The Witches Grounds

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October 10th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Horror , Suspense , Thriller  |  Author: Joey Trevino  |  194 views

In the 13th Century, thousands of people were executed because they were accused of being heretics, and most of them were innocent. What is Evil? Have we seen it? Have we felt it? There are 2 kinds of Evil. There is Demonic Evil and there is The Nature of Evil.

The year is 1312. The red moon rises through thick clouds over the high misty mountains. Wolfs and other creatures howl into the night. A river of blood runs down the stream. The sounds of stones echo throughout the woods. A fort remains somewhere far away from civilization, well isolated. Heavy winds and snow entered the night, covering whatever was left outside. Inside the barracks was blood everywhere. On the beds were bodies of men that were slaughtered horribly as their blood drips down making a pool of blood on the floor. More bodies were scattered in other rooms, looking like they had been eaten and torn apart. Close by was a small village. The village was empty, just nothing but farming tools and other belongings scattered everywhere. In the officers building, a man walks down a dim hallway alone. He looked like he had been in a heavy battle. His armor, and face was covered in blood, but it wasn’t his. He was a high rank officer; he was the Captain of Fort Kutch. He walks into his office in tears and fear. He closes the door gently, and then broke down crying as he began asking God to forgive him; there was guilt in his eyes. The Captain began to hear footsteps coming down the hall; there were no more tears or guilt, only fear in his eyes. Though he was armed with his long sword, he wasn’t planning on putting up a fight. Whoever it was, he was terrified to face it. He turns around walking to his desk and grabs his favorite bottle of wine, chugging it down rapidly. He sits at his desk with no hope and no will in him as he heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. And when the footsteps stopped, the Captain looked at the door in front of him and saw a human shadow under the door; he knew someone was standing outside. The knob began turning gently. The Captain takes out his dagger, and braises it tightly in his hand. When the door was opening, the Captain saw a white pale hand with long pointed finger nails covered in blood. The Captain takes his own life right away, by cutting his own throat. When the door was fully opened, a mysterious woman was standing there just looking at the Captain dying slowly.

A few days later… Somewhere at an open green field were hundreds of dead soldiers who died in a bloody battle. The crows surround the dead. The grass was no longer green, but red. A young man stood on the hill looking down at his fallen comrades, and the enemy as well. He wore a long black cape, steel armor; he had wavy dark brown hair and was quite charming, his name was (Lagot). On his right hand he held his long sword stained with the blood from his enemy’s. He stares at the dead without fletching. When he looked up, he noticed dozens of crows were flying above him; it was only a matter of time before they have their way with the dead. Lagot orders his men “Clear the dead!” One group gathered their fallen brothers; while another group was gathering all the enemy soldiers, dumping them in one spot, making a huge pile. He also notices that his own men were making jokes and robbing from the dead. They had no respect for the fallen. Lagot walks away as he began wiping the blood off his face and his sword. The sounds of thunder and dark clouds surround the sky above him. When Lagot made it back to base camp, he was greeted by a man; (Lord Nathan), he was a middle age man and well respected by many people. Nathan asks Lagot, if they could talk about important matters. Both men walked down a grass field as the storm was approaching behind them. Nathan mentions he had a new easy task for Lagot. He asked him, when he last visited Fort Kutch. Lagot wasn’t thrilled when Nathan asked; he began to wonder if he was sending him there. When Lagot asked why, Nathan explained that they had been getting reports from missing young girls, and wanted Lagot to investigate the matter. He believes Captain Mathis and his men were probably involved. Lagot accepts the task, but there was more. Nathan also talks about a deadly outbreak occurring at Fort Kutch, and that there were casualties. “I’m not a healer, I’m a soldier” said Lagot. Lord Nathan understood Lagot’s point, which is why he was sending a healer to handle the infected. He also mentions that a 2nd group was going to arrive to Fort Kutch to help with the infection, but won’t arrive in a few days. Then, Lagot decides which men he wanted to take with him to Fort Kutch, but Lord Nathan rejected his request. It turned out that Lagot was going to travel with hired mercenaries along with a healer; Lagot wasn’t happy. He was very upset that Nathan had arranged everything without consulting with him first. But Nathan reminds him, he doesn’t have to explain himself to anyone about anything; he was ordering Lagot to head to Fort Kutch rather he liked it or not. Nathan notices Lagot looked betrayed and upset. He reminds him that there had been so much corruption, lies and betrayal among their own men. He reminds him about a terrible incident that happened recently. One of their Commanders was assassinated by his own men because he was going to rat them out for their crimes. Sending Lagot with his own men would be very risky because half of them were close to Captain Mathis. Lagot understood Nathan’s point, but will the mercenaries follow his orders. Nathan made it clear that the mercenaries were good men and they would follow his commands. He pats Lagot on the shoulder telling him not to worry, but deep down, Lagot had bad feeling about his new task. The storm finally caught up with Lagot as he stood there feeling the cold heavy rain, watching Nathan walking away.

