Tightrope Walk part 2

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March 16th 2017  |  1  |  Category: Fiction , Romantic Love , Suspense , Tragedy  |  Author: Titu  |  155 views

Tightrope walk at Crossroads
ALENEK, THE LIBATION is a wine convenience store. All vintage, expensive and farmed wines are sold at this place… Local farm wines, wines from local breweries and imported wines are available at best bargain.
The store is a visual of distinct rustic-novel-vintage space and all wines: French, Italian and Spanish are nicely placed at respective racks with style and ambience. There are exotic wines displayed on wooden carts, curved floor racks and metallic wire frames. Lot of wines is placed horizontally and vertically on colored ornamental frames, some are wall mounted and others hanging from ceiling are prime attractions.
Equally trained, elegant and friendly are girls, the human resource, who work here. Mr. Paaus is Manager or Cellar Master. He was once an experienced viticulturist and oenologist himself, but now is happily managing a great departmental store.
The place is frequented by old wine connoisseurs, young couples, college students, wine tasters and even by wine critics for many reasons like its’ central up market location.
It was sweaty summery sunny morning and a man in traffic downed his car window. As Prisha was in car next to him, she noticed the man waving at her and mumbling.
Visibly distracted, he asked “Excuse me, where is ALENEK, THE LIBATION?”
“It’s at central plaza-on City main Road.”
“It’s all right.”
Prisha found it strange that somebody asked her about ALENEK, the place she was working.
At afternoon, as she was checking the arrangements of wines in racks at store, a loud human voice interrupted her at store.
“It’s wonderful to see you here. Could you please help me selecting some wines?”
Prisha saw a bright yellow tee-blue trouser dressed man at her store; a man whom she had seen and given directions..
“Oh! Sure Sir.”
“It’s warm and sticky outside. A good rain is needed.”
“Yes. Sir, what kind of wines is you looking for?’’
“Today, it would be Imported and vintage.”
Prisha took the mid aged man, who looked far less younger in his manners and expressions, to a section filled with imported and vintage wines.
“I was in Rome, Italy and France last month and I hope I could find the same here.”
“Sir, we have almost all wines on display and if you require some special one, I can fetch them easily.”
The man looked at her and said, “I am Rudra Pratap.”
“Nice meeting you Sir. I am Prisha; I help customers to select their wines.”
“French love great wines. Have you been to place?”
“Yes, last year”
After spending long time at store, finally Rudra Pratap ordered wines and took leave.
“You have great range and I must congratulate you for that.”
Prisha was happy at this complement. Prisha was happy that her recommendations went well with customer.
At evening Prisha was happy with sales figure as it meant appreciation and financial reward.
After few days, Prisha found her customer again looking for more wines. He was a regular visitor.
Now it was almost happening regularly. The Rudra Pratap’s was visitor to store and his conversations ranged from wines and wineries, seasons and weathers, Tours and travels, shopping and clothes and lunches and dinners. Prisha had to guide him through store and help him select assortment of wines.
It was embarrassment for Prisha to attend a single customer for such a long period of time regularly, but Rudra Pratap was giving good business. The staff giggled and the manager remained indifferent.
Priscilla is 19, a cute damsel and a loving daughter. She has a shapely figure. Her hair is black, which reaches her back. She has oval face with honey soft lips. She wears classy attires that are trendy and modern. She always wears chick smile on her smart and sophisticated dresses.
She has a soothing, soft and warm voice. She is studious and mature in her manner. She is smooth in her talks, but she is innocent. Her humor and poise gave her strong presence.
She works as a Sommelier, a wine expert, at the wine store called ALENEK, THE LIBATION. She graduated from prestigious college in India and then applied for few US universities, but didn’t secure admission in university of her choice.
In summers, she received an offer to work in one of the most promising wine retail chain, so she joined without much thought as they paid well with promising career opportunities. She was sent by company to Europe for getting training in food wine pairing and certified her as wine expert.
