Tokyo Nuclear accident 11

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12 Wakako

Because it was the company publishing the book which the person whom Wakako wanted to marry by all means wrote, Wakako wanted to work at this publishing company.
She entered this company in order to approach the person.
She read his book when she was 18 years old for the first time.
”I decide to marry him who wrote this book.
It is a waste of my life to love other than him and I’d like to live only to love him from now.”
Wakako made up her mind so at that time.
And she started to learn mainly his native language after entering the university.
And she had an employment interview of the company which published his book after graduation from university.
Of course she has continued going to the city where he lived in from her school days.
It was a certain European small city.
She collected the information about the place which he visited from a rumor on the Internet.
And she went the place and has spent the time waiting him there.
She did even an inquiry to local people of the city to discover his house.
But she has never seen him, and never met anyone who have the information which could declare the fact which he lives in this city truly, though, he was very famous in the city.
Besides,although, she was able to enter the company which published his book with much effort, 5 years are going to pass without assigning to the post which can be in charge of editing of the overseas literature after she entered the company.
And the editor in charge of his initial work which was only book translated in Japan had already left this company at the year when Wakako entered the company,
and she knew that the translator of this work are mystery person using plural pen names, and only the editor who left the office knew the identity of the translator.
Wakako made every efforts, but never got communication with this editor.
Wakako endured at an assigned post which is editing the books and magazines for female about a gourmet, a interior, and a fashion, dreaming of only moving to the post of the foreign literature someday.
She has been connected to him even Facebook and Twitter.
However, the distance from him to her can’t shrink any longer easily.
He is 3 years older than Wakako, and his first work which he wrote during his university days made a hit worldwide.
Wakako read the book which was translated into in Japan at the age of 18 years old.
He receives support from young people for cult-like enthusiasm, and there are a lot of fans of him like the believer all over the world.
His book is translated in more than 20 countries in the world, continues still repeating a version.
However, it was worthless that he was a popular writer for her.
She felt like that his mind would be an exact copy of herself.
She became to be able to see only him at 18 years old as getting a flash of inspiration.
And “God of Death” of the twitter’s account of Wakako was the name of the character who came out to his initial work.
The tweets of “God of Death” is likened to the behavior of the character, too.
She evacuated to Okinawa as soon as the nuclear power plant accident happened in March, and she thought that she had no other choice than to go to “him”— the author of the book—.
And she wrote a long long e-mail to him. The time to tell him the longtime her love would come now, she thought.

Anyway, Wakako sailed up the Twitter’s account of the young man who put the sash of “NO NUKES” on the way toward Meiji Park slowly and carefully.
She noticed that English was spoken in Maine in his tweets, but the native language of the author whom she loved and respected all the time was spoken frequently.
Because it was the language that she studied desperately for university 4 years, she was able to read it.
Besides, probably this language seemed to be the native language of the young man who put the sash,too.
He seems to be able to use English having no lack, and when he use his native language, his power of expression becomes rich.
Of course his Japanese level is also considerably high.
Wakako has optimistic expectation for an instant when this account is “the author” whom she loved, but,
unfortunately she hasn’t heard the rumor that “the author” could use Japanese for even once in her long groupie life.
To begin with, she can’t think that “the author” would be staying in Tokyo undermined by radioactivity.
She guesses that he is continue writing his new work now in somewhere.
However, anyway, the native language of this young man seems to be the same as “the author”.
She felt friendly feeling to him only for reasons of it.
And he seems to go to Meiji Park now, according to the tweets of his account.
Wakako approaches Meiji Park.
Many people gathered, but there are few people wearing a mask.
Though they should be the people who gathered with will of the anti-nuclear power plant, Wakako can’t understand that they are unconcerned about the radiation exposure.
“If we only stay in Tokyo, we will exposed to radiation from breathing.” She thought.
“The radioactive material which fell in Tokyo is still laying on the ground. When wind blows, they are whirled up.