3 days later… 13 people on horses, and 1 caravan travel down a wet muddy road while listening to one of the men singing by entertaining the group. Lagot, his group of hired mercenaries and the healer have been getting hit hard by the storm since their departure; it rained for 3 days straight. Among the group was a female mercenary; who was very pretty but deadly. She was armed with a long bow, 2 hand crossbows, a short sword, she was a master of archery, she wore leather brown light armor, always kept a brown hood over her head, had black curly hair up to her shoulders, she had smooth light skin, blue eyes, her name was (Keyla). There was even a terrifying mercenary, a tall muscular man with a gray beard, long grayish hair to his shoulders. He carried a huge long thick sword on his back that looked impossible to hold for any man, his name was (Bordis). Bordis looked intimidating, but was actually a good man and was once a soldier in his younger days. As for the healer, she was a young beautiful woman with big blue eyes and had long blonde straight hair to her back, wearing white/gray robes with a hood over her head; she was the type of person who was very clean, organized and intelligent; her name was (Helena). (Victor) was young, religious, a well-respected traveler looking for work throughout the land. On the side of his face, he had a tribal mark, carrying the symbol of his tribe and was a professional hunter/mercenary. (Peter) was young and had a gut. He would drink almost every day, eating, and sleeping with whores like it was his normal calling, but was a good man to everyone. (Derek) was also a young mercenary from another land. There wasn’t much to say about him because he was very quiet, wasn’t a fan of words. (Sam) was a farmer, fisherman, husband, father of 2 daughters. He enjoyed nature a lot. He plans to return to his family after his last mercenary contract was at end. (Hector) was a middle age man who also served in the military when he was younger but left for personal reason’s unknown. (Marcus) was Peter’s older brother. They would travel together everywhere looking for any work, both of them were good men. (Joshua) was the youngest mercenary in the group. He was also charming, open minded about everything, smart, funny, and was also a flirt with the women. He always looked angry and scary. Another was (Molder). He was young, kind, religious, loves to travel the world, also had a family that he’s not seen for several years because of complications and hopes to see them again. And then there was (William). He was a middle age man, also with military experience, and had a hard time coping with others, especially women, and was considered the most aggressive one in the group. Helena struggles in the rain. She wasn’t use to getting wet outside in the cold, but tries to fight it off. Lagot shows up; noticing she was very uncomfortable. “Sorry about the storm” said Lagot. Helena smiles at him, telling him she loved the rain, and the man who was singing on the caravan. She was just trying to be funny, but it didn’t look like Lagot was in a mood, he just looked at her with a serious face. Then, he mentions that there was a small friendly residence not far and that they were going to take shelter there for the night. It was good news for Helena; she can finally rest warmly and comfortably. Meanwhile, some of the men began talking about the war that was going on in the Northern lands, and all the corruption. They even talked about the Commander, who was killed by his own men; just few days ago. Everyone in the group had their own opinion about war and the corruption, but as for Helena, she was trying to avoid politics by remaining silent. Then, an argument breaks out between Bordis and Molder over political differences. Helena looks at Lagot with a concern look; waiting for him to stop the violent confrontation but he does nothing; he thought it was best to let the 2 let it all out. After a while, the argument finally had ended, and so did the storm. Finally they reached the small friendly residence that Lagot had mentioned. They could see the house ahead as they were heading towards. Later that night, it rained again. The group shared a big room with a fireplace that kept them warm and comfy. Some of the men were already asleep, and some were wide awake, chatting. Bordis, Victor, and Joshua were talking about funny things. William lies on his sleeping spot, having imaginary perverted thoughts about Helena while rubbing his own cock while smiling. He began sharing his perverted thoughts with the men, but they didn’t seem interested; they all thought William was crazy and disgusting. As William continued making perverted remarks about Helena; he wondered if she was a virgin. Bordis looks at William with serious look “Control yourself William or I will!” Meanwhile, in the other room; Helena sat by the fireplace drying herself off, combing her hair after taking a long hot bath. As she sat there, Keyla, Lagot and his friend (Jarle) who was the Master of the house were having conversations about the war. Jarle was a middle age man, with only one arm. As the chatting went on; Lagot wasn’t paying any attention to Jarle and Keyla; he was too busy admiring Helena’s beauty, wearing a lovely white gown. Keyla was not blind; she noticed Lagot was staring at her. When Helena was done drying off, she turns around catching Lagot’s stare. He quickly turns the other away, hoping she didn’t notice. She sits on the opposite side of the table across from Lagot staring back at him with a smile. She knew he was eyeing on her, but didn’t think bad of him in any way; she actually thought Lagot was charming and very sweet. After hearing Jarle’s battle stories and adventures, he never mentioned how he lost his arm. When Helena asked, he explained that he and several of his comrades were captured by the enemy. “For days, they tortured us, and then a Commander shows up and began questioning me. The interrogation went on for days. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled down my pants, bending over at him, telling the evil Commander “I can’t hear you! Why don’t you try speaking to my ass instead?” Jarle breaks out laughing loudly, spilling his drink all over the table. He continues telling the story. “After my joke, the Commander orders his men to take me outside. That was when the bastards chopped off my hand.” The Commander and his men laughed at Jarle, making jokes at him, tossing his decapitated hand around like a toy. After the story had ended, Helena was shocked and upset. She couldn’t believe that men were capable of such madness and stupidity. But Jarle wasn’t mad of what was done to him. He explains to Helena that it was all part of war. Helena disagrees, and that no human being should be performing evil acts on others, even in war. Jarle mentions that he fought 2 wars and saw nothing but evil. He claims he had seen horrible things that have been done to women and children. He prays for Helena that she will never see what he has seen. For a while, everyone was quiet. Jarle stares at Keyla with a curious look, and noticed something about her. “I can’t stop wondering… are you a witch hunter?” Jarle asked. “I was.” said Keyla. Jarle had a feeling from the beginning when he first saw Keyla. Witch Hunters wear unique clothing, armors, gadgets and weapons. They also carry markings on their body, keeping count from the fallen witches. When Jarle asked Keyla how many witches she hunted, she answered, 5. Jarle expected more. He was surprise; Keyla had only killed a few. But the reason why, was because she had left the group after several months. There wasn’t an answer why she had left, but for whatever reason, she didn’t want to share it. After the group conversation ended, Lagot walks Helena to her room; they chatted a little more before going to bed. She asks him, if everything was true what Jarle had said. His response was “Yeah.” “Do you see those things?” Helena asked. There was no answer from Lagot. He wishes Helena goodnight and walks away. She stood there for a while, still puzzled by Jarle’s story. Helena finally enters her room, putting a small lite candle on a wooden stand close to her bed. Normally she never slept with the light on but that night she did. She lies on the bed, covering herself to her neck with a warm blanket, staring at the candle on the wooden stand close to her. Something about the flame reminded Helena of a past, a painful past. The more she stared at its flame, the more she was beginning to fall asleep. When Helena finally fell into a dream state, she ended up somewhere in the woods in the night, it wasn’t the first time. She stood there looking around recognizing the scenery, and then began hearing the same woman’s voice calling her name in a whispering tone, it was coming from behind her. Every time when Helena hears the woman’s voice, it leaves a frightening chill down her spin. She turns around slowly in fear, and in front of her, was a dark path of ashes. She stood there still hearing her name being called, but Helena would never enter the path, she was always afraid. As Helena began stepping away slowly, her name was called out loud in a horrifying sound, “HELEEEENAAAAAA!” Helena wakes up calmly in her bed. She sees the candle was still lit on the wooden stand just the way she left it. She curls up into a ball, wrapping herself completely with the blanket, staring at the candle’s flame once again, only this time, she tries not to fall asleep. Hours later, early morning, the group continued on their journey. Lagot rides next to Helena, noticing she looked very tired. When he brought it up, she admitted she didn’t sleep at all. At first he thought it was Jarle’s story that kept her up all night, but it wasn’t. Lagot waited for an answer, but Helena just remained silent. He asks why she didn’t sleep at all. She responded, “I don’t want to bore you.” But Lagot insisted on knowing. She explained that she had a bad dream, and has been carrying it since she was a child. Helena reveals a horrifying incident. When she was little, a woman used to care for her. One day, a group of men came into their home and arrested the woman, accusing her of crimes she didn’t commit. Helena tried to stop the men from taking her away but they were too strong and too many. Just few days later, the woman was found guilty and was sentence to death by fire. While Helena was telling her story, the rest of group were listening. Sam asks Helena what were the woman’s crimes exactly. She mentioned the men found evidence of witchcraft, but Helena kept saying the woman was innocent. “If the woman was truly innocent, then who was using witchcraft?” Keyla asked. There seemed to be more to the story, but Helena immediately ends it. William was disappointed that Helena had cut the story without an ending; he began acting like a bastard towards her. Bordis shouts at William “Shut up William!” Hours later… the group reached a market area. There were clothes, foods, jewelry, weapons and women. Helena and Lagot walked down the path, as they talked about their future lives. Lagot mentioned he wanted marriage and children, after the war was over. But as for Helena, she really wasn’t thrilled about marriage and children. It wasn’t because she was scared or hated them; it was because she felt she wouldn’t be a great mother and wife. Lagot degrees with Helena’s thoughts, and believes she would make a great mother and wife. She looks at him with a flattering face. She began to wonder if Lagot was asking for marriage and children from her. They continued walking down the market path. Then, something catches Helena’s eyes. It was a small shop, carrying unique artifacts and jewelry. As she was going through the merchandise, she saw something hanging above from where she was standing; it was a wooden creepy mask. The mask looked like it was staring down at Helena, which made her uncomfortable. “You like it?” asked the young woman. Helena and Lagot turned around and saw a woman who happens to be the owner of the shop. She had an attractive wicked look. She had long black smooth straight hair, white pale skin, and was wearing a long dark purple casual dress. Helena dislikes the wooden mask by telling the woman “No. I hate it.” Helena began looking around the woman’s belongings, while being watched very closely by the shop keeper. The woman was also giving Lagot a flirty look, exposing her cleavage on purpose. Lagot couldn’t help staring at the woman, she was very attractive, but also seemed troubled; all he could do was look the other way. “You made these?” Helena asked. “Yeah, well, me and my sister.” The woman walks to another area in