It is huge pressure retail job, when company gives unreasonable targets to frontline girls. During such times the customers are king and the girls are fallen princesses.
One day Prisha is sitting in store and thinks, “Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! So numbers are keys in corporate world. In classes, they spoke about communication, commitment, confidence and positive attitude and nobody told me about numbers…For numbers I need to cross promote and cross sell…if I meet numbers, I am still given bigger numbers to meet…Will my life end in pursuit of numbers? I enjoy creativity in sales and front office, but cold numbers baffle me.”
She further thought, “Why business places look so attractive and vibrant to outsiders and so obtuse to insiders? Where is my self respect? Where is my visibility? Where is my voice? I would no more act as LOLITA to this rude buyer, but today I would shout. They would hear my shouts today… No, Mr. Paaus thinks that self expression at work place is sheer waste of time and unprofessional. So, I need to act normally…yes, normal. ”
While Prisha is lost in thoughts and slowly lunch time draws closer.
Riya ask her to join her for lunch.
Prisha simply denies joining her and she silently enters into managers’ room.
Mr. Paaus as usual is busy on his phone and computers and silently directs Prisha to sit.
Prisha announces, “Sir, I want to resign.”
There is silence and the room freezes.
Mr. Paaus, The manager breaks silence, “You are star performer and your numbers were great last quarter. You brilliantly cross promoted n sold and besides your team needs you here. Do you have an offer?”
The manager looks for details and says, “OK, can you share?”
“It’s personal.”
Mr. Paaus finally declares, “You can trust me. Oh…OK…Is It Mr. Rudra Parag? Don’t take him seriously; he is bit old and frustrated. Give me time; I would surely help you out and you are not resigning. I can understand your frustrations. Give me time and I would rearrange things here.”
Mr. Rudra Parag was a constant source of attention, attraction and embarrassment at store, especially for girls.

Mr. Rudra Parag never married as he suffered from strange mental complexion. He lived in two extreme worlds, sometimes deeply ascetic like Buddha and another time overexcited Casanova.
Now Mr. Rudra Parag is in his mid forties, a high society gentleman. He is lean bodied, fair complexioned and thin faced. He is cool, confident, an early riser and a lover of great wines. He has big estate to manage and a team of servants at his beck and calling.
For last 20 years or more, he is looking for perfect beauty and a perfect bride. He is freely roaming the mother earth for this search of eternal beauty. All matrimonial and dating sites have failed and even GOOGLE was nightmarish for him. Astrologers and match-makers constantly throng his mansion with updated profiles of girls of marriageable age.
In his college days, his brain was full of ideals and philosophies, drama and adventures and ideas and reasons, but now it is filled with obsession of his perfect Indian bride.
Once upon a time he was super local cheat, then he transformed into manipulative businessman and now after becoming super rich, he dominates his social circle by display of his wealth and possession.
He loves shopping as a past time and mostly ends up buying kids throwaway stuff.
On one such shopping spree at ALENEK, THE LIBATION, he saw a PRISHA, the girl of his dreams. On seeing her, he was immediately transferred to distant vine fallow from the midst of bottle storages, service surfaces, glass hangers and canvas slings. He developed immediate affection for this beautiful girl and thought of advancing her someday with lot of graciousness.
Today on seeing her, he mentally rehearsed, “Oh my Lolita, I am forever at your service. I waited for you for whole my life. Why are you working at departmental store, when you can be owner of many?”
Also he mentally heard wood, metal and glass wine store playfully singing and echoing advent of sizzling love affair.
Mr. Paaus acted swiftly and transferred Prisha to backend office after her resignation threat.
One fine morning, at her new arrangement, Prisha is happy at work.
She is now working at back office away from direct customers. She has just received her promotion cum appreciation letter from Mr. Paaus. Her other female colleagues, Siya and Riya are constantly teasing since morning about her lucky mascot, who has suddenly made her star in organization.
Siya whispers, “Now you have sugar daddy Rudra Parag.”
