Tokyo Nuclear accident 13

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January 22nd 2013  |  9  |  Category: Adventure , Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author:  |  936 views

15. Wakako

The author whom Wakako fell in love at 18 years old, has a lot of mystery.
There is a gossip which he receives criticism because he lives high spending excessive money which he got from his first novel.
On the other hand, there is a rumor that he invested almost the royalty of his first work in contribution, and he is living an austere life and writing a novel stoically.
There is the opinion that he dropped out of the university, or there is the opinion that he seemed to graduate the university.
Various opinions are too much mixed extremely and confused everything about him, and the more the rumor appeared, the more the truth would become dim.
Wakako feels like that somebody would spread a false rumor about him intentionally in order to throw into confusion.
She was sure to investigate the information about him exhaustively for every languages of the world.
She read and hunted for every rumor by using the network of his fans all over the world.
Therefore she studied foreign language than anyone else more eagerly at the university.
When the author made his debut as a writer, the internet became very popular, and of course Wakako collected the latest information of the world using it maximally.
If she found his name on the internet, she investigated about the article thoroughly since 10 years ago.
Furthermore, she went to the town where is said that he was living, whenever she got holidays and saved enough money.
As a result, Wakako has suspected that he might not have the reality.
Only something like his brain exists, and it continues writing a novel, but the actual state as his body may not exist?
Or, all the information about him would be traced only his image, and someone whose name and face are different from him would write those novels, and his existence would be invented as his double?
In the first place, for Wakako, his reality is written work itself.
Therefore, chasing his real life and gossip disagree with her will.
Still Wakako has never stopped it.
If she is not always concerned with things about him, she feels uneasy.
At the year when he made his debut, official portrait photographs and several private snapshots of him were released, but after this year, any photographs were never seen.
Wakako is sure to save all the private photographs that was leaked as far as she knows.
Because each photograph is considerably indistinct, she has a doubt that a different person was taken in these photographs.
It might be proved that all the photographs would be the things of another persons if the expert will analyze them.
There is little as much as that correct information about him.
However, his many fans and the people just liking the gossip all over the world propagate his unfounded gossip.
Wakako noticed that she enjoyed checking not only his work which she believed that is his substance, but also the gossip about him.
She feels that the gossip would be the another story of his novel.
He released the 2nd work 3 years after his 1st work, and next, released the 3rd work 2 years later, and then remained silent for 5 years.
She does not hear any expectations that he would release a new work recently.
Even there is the rumor that he might die.
His 2nd work and 3rd work which are more difficult than the 1st work remarkably are not translated in Japan.
Of course, Wakako read them in his native language repeatedly.

His 1st work got a good review as a entertainment, and was made into a movie.
There are a lot of difficult expressions in his 2nd and 3rd works, he became more popular, or the fans of a certain layer left from him.
It is said that the town where he wrote the 1st work and Wakako paid frequent visits is the stage of the the introductory part in his 1st work.
It was usual for Wakako that she was wondering that which part was written as the place of the stage, whenever she went and spent at that town.
And she always expected that if she closed her eyes and stood here in dusk, he might come to pick me up someday.
She has lived in these 10 years holding such a dream all the time.
She was able to turn away her eyes from every real facts if she was protected by such a dream.
“He has already known me. Well, I have lived thinking about only him for another 10 years”.
She had a feeling that even he must know me.
It was something like feeling that is stronger than a mere love.
Wakako walked around the place where the young man who pat the sash on the Jack O’ Lantern might be there.
She supposed the place by looking the photograph which he uploaded on Twitter.
She saw the blond and white man 2 or 3 times around here.
However, she did not meet a person whom she could recognize that young man.
Certainly, there were the tweets that he was a blond and white man, but she was not sure to be able to understand by only watching him, because she has never watched him.
She did not think that she could find the author whom she had loved for a long time seriously,but it might be the habit which she had developed while she was seeking him.
And if she would find out the young man at Meiji Park today, she does not want anything to do.
Seeking him might become like the purpose of the life of Wakako.
It is not important whether she could find or not.
She is just seeking.
However, Wakako has mixed feeling when she remember the email which she sent the author while she was staying Okinawa just after the nuclear power plant accident.
She evacuated ftom Tokyo to Okinawa at that time, because Okinawa was an archipelago at the southernmost tip of Japan and was not contaminated by radioactivity.
The reply did not come from him.
She sent the email to the e-mail address of his official site, but the answer did not come.
And Wakako returned to Tokyo.

Wakako is going ahead pushing her way through the crowd and observing the people around her carefully, but she does not see him.
There are a huge number of the people here, she thought.
“Wow! There are so many!!”
Wakako says to herself.
When the demonstration against a nuclear power plant was performed for the first time in Tokyo just after the accident happened, only about 1000 people had gathered.
The people thought to be tens of thousands gather at today’s Meiji Park.
Wakako stopped at the place among crowds and closed her eyes.
The good blank of the feeling like time when she dreamed that he must come to pick me up is coming in her head.
She hard such a voice.
And, there was a young man standing in front of Wakako, and she opened her eyes wide in astonishment.
It was his voice.The young man of the blond and blue‐eyed stood there!


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9 Responses to Tokyo Nuclear accident 13

  1. Barry says:

    Can’t wait to see hoe this ends

  2. Tomoko says:

    Hi, Barry!
    Thank you for giving the comment!
    I am so glad!
    Please read the continuation…!
    I am writing it.

  3. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    How many parts of your stories left? All are very interesting. Keep Writing

    • Tomoko says:

      Hi! Ami. Thank you for the comment!
      And thank you for reading my novels :)
      I am pleased!
      There are more than about 10 small parts left in Part 1.
      But Part 2 has already begun.
      Before, I am writing this novel in Japanese.
      Now, I am translating it into English.
      But, my English ability is poor, so translation does not readily advance.
      Please read the continuation from now on.

  4. Avatar of meenu meenu says:

    Awesome, Just the kind of stuff i’m interested in!! keep it up.

  5. Priyanka says:

    Awesome story. I am waiting eagerly to read the continuation …

  6. Priyanka says:

    I am waiting eagerly to read the continuation …

  7. Tomoko says:

    Hi, meenu!
    Thank you for the comment and for reading my novel!
    I am glad that I can know how the readers felt when they read it.
    Please read the continuation and write something about it.
    I am looking forward!!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Tomoko says:

    Hi, Priyanka!
    Thank you for the comment and for reading my novel.
    I am very pleased that you are waiting to read the continuation!
    At first, I started translating this novel in order to study English.
    Because I have just started study English at that time.
    But, now, I wish that many people in the world would become to know the nuclear power plant accident in Japan.
    Because, the nuclear energy is dangerous, I think.
    I think that all the people on this earth have to think this problem.
    Please read the continuation and tell me how you would feel.

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