Tokyo Nuclear accident 14

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16. A foreign man

On September 19, I am walking around Meiji park feeling a heated atmosphere of the crowd who gathered there in order to join the meeting and demonstration about anti-nuclear.
Various thought came and went in my mind.
Many various things happened after the nuclear power plant accident, there was not the time to feel relaxed for me.
On March 11, it was Friday, when the first big quake was stopped, I went immediately to watch the state of the company building which “she” worked.
The company which I was working paid attention not to move carelessly for the security, and gave permission us to go back home immediately if we were anxious about our family.
It was only thing that I thought at that time to have to check her safety.
The building of the publishing company where she worked was a considerable antique, and I always worried that if a giant earthquake would come someday, it would be very dangerous for the building.
At 2:46 p.m., when the earthquake occurred, I was in my office.
I had been worried about the company building which seemed to collapse at any moment even if earthquake did not happened, while the huge oscillation was occurring.
“Oh my god! How terrible this quake is!”
I told to myself and felt that even the strong office building which I was had a possibilities to collapse.
Is that old company building really safe?
Her company building might had collapse just now?
I worried so much!
When I jumped out of my office building, the strong quake came again.
The first quake continued about 10 minutes.
When the first one had ended, I went out, but I was surprised that such a strong one came again.
I intended to be accustomed to an earthquake after I had started living in Tokyo.
However, I thought that this was totally different dimensional thing.
They were very strong and long quakes and which came again and again.
All the Japanese Island might be broken something to pieces, I felt.
I saw the information on Twitter that the first severe earthquake was upper 5 on the Japanese intensity scale in Tokyo metropolitan.
The epicenter seemed to be northeastern district, and it was so weird that there were a lot of tweets about the tsunami warning.
When I went out of the office, the town was turbulent.
Whenever the quake occurred, the walkers began to cry because of too much their fear.
It should have been the Friday calm afternoon which led to a rest of the weekend, but which changed into great confusion.
I ran and ran in such a chaos.
On the road where the traffic jam was taking place, a horn of a car pierced air and sounded ominously.
When I arrived at the her company building, I was relieved, because it was not destroyed.
At the space in front of the office building which is a Western-style building walled up with the brisk and covered with ivy, the workers streamed out from the building.
Because this building was suitable for her, I liked it so much.
I noticed that there was the woman worker whom Wakako sometimes shared an action at the carriage porch.
When there was Wakako with her, I heard that Wakako called her “Sae”.
The woman called Sae was totally different from Wakako in the type, but because Sae was very beautiful, I remember her very well.
After a short time, I watched that Wakako also went out from the office building, I felt greatly relieved.
She did not talk with anybody of other workers and watched the screen of the smartphone all the time and continued operating it.
She seemed to get the information of the disaster from the Internet, I thought.
Because I made sure that she was safe, I returned to my office for the time being on that day.
Not only the Japanese people but also the people of various races and nationality which happened to be in Japanese Island on March 11, were hurt by this earthquake disaster equally.

Today, I have found “her” among the crowds of the meeting of “the good-bye nuclear power plant”.
Indeed, half a year has passed since the earthquake disaster and the nuclear power plant accident occurred.
More than half of her face was covered with a big mask.
Because her face was so small, I felt like that all her faces would become a mask.
She is always such a fashion, today she wore a white shirt of neat cotton and a beige chino pants, and carried an unaffected knapsack of black nylon on her back.
And I was not able to mistake for that shiny straight black long hair of her.
I was attracted by her soft silky hair which melted away, and I came to must keep an eye on her at Yurindo where is a book store I saw her for the first time.
It is the same at that time. I was attracted unsteadily by her.

The large man who came out from her apartment, and went to Ebisu station, and put the masks on 3 Jack O’ Lanterns did not seem to be with her, today.
I accosted to her before I knew.

17. Yusuke

“That is Wakako Torishima. She is always wearing the mask at our office”
Sae pointed to the opposite side of the road, there was a woman who was wearing a full-scale bombastic mask covered with her face, and walking there.
It was not the mask which was used only at the time when people caught cold, but the mask having the accomplished function which was designed finely for the purpose of the protection against dust in order to not breath in a bad things from a mouth and nose.
Certainly, if there would be a woman wearing such a mask in the office everyday, she would stand out, and everyone around her would fell uneasy.
Yusuke stared wide-eyed, too.
Besides, whomever seeing her will noticed that she was a very beautiful girl.
Still more such a girl would stand out, Yusuke felt.
Even if any straight hair permanent would be had, it will never become like her, Yusuke thought, and her natural straight raven-black hair was so impressive.
The clothes of her were very simple, but everything fitted her figure naturally, and because the material of her clothes were good quality, she had a feeling of cleanliness very mush, Yusuke observed her quickly and felt so.
His girl friend Sae also likes simply clothes, but she wears a little more feminine one.
All the things which that girl wearing were very simple and like men’s things, Yusuke thought.
Somebody with such a long hair might seem to be bad taste if they do not wear the clothes which is very refined and simple, therefore Yusuke thought that she must always wear such clothes.

“That girl is the member of your editing team?”
Yusuke asked to Sae.
“Yes, but, I heard that she entered our company in hope of the post of the overseas literature.
And, if there is a chance, she wants to move that post, so she is not interested in the work of my editing team, I think.
She always performs the job, but doesn’t do the thing which is beyond having been ordered.
She seems to use her free time for the thing which she wants to do if she would move the post.
She can’t do that she wants to do now. But, her original ability is very high, I think.”
Sae said.
Yusuke could not feel that there was not the criticism for the girl wearing the mask in Sae’s talk.
And Sae’s voice was so cool, he felt.
He noticed that Sae did not have something like hostility to that girl except that she was always wearing the mask.
Sae was proud of her work editing book and magazine for women.
She sometimes had a competitive spirit openly to the women whom she regarded as a rival.
However, because the girl wearing the mask was setting her mind on the field which is different from Sae, Sae did not intend to rival her.
On the contrary, Sae might have the feeling that was kind to her junior who could not do the job which she want to do, Yusuke thought.
Sae seemed to have the complicated feelings which respect and competitive spirit are mixed for Miss Yapazaki, therefore Miss Yamazaki often appeared in Sae’s conversation with Yusuke.
But Yusuke had not heard the girl wearing the mask until now.
“Wakako is going to join the demonstration, too”
Sae said so and went across to the sidewalk which Wakako was walking.
She went into Meiji park and began to walk as if chasing Wakako.
Yusuke followed her without speaking.
But Sae was not going to catch up with Wakako and was keeping constant distance from her.
Because Wakako was eager in watching into her smartphone, she could not notice that Sae and Yusuke were following her.
Though Yusuke decided to take part in this demonstration today, he felt like that Sae take him around.
So, he gave a wry smile despite himself.
Sae was the woman that could decide his destination for the first time, Yusuke thought.
Yusuke had not trusted even the judgment of his girl friend until he met Sae.
What Sae said was always fresh and precious for Yusuke.
According to her suggestion, he had various experiences which he was interested so much.

Then, the park overflowed with many people.
“Nuclear power plant is a weapon which kill our children”
“We want to the safety society without the nuclear power plant”
The people having such a placard and a flag were not like a radical activist, Yusuke noticed.
Extremely common people gathered at this park using their time of Sunday that they might spend calmly originally.


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