Tokyo Nuclear accident 12

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14. Yusuke

Yusuke has visited the hometown of his girlfriend who is talking with him and drinking a coffee sitting in front of him now.
It was winter before a little of the earthquake disaster and the nuclear power plant accident this year.
He thinks that it is a pleasant event, but he feels like that it is already an event of ancient times.
He asked her to inform her hometown several times while he have been dating her.
She always evaded his request.

“It’s only countryside. There is nothing, and we would be bored, if we go there”
She often talked with few words and changed a topic immediately when she was put a question about her hometown.
Of course, he didn’t suspect that she had a secret, and he didn’t suspect that there were some problems with her parents’ house as a marriage partner.
It was a short trip that he only wanted to watch her hometown where she was born and raised purely.
The flight hours to the town were only about 45 minutes.
The airplane which took off from Haneda Airport arrived even too quick.
On the other hand, he heard that she didn’t return to her hometown anymore for several years.
Yusuke was born and raised in Tokyo, and he didn’t have a experience living in so-called countryside.
He hasn’t been interested in the place except Tokyo till then.
He didn’t intend to make light of the countryside, but didn’t need to pay interest, because the countryside couldn’t enter his view.
And, he knew that the countryside existed, however, he has lived without keeping it in mind.
But, he got to know her, and the more he knew her, the more he was interested in her hometown covered in deep snow where she had spent until the age of 18 years old.
It was January in this year, when TV news informed that the area faced with Sea of Japan was a heavy snow, she said, “My hometown was such a situation every winter.” and, there is a landscape such as in deep in the mountains covered completely with snow at the TV screen which she pointed at.
“You lived in rather mountains area” Yusuke said to her so,
“No, the snow often lies as much as that even on the plain area”
She looked stupefied for an instant and replied laconically so.
“Oh,my god!” Yusuke told himself.
It was unbelievable for him.
Although snow was piled up so much, how people would be able to live in that area, he thought.
The snow which was broadcasted in TV was beyond well 1 meter.
She graduated from a leading university in Tokyo.
So,she must graduate from a leading high school in her hometown he thought.
Do the students who are excellent like her who was 18 years old go to this excellent high school pushing their way through such a deep snow?
It was the world beyond the imagination for Yusuke.
However, he knew that this woman in front lived in this world, so he was seized with excitement.
And on the next day, he went to Haneda airport by going out of his way to cancel some works.
Because he just watched the news of the heavy snow, he worried whether an airplane was canceled.
But the airplane took off safely and landed at the frozen plains which looked pale.
When Yusuke got down on the world that had wintry color like a vein, he thought that it was unbelievable that here was also the same Japanese Islands.
And he walked around the town on a full day.
Because it was impossible to walk the snow-covered road with usual leather shoes, he changed into snow boots which covered completely to a knee and were sold at the supermarket near the station arranging into piles.
He tied up tightly the string of the opening of the cover part of this snow boots in order to protect entering snow. So he could walk on the road covered snow smoothly.
Such experience was the first time for Yusuke.
And, because he knew the address of her parent’s house, he went there and looked it.

It was stout single house which is the common type in this area having black roof tie which seemed to be heavy and covered with snow like other houses.
He did not have the courage to push the doorbell and was satisfied to look for a while and left there.
He also went to the high school which she graduated from.
All scenery that the school building stood in the snow exist like a work of the vanguard art,
because it was contemporary architectural structure which seemed to be just build recently.
He imaged that youths of 18 years old studied with a textbook same as high school students of Tokyo in this building and took an entrance examination for the same university in Tokyo and stood in the campus in next spring.
Like ex-her.
And he got drank comfortably at the bar which served the dishes using fresh fishes from sea of Japan and local sake full of regular customers around here.
He stayed overnight at the plain budget hotel of the station square and came back to Tokyo by airplane again on the next day.
But, he did not say to her about this trip.
When this demonstration is over, he intends to talk about the trip on January to her.
No, he have not only to talk about it, but also to talk about more important thing for her, he think.
“What should I talk?
What should I do now.
What would be important for me and her?
If this meeting and the demonstration are over, I may understand it?”
Yusuke thought and there was such an expectation on his mind.
He looked towards his girlfriend walking his next.
He heard that she was busy with her work recently.
Still, she looked pale, he felt.
Not only she got thinner, but also she seemed to be haggard, he felt.
He saw that she had a nosebleed several times until now, and she complained of a bad physical condition which she had never had.
Were they all result of the radiation exposure?
He noticed so, and turned white as a sheet.
Indeed the people in Tokyo have exposed to radiation severely?
He could not believe so. But, it was real, he noticed.
Although, even if that accident happened and he came to catch the rumor that children or pregnant women evacuated from the metropolitan area, he has never thought that adults hurt health by radiation exposure.
And she told that there was one co-worker who was always wearing the mask in her office.
Does the radioactivity threaten this capital?
The American whom Yusuke met for business had also a cold aspect, he felt.
Even though they talk about the nuclear plant accident, they don’t talk about the health damage due to the radiation exposure eagerly.
Of course, Japanese people, too.
TV program or news paper, and most of businessman around him also talk about the nuclear plant accident, but don’t talk about the radiation exposure.
It is strange, he notice now.
Because, the accident happened surely, many kinds of radioactive material have been released to the environment.
However, everybody ignores the existence of the radiation and the health damage.
But, among the American acquaintances of him, an email to worry about radiation exposure only from Martin reached to Yusuke.
Martin is a staff of the shop where Yusuke made a suit.
“Dear Yusuke. How have you been feeling lately? The radioactivity being released from the nuclear plant seems to reach Tokyo. How is your precious girlfriend? ”
He said in e-mail.
Even if Yusuke went to NY after the earthquake disaster, he was busy all the time, so he did not go to visit the Martin’s shop
This was not the first time that Martin was anxious about a customer and gave an email of the worry about their private.
However, Yusuke closed his eyes to about the sense of seriousness that oozed out from an email from Martin which is different before, didn’t he?
The crowd of people have already gathered at Meiji Park.


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