If people breathe them in from their mouth, and they enter the depths of the lungs, it is impossible to remove.
Therefore I always defend radioactive material with a mask…” She told to herself so.
Wakako check the account of the young man on Twitter once again.
He tweets that he has just arrived at Meiji Park. Besides, it is just two minutes ago.
Furthermore, the photograph which he took the crowd of the park was attached to the tweet, and Wakako stared at the photograph.
She wondered which area of the park is this picture took by him.

13 Miss Sae

We ordered the hearty salad with fresh vegetables such as a lettuces, and the steamed vegetables such as a potato or a pumpkin which were the organic farming and used only the vegetables of West or South Japan, explaining to the ingredient of the jelly on the salad as dressing finely, and some black rye breads with the acidity and even a jam or olive oil explaining to the ingredient of them too, and organic coffee explaining the water is safe, and when those dishes were set on the table completely, it was scenery itself of the branch of usual Sunday, I thought.
Except that I would go for the demonstration with him from now on.
I often cut such a scenery and put them on the space of the magazine, and I have lived being surrounded by such a thing like 1 flame of the photograph to use for a book and the magazine which I produce, for example, the tableware and the color of the witty design on the table and beautiful dish of serving.
The things which there were in the world I spent until when I was 18 years old are the Japanese boiled dishes of the taro root or the blackish miso soup which is in only the eggplant, or a heater called kotatsu using the briquette, or my classmates looking downright by cold, or Haori short coat worn over a kimono which they wore, or huge icicle, or the heavy snowfall to remain unextinguished until May.
The scene such as an old tale is the really world where I was surely surrounded until I was 18 years old.
But, when I was 18-year-old in Spring, I warped in this side.
I watched the TV program showing the experience that a comedian stayed in the countryside with him by chance.
In the TV program, a used briquet rolled to the snowy garden, and he asked me “What’s that like a honey comb made from ash?”
It was a shock and fear for me that he didn’t know the thing which is natural for me, so I pretended to be in the world where he lived in by answering “Well, I don’t know.”
But though I am a kind of person which belongs to the world knowing that something like a honey comb made from ash.
I have not seen that he made a fool of a country-person.
But I don’t know what kind of reaction he would show when his partner who is always near him proved to be a country-person.
It was scary for me to try to make him know that I am a country-person.
Of course, he knows where I’m from.
But I have already go to Tokyo, and 20 years are going to pass.
I am a woman whom the time which I have lived in Tokyo already overtook the time which I spent in my hometown.
I and him had a totally usual conversation while eating, for example the popular topic in recent NYC where he often visits on business, or the gourmet information of latest Tokyo that I hard during collecting the news in my jobs, and we don’t talk about the demonstration or that nuclear plant accident or the materials which laid thick on Tokyo.
Because rating of Michelin will be announced soon, autumn is the most exciting season for the people who are working like me.
Tokyo begins the preparation for the winter, and the twinkling town of illuminations is crowded with the people seeking the rich foods and drinks.
Then I imaged that the people would run about in utter confusion in reference to the gourmet book which I edited, I was able to get something like a feeling of almighty.
But I thought about whether I would continue this work all the time throughout my life recently.
He appeared in such a days.
I watch him sitting in front of me.
“All the vegetables are good color, and the taste does not become dim. We feel uplifted if we eat such vegetables every day” he said.
He pricked the mouthful fork with a potato of left salad, and smiled.
“Besides, they are safe”
He said successively.
I can’t answer.
If I agree with him, I feel like that I would admit the fact that dishes of the restaurant which are printed on the magazine I edited are contaminated.
But, for example, the safety that he says may be a meaning that which isn’t used a pesticide, I think.
I don’t know whether he speaks about the radioactivity.
Although I don’t think that it is the behavior that he talks to me cynically, my anxiety grows big.
“It’s about time, let’s go”
He looks at his watch and says so to me.
And we go to Meiji Park.
The moment I saw a woman, I felt my face turn pale on the way.
That woman walking ahead on the way where people have begun to gradually increase, and is wearing the mask which is too professional, was certainly Wakako.
That woman who has delicate fingers is clearly Wakako!!


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