Riya Interrupts in husky voice, “The Ever young Godfather. I hope he comes today and congratulates Prisha and places some more orders on store.”
Prisha silently engages in her work at computer and listens to all grapevine n grape-vice spread by her friendly girls. It bothers and confuses her, but she is too young to tackle it.
As It is new assignment and she knows that she has to prove her mettle and has to learn a lot. Now Prisha is senior and is supporting her team from backend and Riya and Siya are front end girls taking care of all the customers, even rude and tough ones. Numbers are constantly being met by team and cross selling and cross promoting is succeeding brilliantly.
As predicted by girls, Mr. Rudra Parag arrives at store and inquires at front desk about Prisha. The front desk directs him to meeting room and rings to back office.
The reception is calling, “Miss. Prisha, Mr. Paaus wants you to talk to visitor at meeting room.”
Siya and Riya teases Prisha, “Mr. Rudra Parag, your admirer, the kidult is there. Lucky Prisha can now buy whole world with his money.”
She anxiously thinks, “I must not trust my boss. I must run away from this unholy place…I must run…BUT I AM STUCK.” Prisha moves from her back office to meeting room with fear inside and outward calm and composure.
Prisha greets Rudra Parag, “Hello Sir!”
Rudra Parag is as happy as he is on seeing Prisha.
Rudra Parag flatteringly says, “I want to gift some wines to my friend who has recently been awarded by her organization.”
Prisha makes a businesslike conversation, “Sir, we have recently made gift packs with mix of vintage wines from France, Spain and South Africa. I hope your friend would like that pack.”

Rudra Parag says, “Miss Prisha, Congratulations! I must honor you at this happy occasion. “
‘’Thanks You Sir, it was your support.” She shudders.
‘’There is this beautiful place and I’ll meet you at dinner tonight at 8.00.”
Prisha is bit startled and says, “It is.. Against company policy.. To go out with customers.. other than purposes.”
Rudra Parag says smilingly, “I would arrange that please don’t worry.”
The meeting is over and Prisha is overwhelmed. She is new to this, after all she has just finished her college and she is 21.
She wants to run to her Boss or share this new development with her friends, but they all are conspiring and helping Mr. Rudra Parag.
Ultimately she calls her Boss, “Sir, Mr. Rudra Parag invited me for dinner.”
Mr. Paaus hurriedly answers, “Yes, he has left two gift packs for you at reception. He is our esteemed customer and please be sure about numbers.”
Prisha turns little Lolita again and speaks slowly, “That is rude.”
Nobody hears her words and Mr. Paaus returns to his work.
The girls at office are now more excited and Siya says, “Red wine, white wine and Fine wine. Prisha is mine and she would finally dine.”
Riya says teasingly, “This is an honor. Long live the king! Long live the princess!”
Today Prisha will have a dinner at prime restaurant with the most esteemed customer of the company. Prisha is bit wary and confused to mention dinner to her mother, but her mother is a sharp woman. On reaching home she tells her mom, Mrs. Ira about her promotion letter and her surprise gifts, but she is hesitant to mention the dinner. Ultimately, she says, “Mom, I have a dinner tonight with our client.”
Mrs. Ira asks Prisha inquiringly, “Who accompanies you from office?”
Prisha is bit nervous and anxious, “No one, I have to go alone. I was only invitee and everyone else is busy in month end targets. Management needs numbers.”
Mrs. Ira is lady of razor sharp brains and she can calculate the moves well and finally says, “Numbers? What numbers? What should you dine for those numbers? Stay home and I would fix those bastards.”
“Mom, it is my job to support my team. I am no more in front sales, I am in backend and customer Liaison is my job. We need relationships to meet targets. You don’t know the corporate competition and culture.”
Mrs. Ira, “I know the men world well. Let tomorrow come! You are staying home tonight or I would send you to university.”