the shop and reaches out, grabbing a silver necklace that had a shape of a moon and suggested that Helena should try it on. Helena saw the moon necklace and found it to be very pretty, but thought it was very expensive by the looks of it. She didn’t want to try it on because she wasn’t planning on buying anything, but the woman was very sweet and persuasive. She brings Helena to a mirror and puts the necklace on her. “Looks very nice on you” said the woman. Helena stares directly at the mirror, admiring the necklace. And when she was about to take it off, the woman says “Leave it on. It’s yours.” Helena looks at the woman with a surprise look. She didn’t feel right accepting the necklace, but the woman kept insisting her to take it, and so she did, and thanks the woman with a kind smile. Hours later… the group continued on their journey, it was very cold and wet. To the east, at a far distance, was a large thick of dark clouds and dozens of crows flying in it. Keyla was the first to notice it and warns everyone. When Helena saw the dark clouds and the birds, she thought it was beautiful, but strange. The group didn’t think much of it. Lagot told everyone, not to worry. Just to ignore the storm. Keyla still kept staring at the mysterious dark cloud. She was convinced, it wasn’t a storm; there was no lightning or thunder, and it looked like it was following them. Moments later, the group reached the entrance leading to the (The Black Forest). It was a place where some people don’t come back, and Helena had no idea what awaits her. The group stopped at the entrance, staring straight at The Black Forest. Helena notices the group was very unease about it. When she asked what was going on, William explained to her about horrifying things roaming in the woods, like ghosts, murderers, thieves, and monsters. Hector says “Stop scaring her William!” Helena was having second thoughts of entering the forest, but Lagot promised her nothing bad was going to happen. Then, she began questioning him, why he led the group to such a dangerous place. It wasn’t because he was careless; it was because it was the only way to get to their destination. Helena had no choice but to enter The Black Forest. “Don’t worry Helena, I will protect you!” said William, in a laughing tone. When Helena entered, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The trees, leafs, the ground, everything was black and ashes were everywhere. Helena looks around carefully for any living creatures, but there were none, not one animal. After a while of traveling, the group was still in the Black Forest following a path of ashes. Then, Helena began seeing something to the west, but couldn’t make it out what it was because the trees were blocking the view. She asks the group “What is that?” When everyone looked at the mysterious object, it was an old abandon watermill. Helena couldn’t believe it. She asks the group if there was a village close by. Lagot mentions that there was a small village, and had been abandoned for a long time. Helena was curious and wanted to see it, but he suggested they keep moving forward. Bordis thought they might as well since they were close by. Lagot looks at Helena, not happy about it, but he accepts. Not far from the watermill was the small abandon village. The homes were in terrible condition. People’s personal belongings were still there, scattered all over the ground. And, nature had taken over throughout the years. Helena began talking about a witch that cursed the village and that 100’s of people were killed. But Keyla claims, it wasn’t just the village that was cursed, it was half of the region. She also mentions about a powerful witch that nearly wiped out everyone years ago. The witch was hunted down, but was never caught. Some people say she still lives and is hiding somewhere in the woods. Moments later, the group returns to their travel, following a path, still inside The Black Forest. They began noticing strange wooden symbols hanging on the trees. It was very strange to Lagot; because he never saw them there before; it looked like someone had just put them there not too long ago. Molder asks “What the fuck are those?” Keyla and the rest of the group look at them very closely, and had no idea what they were. Lagot suggested they move on and ignore them. Helena kept staring at symbols as she passed them one at a time, something about them made her very uncomfortable. The group made it passed the wooden symbols, and later ended up deeper in The Black Forest, and their journey was about to take a turn for the worse. They traveled down a muddy terrain that was slowing them down, especially for the horses pulling the caravan. Lagot notices and gets off his horse to support the caravan and asks some of the men to help; Bordis, Hector, Molder, and Derek volunteered. The more they moved forward, the more difficult it was becoming. Then, Helena began hearing sounds of crows calling from above. She looks up and saw dozens of them flying in circles. As Helena was too busy admiring the crows, the rest of the group was focusing on the caravan from getting stuck in the mud. Helena wonders off not paying any attention where she was going. She still kept staring at the crows, and then something horrible happens, Helena’s horse fell into a deep mud hole. Everyone heard Helena and her horse screaming, they all rushed to help her. The men grabbed ropes, tying them together, getting ready to pull Helena out. Lagot and some of the men kept telling Helena to stay calm and not to move, but her horse was panicking with fear and was dragging her down slowly further. Keyla suggested Helena to let go the horse but she refused. Lagot ties a rope around his waist; he was going to have to go after Helena, himself. Helena could still hear the crows; she looks up and notices that there were more of them. Lagot slowly gets into the mud hole and throws the rope from his left hand towards Helena, it worked; Helena grabs the rope but was still holding onto her horse by the harness line. Lagot demands her “Helena, let go the horse!”, but she still doesn’t. Lagot and the men used all their strength to pull Lagot and Helena, but it was impossible. Helena’s horse was too heavy and it was completely stuck. The more Helena pulled her horse, the more she was being swallowed deeper, and Lagot was losing