Tokyo Nuclear accident 2

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September 27th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Satire , Suspense  |  Author:  |  718 views

2. Wakako

Because Christmas became very popular in Japan, Wakako had expected that Halloween also would become, too.
She was truly pleased with that the town in Japan were filled with a lot of Jack O ‘Lantern, black wich dolls, and orange and purple Halloween decorations this season, recently.
Wakako has attached the masks on three big Jack O’ Lanterns which had been displaying in Ebisu stations yard near her office in Tokyo, When there weren’t many commuters at the very early morning, several days ago.
But, When she was on her way home passing through the station, the all masks which she attached had already removed.
She used cheap masks made with gauze for Jack O’ Lanterns, because they were not the masks which she uses herself.
But, she pasted up N95 expensive masks bought for herself on each of three pumpkins so that they may not separate by using a quick-drying glue, this morning.
“It was a mistake to use only transparent tape for pasting the masks, last time.”
She said.
“It was really a mistake!
The enemy is the Mafia!
I should have used a storong quick-dry glue to fight.”
While she was talking to herself, not only she bonded a mask to the lantern, but also she bonded the lantern to the pedestal
by using a quick-drying glue.
Of course, because she worried that the security Cameras of Ebisu station would catch her, she was well disguised.
All her hair was put in her knit cap, and her face was covered with a mask and sunglasses.
And, she wore the secret boots –so, her height was up to 180cm from 165cm–
, she wore the special jacket which was developed to show well physique bought by mail order under the loose-fitting coat bought at the secondhand clothes store.
She also wore 28cm boots putting some cotton into the spare part.
Anyone couldn’t notice that the man was Wakako, from watching the security camera recording, because
she had gotten to practice how to walk in order to pretend the another person.
She was wearing the leather gloves, so didn’t leave her fingerprint.
She walked for a while after she went out from Ebisu station, and she went into the single room of the male toilet of a big office building, changed her clothes, and removed the jacket which was worn in order to show the physique greatly.
When she came out of the toilet, she was still appearance which looked like a male.
Furthermore, she changed into her usual dress in another toilet, before arriving at her office.
It was such careful Wakako prepared.
On that day, Wakako came out of her office, and she approached the display of three Jack O’rantan while throbbing.
She didn’t disguised herself, like this morning.
She wore her clothes as usual.
Of course, she still wore the N95 mask firmly as usual.
Three pumpkins and the masks were also safe.
Moreover, each of three Jack ‘Oranthan were tied up with yellow sash written to be “NO NUKES”.
When Wakako was observing for a while, she noticed that some people stopped in front of these Jack ‘O ranthan, and they took the pictures by their smartphone.
She noticed right away and seeked on the twitter by her iPhone.
She looked for the word such as “Ebisu Station” or “Jack O’ Lantern” on a search engin.
She found that on twitter, with such a comment “There are such a pumpkin at Ebis station now #nonukes”,
the pictures of the Jack O’rantans wearing the masks had uproad.
Moreover she had already found that there were more than 10 kind of the pictures, and they were retweeted and retweeted.
Some pictures reteeted by the famous account.
And, Wakako got to know that these tweets had been spread like crazy on twitter at this morning.
The Jack O’ Lanterns which wore the masks were scattered on Twitter explosively and became very famous now.

Then, Wakako went into “Seijo Ishii” which sells imported foods in Ebisu station yard
She visits this store almost every day, in order to avoid Japanese foods which have radioactive pollution.
She also visited the supermarket which sells only polluted foods near her apartment, too.
Although she often used the store until the nuclear power plant accident occured, she doesn’t buy anything there.
If she saw somebody who are going to put the foods which have severe contamination into their shopping baskets, she would approach with them.
And, she applies her Geiger counter to the foods, and says
” Oh, the contamination is very serious!! This is very dangerous food”,
and bends backward exaggeratedly.
Most of those who watched at her, returned the foods to the counter from their baskets again.
Wakako was worried about that she was thrown out the store by the salesclerk before long, but nobody give her a scolding.
The store manager also treated of Wakako as a invisible man.
Even if Wakako showed the exaggerated behavior with Geiger counter, the store manager bypassed nearby as if nothing happened.
It is avoided talking about the radioactive contamination.
Wakako feels like a heavy atmosphere has covered here the capital of Japan–Tokyo–.
With the fallout of a lot of radioactive materials of that day, the trend which people couldn’t talk about the radioactive contamination like a black mist, had come and stayed on Tokyo.
Half a year had passed.
But, the people of Tokyo are behaving as if nothing happened than ever.
She often asks to herself, “Nevertheless, Why do I still stay in Tokyo?”
She doesn’t have the special feeling for the company which she works.
She can say good bye Tokyo, and remove from Tokyo to the western area of Japan or any foreign countries.
She is good at foreign language and, she is strong enough to live in any places.
In March, she got away as soon as she knew the explosion of the nuclear power plant.
She went to the Haneda airport by taxi, and went to Okinawa by airplane.
She sent e-mail to her offiche.
She pretend that something which fell by the aftershock of 311 hitted her head, so she entered the hospital.
Therefor she got sick leave.
Nobody asked her in detail further, and nobody asked what the hospital in order to visit her.
Nobody worried about her injury, when she came back to her office, and nobody were glad that she came back.
She has been living in the capital.
She wants to continue to watch.


Wakako also tweeted the post which quoted from the tweet which upload the picture of jack O’ lantern in Ebisu station.
“Hahaha, everyone who don’t know anything will die. That’s wonderful. I’m enjoying!”
Her name of twitter account was “God of Death”.
It will be a winter entrance next month on October 31.
This day, this world will connect the world of dead, something wrong will come this world.
It’s the time when “God of Death” having the sickle in his hand will come.
The day will come soon.
Wakako feels like that she is waiting fot the day.
“I wish everything would be over.”
She said to herself.
She put her smartphone back in her bag, and started going home having the shopping bag fulled with many imported foods, for example, cheese, wine, bottoled olive…
She is going to have a party alone.
People are dancing on the deck of the big city which continue to sink slowly.
It is the final dancing.
Wakako opened the champagne bottle.


She raised the glass, and drank up the delicate bubble of champagne.


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