Prisha is happy at her mother’s decision. Ultimately, she is one who has brought her successfully in men’s world all alone, while her father lived in United States with another woman.
Suddenly it’s her boss phone, “ Prisha, Dinner is at 8’o clock and you are still home.”
Prisha wants to say something, before that her Mrs. Ira snatches the phone from Prisha and speaks, “Hello Mr. Paaus, This is Mrs. Ira. How can Prisha go alone? She is too young. Just have some semblance. Are numbers that important? She would either resigns or work at respected job place. The choice is yours.”
Mr. Paaus sadly says, “We generally don’t ask our girls to go for dinners with clients, but it was Prisha’s decision at meeting with our client Mr. Rudra Parag that tonight dinner was planned to celebrate the occasion. We don’t mix numbers with dinners.”
Mrs. Ira was firm in her reply, “Dinners for numbers…huh..She is not going and asks, so called, Mr. Rudra Parag to call me. I would fix him.”
Mr. Paaus gives a meek reply, “I thought they had mutual agreement.”
The phone goes dead and Prisha is happy. She ultimately unveils the whole story of Mr. Rudra Parag to her Mom.
Mrs. Ira is angry, sad and then got bit happy at Prisha tale of girly woes. Prisha finally ends her story with words, “The girls is office often tease me. I even resigned.”
After hearing the whole story, Mrs. Ira finally sees the truth and reassures her daughter, “Don’t worry, I would take care of it. I must leave as I have an important presentation with my client tonight.”
Mr. Rudra Parag is waiting for Prisha at upscale Italian restaurant from 8.00 Pm. It is already 8.15 pm and now, he is looking nervous. He calls a mobile number and nobody responds at other end. He thinks, “I must wait here until Prisha joins.”
He knew Prisha would reach by 8.30 Pm under all circumstances.
Finally he sees a thin male figure advancing towards him with a beautiful girl.
‘’Oh, here they arrive, but why Mr. Paaus?”

Mr. Paaus advances with beautiful lady and makes introduction.
“Meet our gorgeous lady Mrs. Ira, our guest tonight, Leading decorator of town. She also has blessed daughter, Prisha.”
‘’This is our handsome host, Mr. Rudra Parag, a gentleman and our most esteemed client.”
Both gave customary smile and Mrs. Ira found Rudra Parag attractive.
Mr. Paaus continued, “Sir, I am sorry Prisha was not in good health, so I thought I and Mrs. Ira must join you on dinner.”
Rudra was steaming and fuming in rage inside at Paaus inconsistency, but he had to take care of this beautiful lady.
Rudra spoke, “I hope you are hungry tonight.”
The menu arrived, the light vegetarian soup was served first, and then came main course fish, rice, vegetables along with exotic red and white wines. The waiters also brought lamb curry, stuffed chops, oysters, and lobsters and also broiled ducklings, and finally, at dessert food came fruit and creamed chiffon.
After dinner,
Ira managed to speak, ‘’Thanks for dinner.”
She further mumbled, “Mr. Rudra Parag, “Prisha is young and studying and she is not ready for marriage yet.”
Mr. Paaus interrupted, “Miss Ira, Raj is most eligible, never married bachelor. Besides Prisha and he know each other closely. You must think over it again.”
Ira was a lady that liked controversies. She liked cooking and roasting human emotions and right now, she could smell her feminine power on this man in front of her.
‘’OK, let me manage and I need time.” Ira was an expert in cross talking.
It was huge victory for both men at the table, but Ira also was a clever woman.
Mrs. Ira is single parent of Prisha. Now she is in her forties, but she is very elegant and full of confidence. She has enough fortune to live for rest of her life, but her prime focus is Prisha.
She was a beautiful notorious college girl and when a young talented doctor caught her attention in college. She was determined to win over and seduce him, whom she ultimately succeeded in, but she also ran parallel affairs with few college mates.
One day, after marriage, when doctor discovered it, he left to US heartbroken immediately, leaving his unfaithful wife and an infant child behind. Since then he never cared for his daughter and his ex-wife.