his strength. He asks her again “Helena, let go the FUCKING HORSE NOW!” Keyla realized that Helena was dragging Lagot down with her, and had to do something quickly before losing both of them. She takes out her long bow and aims at the harness’s line between Helena and the horse. She fires, cutting the line with one shot. Lagot and the men were finally able to pull them both out. Helena releases a desperate cry of anger seeing her horse drown in front of her; it took several men to hold her down. Later that night, the group made camp. The men sat around the fire silently, still haven’t gotten over the horrifying incident. Helena curls up into a ball trying to maintain herself, in her own way. She laid there not saying a word since the incident. Then, surprisingly, she finally speaks, “I lost my horse, and my caravan…” Keyla felt deeply responsible for cutting the horse loose, but doesn’t say anything; she thought it would be best not to say a word. As for Lagot, he too felt really bad and responsible for dragging her into a god forsaken place. He reminds Helena, that they will return to the caravan and retrieve it, after reaching Fort Kutch. Nothing matters to Helena anymore. She loses faith and hope completely. She faces her back at everyone and said something for the first time, “I fucking hate this place.” Later that night, Helena was sleeping peacefully by the fire, until she heard people moving around loudly. She wakes up and saw the group was widely awake and were all alerted by something. She sees Lagot trying to keep the fire strong while the rest of the group was forming a perimeter around the camp. Helena had no idea what was going on and asked Lagot in a frightening tone “Lagot, what’s going on?” He looks at her, telling her not to worry and to stay close to the fire. But she knew something was wrong just by looking at his face. Then, she began hearing multiple sounds coming from outside the campsite, it sounded like they were several intruders wanting to attack but just kept circling around like animals in the dark. William began cursing loudly at them trying to scare them off, but he was only provoking them. Keyla demands him, “William, shut the fuck up! You’re pissing them off!” Keyla hears one of them in front her, standing in the dark, staring at her directly with glowing yellow eyes, sniffing her scent. The scary creature tells Keyla in an eerie voice “I can smell you’re CUNT!” She quickly aims her long bow at the creature and fires one shot, hitting him directly, scaring him off and the rest of the creatures as well. After the creatures retreated, the group decided to stay up for the night. Early morning, things were calm. The group head out and still couldn’t get over of last night’s horrifying event. William says “Well that was fun. We should try it again!” All night, Helena kept wondering what kind of creatures attacked them last night. Molder, says they were (Ghouls). Helena claims she’s never heard of Ghouls before. Derek educates Helena by explaining the Legends of Ghouls. He says they were once human, corrupt by evil, acting like animals. And if they were going to act like animals, they were going to be animals. It was the Gods that cursed them forever. After several hours later, they were nearly there to Fort Kutch. The group followed a clear path leading to the fort through the woods and found something very strange. It was a dead animal of some kind that looked hideous and deformed. No one could tell what kind of animal it was but it almost looked like a wolf, but bigger. Keyla examines the corpse; it looked like it had been dead for only several hours. The animal also looked sick and infected by something unknown. The group noticed that the animal was covered with black liquid substance around the mouth and eyes. Lagot warns everyone not to touch the animal and to keep their distance. Helena began to wonder if some of the other animals came in contact with the infection. She was very curious and prepares to take a sample but the group was nervous about it. They tried stopping her from doing so, but Helena explained why she was there and it was her job. Lagot decided to let her take the sample, after all she was a professional with medicines and infections. Helena began extracting the sample while everyone was observing carefully and found it to be educational. Finally, Helena was able to retrieve the sample and places it in a small glass container, if lucky; she could maybe make a cure. The group kept away from Helena as she had the small glass container containing the infection inside. She wraps it up with a soft cloth and puts it inside her pack. Before leaving, Keyla discovered something else on the dead animal, there was a strange symbol carved into its flesh on the right leg, it was something she never saw before, but she ignored it. Shortly after, the group continued following the clear path leading to Fort Kutch; they could see the fort from a distance. Lagot says “We are here!” The group seemed relieved and also tired from their long journey. As they were passing through village, there was smoke everywhere from burned clothes, wood, books and other items. Personal materials were scattered everywhere on the ground, and the village was empty. The group wondered where everyone was, they assumed everyone was gathering inside the fort. They continued following the path to the fort. Keyla notices there were several wooden baskets on the ground carrying dead birds and other animals. Finally, they made it to the front gate of the fort, but it was strange. The gates were closed and there was not a single guard on the watch tower. They tried to alert someone to open the gate, but there was no answer. Lagot and some of the men were peeking through gate and realize it was barricaded from the other side. Lagot began to wonder, why they would barricade the gates. Bordis believed there might’ve been an uprising because of the infection. Helena was the only one that seemed uncomfortable. She warns Lagot that something was terribly wrong and that they should leave at once, but Lagot refused. He tends to find out what was going on and where was everyone. Since the gate was locked, someone had to go over the wall to remove the barricades from the other side, and the one person Lagot selected was William and he wasn’t thrilled about it. He