisu too.
And I went down the train at Ebisu, too.
And I kept some distance and walked the back of him.
Then he stopped and begun to take the strange action.
He attached a mask to the pumpkin of Halloween displayed in the Ebisu Station yard.
Okay,It was an exaggerated mask “she” always wore after the nuclear power accident.
Of course he covered his face with the same mask, too.
But,because moreover he wore the sunglasses, I can’t see most of his faces.
He is going to completely fix the mask to the pumpkins by something like a bonding agent.
There were few people in the station, and there was not any person who pay attention to him.
He finished gluing three masks, and painted even the pumpkins with a bonding agent carefully, and fixed them to the pedestal.
Is her boyfriend an earnest anti-nuclear power plant activist?
He left there, and I returned to my apartment.
In my deserted room which most of the preparations for moving finished, I made the yellow sash on which I wrote “NO NUKES”.
When three sash were completed, I returned again to Ebisu Station.
I put them to three Jack O’ lanterns wearing the mask.
At last the possibility that they were just pumpkins who have a cold was removed.
It is the completion of respected anti-nuclear power plants activists.
I was satisfied.
I wished that she and her boyfriend would ran away to the safe place early for making the happy future.
I made up my mind to leave Japan.


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