Prisha mother married other rich men in between, but her marriage never succeeded. She is now cold and calculated.
She carries a soul of a teenage and is teeny-bopper.
At morning.
Unmindful of everything that happened previous night, Prisha proudly enters her office smilingly. She has taught a small lesson to Mr. Paaus. She thinks childishly,” Boss is sad and angry as he was last night rebuffed by Mom. The Boss is outwardly silent but furious and fuming inside.”
Mr. Paaus is happy that he has saved his job by patching things up.
Mr. Paaus and Mr. Rudra Parag chatted about Mrs. Ira’s concern in light manner at morning.
Mr. Paaus spoke to Mr. Rudra Parag, “The Harridan seemed ok last night.”
‘’But she gulps a lot of wine.”
“That is good sign for store.”
Prisha is relieved at this new development as now Mr. Rudra Parag is no more seen and heard at store.
Prisha thought, “Perhaps, he felt insulted, But I am happy at my freedom. I can meet numbers with hard work and dedication, but never with dinners”
Now no one talked about sugar daddy and God father in front of Prisha.
Mr. Rudra Parag had become a strange past dialogue at store. Everybody worked and the store always filled numbers and targets.
Today, Prisha’ mobile was ringing. It is her mother and she responds happily, “Hello Mom, you never call me at office, what’s so special today?”
“We need to visit someone special today. Take half day leave.”
“It’s month end, boss would be unhappy.”
“I am coming to pick you up, otherwise I would be unhappy.” It is her mother on line.
Prisha and Mrs. Ira, both are elegantly dressed arrives at big parking in front of big villa.
Prisha asks mom, “Where are we mom?”
Mrs. Ira says, “Don’t worry; it’s my interior decoration project.”
Mrs. Ira surveys the area and big front porch and makes mental notes, “The villa requires renovation and bit of demolition. It also requires fresh decorations, paints and plastering….It further requires fresh layer of wooden tiles and new staircase. “
Prisha was bit apprehensive about her mom’s intentions as she knew that her mom always used her interior decoration job as an excuse to build new fancy relationships.
She thinks quietly, “I should not waste my life like my mom. Failing and chasing people of no significance and meanings. At least my dad in US is busy happy doctor. He would have ruined his career, had he stayed with her.”
As she walks up the big front steps of mansion, she is amazed to find Mr. Rudra Parag waiting for them.
Prisha is taken aback and she wants to run.
She quietly thinks, “So this airy castle belongs to Mr. Rudra Pratap. I must not trust my mother. I must run…I must run…BUT I AM STUCK.”
Rudra Parag quietly takes both to large living room arranged in decorative furniture are ornamental plants. The room has collection of rich and rare fine wines. Some wines are placed on modular mobile racks. Few wines are on mounted cubic columns and in stackable racks. They are vintage wines ranging from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Europe. The place is beautiful and impeccably neat.
Rudra Parag and Mrs. Ira and Rudra Parag are talking like old friends. They look like middle aged couple, who are overly concerned about her marriage. They are sitting beside each other besides Prisha. Prisha is feeling like small lemonade drinking girl at a bar.
Prisha is thinking quietly, “Oh, they are talking about alliance.”
Finally both leave the villa.
In Car, Prisha confronts her mother, “MARRIAGE! Who is going to get married?”
Ira replies vaguely with a smile,” Someone very lucky.”
Mrs. Ira is quiet and says, “I would explain it. He is very good guy. We would be happy.”
‘’I think a good guy to be my step father.”
The discussion ends.
Mrs. Ira believed in MARRY RICH, a simple casuistry for all troubles.
Prisha’s tiny world came crashing down at this final verdict. At the corner of her mind she was thinking, “Her mother is bitch and wants her to marry that dog. I wish, my father would come and save me.”