cursed at Lagot “Fuck no! I’m not going in there!” Lagot looks at William with a serious mad look, like he wanted to kill him; he was about to confront him until Keyla jumped in between the 2 men and volunteered to go over the wall instead. Lagot backs down on William, for now. Shortly after, Bordis and Joshua were lifting Keyla over the wall. Bordis stares directly at Keyla’s bottom, admiring her tight ass, he couldn’t help it. He grabs her behind with a tight firm grip, smiling. When Keyla made it over the wall, she couldn’t believe what Bordis had done. She curses at him “Fuck you Bordis!” and kicks the wall hard. Joshua and Bordis were giggling after the butt grabbing and felt the impact kick on the wall coming from Keyla’s side, they knew she was mad. Meanwhile, inside the fort, Keyla proceeds carefully. She comes to the side of a building structure peeking in the corner examining the area, and doesn’t see anyone, it was too quiet. Keyla wasn’t convinced the fort was empty. She proceeds to the gate, removing the barricades and the nails with her dagger. Getting the gate open was becoming a problem, it was completely shut. Someone went through a lot of trouble trying to keep something or someone from coming inside. Lagot was starting to lose his patients. He orders Keyla to move quickly. As the group waited for Keyla to get the gate opened, a single black crow stares down at everyone from a tree, cawing at them several times. William couldn’t take the cawing sound any longer; he picks up a tiny rock and throws it at the bird by scaring it away. Meanwhile, Keyla was still trying to get the gate open. When she was about to remove the final nail, a mysterious woman whispered into her ear in a creepy tone “Keeeylaaa.” Keyla immediately turns around with a frightening look, but didn’t see anyone. Lagot noticed that Keyla was deeply jumpy about something and asked what was wrong. She doesn’t answer Lagot. She just stood there in shock, watching her back. There was nothing but buildings and silence. She began to think that her mind was probably playing tricks on her. Finally, Keyla was able to get the gate open. Lagot was the first person to enter and when he turned around, he noticed that the group was too afraid to step inside. He looks around and saw nothing but emptiness. The fort had nearly 200 people, where was everyone he wondered. He tells group to remain where they were while he reports to the Officers building. Keyla thought it was a bad idea having him wonder around alone and thought it would be best if she goes with him, but Lagot refused. Not far where Helena was standing was another caravan, carrying medical supplies. She decides to check it out on her own and was warned by Derek not to touch anything and not to wonder off. When Helena peeked inside the caravan, she saw medicines, bloody cloths, and other materials. Meanwhile, Lagot makes his way to the Officers building when he saw something terrifying. In front of him was a wooden door stained in blood. He pauses, standing there wondering if he should warn the others, but he doesn’t. He armed himself quickly taking out his sword. He looks at the blood stain closely on the door, it was still wet. Lagot enters the building slowly and finds the room a total mess. Blood was all over the floor, walls and other areas; the place looked like it was attacked, but there were no bodies. There was so much blood, Lagot could barely stand the smell; he takes out a piece of cloth and covers his nose. He realizes that he should go back and warn the others, but before he was about to, he heard the sound of a door slammed hard coming from the hallway. It sounded like someone was in the building with Lagot. He asks “Who’s there!?” but there was no answer. He decides to check it out. When Lagot was walking down the hall, he noticed a sword on the floor covered in blood and the walls were stained with bloody handprints. Up ahead was Captain Mathis’s office, that’s where Lagot was heading. When he reached the door, it was fully closed. He looks carefully at the door knob and realizes it was covered in fresh blood. It alerted him thinking someone was probably inside the room, but it was too quiet. He opens the door, feeling the blood from the door knob while turning it slowly. What he found next was even more disturbing. There in the middle of the room was Captain Mathis’s dead body sitting at his desk; he looked like he had been dead for several days. When Lagot was examining the corpse, he noticed it was suicide. A dagger was found from Captain Mathis’s left hand. Right when Lagot was about to grab the dagger from Mathis’s hand, he discovered something strange. On the floor were naked foot prints stained in blood leading back to the door. He looks carefully at the bloody foot prints and believed they were made from a woman. He thinks nothing much of it and began searching Mathis’s desk for any clues and found his journal, but most of the pages were missing, it looked like they were torn intentionally. Meanwhile, the rest of the group was still waiting outside. Helena had just finished searching the caravan when Keyla spooked her and asked if she found anything interesting. Helena replies “Not really” The group saw Lagot coming towards them not looking happy; they all knew something was wrong. When Lagot returned to the group, he told them he found Mathis’s dead corpse in his office. Helena couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she was devastated. But the rest of group didn’t seem surprised; they all knew something was wrong when they first arrived. Helena asks Lagot if Mathis was infected, but it didn’t look like he was at all. He explained everything of what he saw and how he found him, but then why did he take his own life, Helena wondered. Lagot claims that Mathis may have gone mad. Then, he orders everyone to search all the buildings. The group began to argue with Lagot. Helena suggested that they should return home at once and report to Lord Nathan right away. But Lagot had no interest of leaving, yet. He tells the group he couldn’t leave, and when Helena asked why. He finally explains to everyone about his mission. He mentions about the young missing girls case and that Mathis was probably involved. William reminds Lagot that Mathis was dead and that the case was closed. He tells everyone to