Tightrope walk

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February 22nd 2017  |  1  |  Category: True Stories  |  Author: Titu  |  359 views

Tightrope walk

Prisha is a Salesgirl at a retail chain. She wears western clothes, but holds eastern traditions. She is now working at a big exclusive wine store against social norms. Prisha has recently joined this job as she had dreams of making a career in sales and it was reputed international wine store.
Today it was a hectic day and she felt tense and tired, so she was almost dozing off at return to home and ultimately she slept early after coming to home. Once she was in deep slumber, she started dreaming.
She said in dream, “Who is this old balding guy and why is he following me? Oh, I am being watched and constantly followed all the time by those two wicked eyes.’’ She further thought, ‘’ No, it is my constant fears that are chasing me and would someday drive me crazy. Nobody is following me.’’ She ultimately reasoned, ‘’ Perhaps, this fear comes from past.”
Next morning as she rose from sleep she thought, ‘’oh, I had those scary moments yesterday also at the store. I felt very awkward and speechless in front of that man. It was most intense moment of silence where I almost froze and could not speak.”
But she then recalled, ‘’There was something in those crazy eyes. I was being judged and preyed, I felt ridiculed and watched.’’
She reasoned further and countered her earlier thought, ‘’But this freezing scare was coming from the bottom of my core, somewhere very deep inside it resides within me. Yesterday, why my reptilian brain was again and again activated and I was put into unknown fear. Why I went into trance of helplessness and why I could not just witness this sole event in most objective way? Where were my executive brain.’’
She resolved, ‘’I should break the pattern with my knowledge, understanding and effort. Yes I can do that easily and I must talk the matter to my boss.”

She wanted to complain, but was fearful of management’s response. After waiting for many… many…. days, ultimately she pulled up courage and complained, “Sir, an elderly man follows me.”
She could only manage to speak those few words.
Boss is under pressure for his monthly target from management. The Boss rapped, “We are world-class professional sales. Focus on numbers.”
She recalled her mentor’s words, “Customers have very fragile egos so HANDLE WITH CARE.”
Finally, she coaxed her boss to give her the best of best scheme and has a signed copy. It read
Dear Prisha, Exclusive promotional scheme for Super Club Members Only. Sell wine worth Rs10000/- at just Rs5500 (Code 987654321). One customer one wine bottle only. Offer is valid for today on 10 Bottles… T&C apply.
On reading copy she smiled and mumbled, ‘’Good scheme, I won’t offer it to any flirt today.’’
She needed customers, who could buy, so she sent messages to loyal buyers, and also to the elderly wolf.
She said, “After all, he stays loyal to the store.”
She was happy as the foxy offer meant great footfall and a busy day. Of course, it involved one elderly Casanova on prowl, thought of which made her shudder, but she just had to attend, talk and sell.
After all, she had to float and not drown. Oh, it is matter of her career.
Resignation was not an option at this moment; toughness was not considered class in retail, so tightrope walk was only call.
Author’s Notes: —-
Tightrope walking, also called funambulism is the skill of walking along a thin wire or rope. It has a long tradition in various countries and is commonly associated with the circus. Other skills similar to tightrope walking include slack rope walking and slack lining. (Source: Wikipedia)


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