Prisha could easily guess what her mother had done in past many days. She thought, “She would have gone to casino for gambling and wining, and then Mr. Rudra Parag would have tanked up her with booze and would have used his influence to win her over. So he has won everybody, poor Mr. Paaus, poor office girls and poor Mrs. Ira.”
Prisha knew it was her lone struggle of survival against a successfully run campaign of rude Rudra Parag.
She finally thought, “I would not let him win this battle. I would perish, but won’t marry that pig, the clever dick. I must give his fantasy a cliffhanger jolt.”
At night, Prisha has no sleep in her eyes. She keeps on searching on internet the profiles of US doctors and also looks deeply into all the books and files lying at various corners of her apartment. She is desperate and she will not let her mother succeed.
It is morning and Prisha has no sleep in her eyes. There is nobody to save her. No distant uncle, no distant aunt and still she keep looking into every corner of room for some clue about her dad.
Mrs. Ira generally leaves for her office early and so Prisha takes leaves from office.
She looks into her mother’s fb pages and she keeps on digging and digging. Finally, she comes across a profile that looks to her like that of her father.
It is Mr. Paul, my father. She has tears in her eyes. Finally she sends an instant message and luckily someone responds.
Prisha messages, “This is Prisha and I am daughter of Dr. Paul and Mrs. Ira. And I am in India.”
“This is Dr. Paul. How can I help you my child?”
Prisha had tears in her eyes and texted, “I need to talk to you dad. I am in huge mess.”
Dr. Paul is in hospital and is deeply shocked by his daughter’s message. He calls on number given.
“I’d like to speak to Prisha, please. Dr. Paul this side.”
“Prisha here, Dad, and Can I trust you?”
“Yes, you could always, but what happened.”
Finally Prisha could trust someone and Prisha begin to turn into her normal self. She narrated whole story to her father. Her father was good listener. After listening to her story, He just reminded Prisha, “I would arrange your escape for the moment. Please don’t share anything with your mom and keep your papers ready.”
‘’Dad, I don’t want to run. It is bad idea; I must fight here and now. ”
Prisha is at crossroads. She has to choose between her father and mother. One road goes to her faceless father, who abandoned her years ago and another road leads to her mother, who is pushing her into embarrassing wedding. Her father’s sincerity has won her and her careless mother has lost her.
“But for whom and with whom would you fight? And for whom would you stay, for your greedy mother.”
Prisha sees the cold truth and a ray of hope in Dr. Paul’s advice.
Ultimately she decides to halt her mother on the cross road and let her cross walk first.
A distant vine smiles in yards on mountains and an old oak tree in dense forest laughs at his fortune… Everybody was happy at this rare bonding of father and daughter after eons of years.

The mail arrived and in it were Visa and tickets. It was deeply guarded secret. A resignation was prepared, a letter was written (First and last from daughter to her mom) and all documents were readied. A young girl, who both loved and hated her mother, planned her each move with perfection and left for airport to never return back. A car followed her, but she had plans to give it a miss. Everything was executed with perfection and finally she boarded the plane and in half an hour, Prisha could see the distant clouds, mountains, rivers and plains passing and she said, “The visibility is excellent.”
Almost two decades back, a doctor left his home same way leaving his infant and unfaithful wife behind out of desperation. Today it was the very same infant leaving his unfaithful mother.
Both Doctor and the infant had exactly the same words for Ira, “I had no other way. You betrayed me.”
There is huge commotion in the room. Mrs. Ira is in tears and she is crying uncontrollably at recent cataclysm.
Rudra Parag, a victim of fiasco, enters the room and says, “She fled with Dr. Paul.”
For Mrs. Ira, the mention of Dr. Paul’s name is traumatic as always.
Mrs. Ira says, “You must be joking Mr. Rudra Parag. Please don’t insult me.”
Rudra Parag consol’s her, “One of my men saw them boarding flight to US. He tried to stop them, but they had prior arrangements.”
Mrs. Ira is louder in her cries, “The crook fled with my only child. The crook took advantage of me, when I was naïve and young. Now, when I refused his advances, the villain abducted my daughter. Call the police!!!”