gather their things and to head back home. But no one was following William. Everyone just stood there, looking at him like he was an idiot. When he asked why no one was moving, Bordis asked him if he forgot what the contract stated. William had a stupid look on his face and admits he didn’t read the full contract. Bordis reminds him, that they must return home with Lagot, in order to receive payment. William flips out in rage, kicking the ground, cursing loudly. His shouts of anger echo throughout the fort. The group had no choice, but to wait for Lagot to complete his investigation. Moments later, the group began searching all the buildings. Every building and room was a mess, blood was everywhere, and they still didn’t find any bodies. Bordis was searching the food storage and notices all the food was rotten by maggots. The rotten stench was so strong; Bordis rushes outside for fresh air. Meanwhile, Helena was sitting all alone outside while everyone was still searching the fort. Then, out of nowhere, a single crow shows up. The bird was a couple feet away from Helena’s feet; it just kept cawing at her like it was communicating. Helena thought the bird was probably hungry. She reaches inside her pack and takes out a loaf of bread, and began cutting several pieces from it before feeding the bird. When there was no more left, the bird flew away. Lagot searches the dining building; the place was a total mess. On the middle of the dining table was a huge blood stain. Then he also discovers something disturbing. He finds a cup on the table, containing half of blood and notices lips on the glass. Seeing the bloody lips on the glass, gave Lagot a chill in his bones. He wonders if someone really drank from bloody cup. Then, he hears someone moving behind him. He turns around freaking out, but was it was only Hector standing by the door; he looked traumatized. The only thing he said was “We… found them…” Shortly after, Lagot heads outside heading back to the group. He sees everyone standing outside the chapel in shock. He sees Molder and Joshua sick to their stomach, throwing up. He stares at the chapels doors and notices blood stains on it while hearing the sound of thousands of flies buzzing around inside. He began walking towards the Chapel and came to a horrible smell of death. The smell was so strong; he takes out a piece of cloth and covers his mouth. He uses his tip of his sword to push the doors open and what he saw was horrifying. Inside the Chapel, were Mathis’s men hanging from their necks, skinned and ripped open from their stomachs and chest, with all their organs all over the floor. Later that night, the storm hits hard with cold winds and heavy snow. Lagot sits in a room by himself, reading whatever pages he could find in Mathis’s journal while keeping himself warm close to the fireplace. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. When Lagot gave the permission to enter, it was Helena. She asks if they could talk, and he accepted. She sits right across from him, telling him how sorry she was. He looks at her with a confuse look and asked “For what?” She reminds him about Mathis and his men. But, Lagot doesn’t show any remorse. He makes a funny grim like he didn’t care at all. He tells Helena, that he and his men were no good and got what they deserved. Helena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She argues with Lagot, telling him no one deserved to die like they did. He mentions that Mathis had done a lot of bad things in the past. He did horrible things to women and children. “If Mathis was guilty, then why wasn’t he never in jail?” Helena asked. Mathis was questioned and demoted. But never faced charges for any of his crimes; he was release with only a warning. After hearing all the bad things about Mathis, Helena began to wonder if he was responsible for killing his own men, but Lagot didn’t think so. Mathis never skinned or ripped people’s bodies before. This was different. This was pure evil. But, if Mathis didn’t kill his own men, then who did, Helena wondered. Lagot takes out a journal and tells Helena that it belong to Mathis. She asked if the journal revealed anything about the missing girls, and Lagot said no. Then, he asks Helena if she believed in curses. She said “Why you ask?” He explains, that according to the journal, Mathis claims he was seeing demons. Helena was confused already. She had no idea what demons Mathis was talking about. Before Lagot was going to read one of the entries in the journal, he wanted Helena to listen carefully and mentions that the log was written before the infection began. “Last night in my quarters, a young beautiful woman came into my room while I was sleeping. She was very strange, but I couldn’t resist her body. She removes her clothes and mine as well, we had wild sex. I woke up early morning not seeing her in my bed or anywhere. Later, I went to go search for the woman in the village, but I couldn’t find her. Who was this woman and where did she come from? Later that day, the villagers discovered a dead body in the woods. When I saw the body, it was the same woman from last night. She was completely naked and had strange painted symbols all over her body. No one knew who the woman was or where she came from. We buried the woman in the graveyard and never spoke of her again. On the second night, she came to me again, only this time she looked pale and dead. I keep seeing this woman every day and every time I do, she would do unspeakable things, evil things in front of me but no one can see her, only me. When I confronted (Wilkos), I told him everything what was happening, he wasn’t surprised at all. He told me he too slept with the same woman and was also seeing evil things happening around him. But what’s more shocking, is that every man under my Command slept with this woman and is having the same evil visions. I am convinced that the mask witch is responsible for this madness and has placed a curse on us all. After several days, things have gotten worse. I received word from one of the villagers saying all the children were ill of some kind of a fever; the fever has killed them all in 2 days. I send out a message to Lord Nathan, I hope he sends aid to us as soon as possible.” Lagot closes the journal and heard enough. He asks Helena what she thought about Mathis’s story. She