Tokyo Nuclear accident 10

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11. A foreign man

I have lived in Japan, and I came to know that all the Japanese wouldn’t have an islander mentality closing their country.
All countries in the world also have a closely-held aspect.
However, Japanese people whom I met in Japan have flexible way of thinking and fine international sense.
They follow the good part of other countries obediently and they make it melt into their life skillfully.
For example, they have the eating habits that are richer than other countries, and going to deepen the understanding of every country through taking in various culture.
I have lived in NY, and even in the East Coast of US or the European Continent with my mother country where it seems that there are many liberal people, there are also many people not looking in the other place, because they thought that they live in the center of the world unconsciously.
In comparison with them, the sense of many Japanese people were very proper for me.
Even if Japanese people became rich economically, they would have an inferiority complex that Japan couldn’t join the member of the center in the world.
They always look at the world properly, I felt.
But many Japanese people didn’t notice the lie about the nuclear power plant, and I was same, too.
However, it is because international nuclear power industry have concealed the true fact and have spent a large amount of money for this concealment, and have brainwashed us slowly and carefully.
However, I would be congenial to Japan above all of it.
I don’t think I’m able to talk about the world and Japan importantly.
Only judging from my own personal preference, Japan is a country which is convenience to live and may be fun.
I have the good feeling that is closer to people.
I like Japan so much that my co workers made fun of it.
I don’t know whether it accelerate after I had love feeling toward her or it was originally.
However, in my heart, Japan and her are formed a harmonious like the good old things which are already lost.
I suspected that they might attracted me so much because I knew that I would lose them from the beginning.
It’s a bookstore called the Yurindo at the building of Ebisu stations where I’d seen her for the first time.
And I came back there again and again just to see her , I also found out that she’s often there during her lunch break.
She examines the book carefully at the corner of the foreign book, and she carries it to the cashier when she’s already decided to buy it.
And she reads it while having lunch at some Cafeteria.
Even if she has 2 or 3 books still unread she always stops by the book store.
She seems to read a lot of books and like reading.
I often approached her at the bookstore, and I put a tail on her and came to know that she returned to the building of the publishing company which she was working, when the lunch break of her was over.
Because she works for publication, she doesn’t seem to have a close rule for working hours, so when it is longer, she thoroughly enjoys reading for three hours, but on the other hand her leaving the office time may reach to the midnight.

She seems to spent much time in the Ebisu neighborhood weekdays.
Because her building was located near my building, I was able to observe her daily life in secret.
I forget an initial purpose to call out to her gradually,and came to be satisfied only to stare at her earnestly.
The more I wanted to accost her, the more I felt embarrassed in lack of my ability to speak Japanese .
I was uneasy whether mutual understanding was possible with her in my poor Japanese.
On the other hand, I studied Japanese eagerly.
I guess that she is good at English, because she often read in English.
Therefore I might talk to her in English, but I’d like to talk with her in Japanese.
However, I didn’t talk to her at all.
I studied Japanese very hard, so it is admitted that I am a master speaking good Japanese recently from neighboring people.
But, I hesitated to talk to her more than before.
I didn’t know why I couldn’t talk to her.
And I thought that the days which I stare at her in this way forever continued.
Until that nuclear power plant accident happened.

On September 19, I went to Meiji Park.
If this meeting and demonstration succeed today, we could find some hope, I think.
Therefore I’m very glad that today is good weather.
Oh, my God!
Please don’t cause a big earthquake, today, because the big aftershock still always happened.
I already understood that there are a lot of people at Meiji Park, when I came near there.
The people with a flag and the placard of various colors gathered incredibly a lot.
I also brought a big placard of the lemon yellow color that I wrote as NO NUKES.
This was conscious of a design same as the sash which I put on the Jack O’ lantern at Ebisu station.
Therefore I added the illustration of the Jack O’ lantern on the four corners of this placard.
I enter the park.
What many people!
The foreign people around me said that they couldn’t understand the people living in Tokyo, because people of Tokyo didn’t take part in the civic activity protesting the nuclear power plant although the worst-ever nuclear power plant accident occurred in Japan.
Many people of Tokyo are indifferent to the nuclear plant accident.
They seem to think that the accident happened in some far-off countryside and they think that they don’t have anything to do whit the accident.
They should force the dangerous nuclear power plant on the countryside.
But, ironically, even people of Tokyo who didn’t say anything about nuclear power plant accident exposed to radiation severely.
I was indeed strange that they were not angry at their being exposed to radiation.
The people of Tokyo keeping their mouth shut continue accepting radiation exposure.
However, so many people gathered for an anti-nuclear demonstration today.
At last, did the people who were indifference until now wake up?
Because I was excited very much, I felt like that something hot gushed from my own body.


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