Rudra Parag is bit confused at this whole new information.
Rudra Parag says, “But Dr. Paul is Prisha’s father and she is of legal age and they might have left Indian skies by now.”
Mrs. Ira in more uncontrollable in her sobs and cries, “He would have offered her fortunes in return of her love.”
Mrs. Ira is confused and disoriented throughout next few days. She again and again thought about her failed teenage marriage. She thought about men she lived, who were totally different from her in values, backgrounds and life goals. She thought, “All my marriages were trial marriages, no one was invested and so everyone ran at some moment.”
She further reasoned with tears in her baleful eyes, “POOR GIRL RAN AWAY LIKE HER POOR FATHER.”
The clock ticked on ticking and time changing. The Sun kept on rising in morning and Moon kept on coming in night and Stars kept twinkling in nightly sky.
With time Mrs. Ira returned to her former self.
Also Mrs. Ira was not a lady who could be kept low for long time by circumstances. Finally, one evening she arrives at a great restaurant in city outskirts.
It is beautiful place and she sits at garden
A man smilingly approaches her and asks, “Ira, How r u? I hope you are ok now?”
Mrs. Ira is angry at Prisha and without wasting a moment she speaks, “She sold herself to man who mistreated and insulted her mother, when she was an infant.”
The man emphatically nods and says, “A spineless doctor.”
Mrs. Ira speaks further, “I am sorry for you Mr. Rudra Parag.I should have spared you and kept you out of this trouble, but I had no inkling.”
Rudra Parag, too, was his jovial best today as he had seen series of such episodes always happening to him. Finally he said, “To our good fortune, we must drink.”
An exotic wines arrives at table and the occupants sip in silence. Perhaps a celebration of new dawn is arriving in their life.
Mrs. Ira finally speaks, “Being mother always frightened me… The men I married always went mysteriously away after her birth, even her own father left me, when he was needed the most… Now I am free soul.”
Rudra Parag said smilingly, “So am I… I have fond memories of your talks and meetings.”
“I am blessed to have you.”
Rudra Parag was a knight and a gentleman, and the woman opposite him was girl of his dreams.
Mrs. Ira felt dreamy and so did Rudra Parag.
A phone rang and it was from printers.
“Sir, should I send design to press?”
Rudra Parag said,” Yes, Just minor mistake, Put Ira as bride instead of Prisha.”
Ira smiled silently on hearing the word MISTAKE.
“Congratulations Sir.” The voice at other end echoed.
Mrs. Ira recollects vaguely, “All throughout life I carried myself as failed spouse and now time to amend has arrived in VERY BIG WAY.”
Aromatic and rare flavored wines were poured throughout that evening. It was red wine in one hand and white wine in another, which sometimes was replaced by rose wine. With each sip the wines mellowed on palates and the moods became unbelievably social, confident and crazy.
The environment was filled with euphoria and two idle souls heard the coming wedding bells. The world is happy at this incidental alliance as now it can at least hear another funny story with Spanish wines.
A bird at the top of Oak tree sang at seeing vineyard:
Needles and Pins…Needles and Pins…Nobody stole her ring…Wedlock is wrote for grieving on fling.

Now Prisha has changed her name to Priscilla. Priscilla worked hard to prove her mettle in the company of her understanding father. Even after 7 Years and she wonders, “Why her mother, Mrs. Ira didn’t hide her passport and papers away from her on the faithful day of her escape? Why she found everything ready as if her mother actually secretly wanted her to fly away with her father? Was her mother a assiduous opportunist girl or the bitch?”
Priscilla has started her first startup with the help of her doctor father, while Ira is a billionaire and a widow and owns a chain of wine stores and Mr. Paaus happily works for her.
Mr. Paul, The doctor always reminds Prisha, “Once an idle evil bitch, now a busy mischief maker. What would she be next, we must watch.” (End)


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