found it odd, creepy and asked about the mask witch that Mathis had mentioned, but there was nothing else on the journal. Lagot shares his believes and thoughts. He never believed in ghosts, curses and demons, he wasn’t the superstitious kind. Then, Helena reminds him about the mysterious naked woman who was buried in the graveyard. Moments later, Lagot, Helena, Bordis, Keyla and some of the men went to the graveyard in the freezing cold night to find the mysterious woman’s grave. When they arrived, they saw about 20 graves with names on them, except one. Lagot was convinced it had to be the one with no name. The men had no idea what was going on and what Lagot was doing. Hector asks “Lagot, what the fuck are we doing out here!?” Lagot has no time for answers or questions. He quickly began digging with his own hands. The rest of the group just stood there confused and were starting to believe Lagot may have lost his mind. Keyla joins in, helping with the dig. After a while of digging, Keyla and Lagot felt something solid, it was the coffin. Before opening the coffin, Lagot and Keyla prepare themselves. He opens the coffin, and inside was the mysterious naked woman that Mathis had mentioned. The woman’s body was partially decomposed, but they could still see the painted symbols on her body just like Mathis said in the journal. Keyla noticed the symbols and knew what they were exactly. She warns everyone, “This is witchcraft!” She demands Lagot to step away and not to touch the woman. Lagot takes the torch from Hectors hand and tosses it into the woman’s coffin, setting her on fire. The group stood around the gravesite, staring at the green flames, praying silently. When they returned back inside with the rest of the group, Keyla was explaining about the mysterious woman in the coffin. The woman was a vessel for evil. Anyone who touched her, would be cursed, which explains what happened to Mathis and his men; they all came in contact with her. But the biggest question was “Who’s the woman in the coffin?” Helena asked. Keyla was very sure the woman in the coffin was a witch. Helena was relieved to hear that the witch was dead, but Keyla warns everyone, she was only (A) witch, not (The) witch, there was more than one. Keyla also believes whoever performed the ritual, must have been a master. Lagot looks directly at Keyla, and asks if she could explain the same thing to Lord Nathan once they return home, and she agreed to do so. Lagot believed he had enough evidence. He tells the group that they were going to leave early morning. Everyone was relieved and couldn’t wait. Later that night, the cold storm continued hitting everything in its path. No one went to sleep. Meanwhile, outside, Keyla stood on the watch tower alone, keeping watch. Not far away was a black crow standing on the wall staring directly at her in a creepy way. The crow just stood there not making a sound, almost looked like it was keeping an eye on her. Early morning, everyone prepared for their departure in a hurry. Joshua and Hector chatted about what they were going to do when they get home; they were going to stick to farming and fishing. Molder heads outside to get the horses ready, and stumbled on another horrifying scene. All the horses were dead, with all their heads chopped off. The rest of the group was inside still preparing their things when they heard Molder screaming like madness. Everyone ran outside to Molder and found him on the dirt screaming and cursing. When the rest of the group saw the horses, they were all in shock. Later, the whole gang sat outside confused and still in shock. How did they not hear or see the intruders. Everyone was widely awake all night, and Keyla was on watch. Keyla sat there quietly, feeling responsible for letting everyone down. William attacks her with accusations, accusing her of lying and betrayal, but the rest of the group defended Keyla. And then, William began attacking Lagot as well, blaming him and his case of investigation. Things were starting to fall apart. Bordis loses his calm and demands William to be silenced or he was going to silence him. William challenges Bordis to a fight till the death. Both men drew their swords in a violent confrontation. The group jumps in trying to calm both the men down, but it was hopeless. Helena looks at Lagot with worry eyes and expects him to do something, but he doesn’t, instead he turns the other way. Helena gets in front of him begging him to do something or the men were going to kill each other. He raises his voice at Helena “LET THEM!” Bordis and William face each other with their swords drawn. Before the fight was going to begin, a single arrow strikes William’s sword, knocking it out of his hands. Everyone jumped and wondered who shot the arrow… it was Keyla. The whole group stood around not saying a word; they didn’t want to piss her off in any way. “We have 2 choices. We can stay and kill each other, or we can all walk home together?!” said Keyla. Moments later, the group was equipping full body armor before heading outside. Keyla was kind enough to offer her hard leather armor to Helena. Helena didn’t think it was necessary, but Keyla was only looking out for her safety. Meanwhile, Lagot forms a plan, a strategy; he was going to lead everyone outside and wanted Helena in the middle. But Keyla suggested she be the one to lead. Lagot accepted. Sam walks in with trouble news. He tells the group that there was something they needed to see right away. Shortly after, Lagot and Keyla were on the watch tower, staring at a thick mist that was surrounding the fort. Lagot didn’t like it at all. He asks Keyla if she had a plan. As Keyla was examining the mist very carefully, she noticed that it stops at the village. She believes they can make it pass it, if the group stays together. Before heading out, Lagot warns everyone if anything were to happen, he wanted everyone to head back to the fort immediately. Everyone agreed. Victor walks up to Helena, offering his dagger, but she refused to accept it, she wasn’t a fan of weapons. But Victor suggested she take it; there was no arguing. Helena takes the dagger. When they opened the gates, they saw the thick mist covering their path, blinding them. Keyla takes the first step forward, and so did everyone. When they entered the village, they began hearing what sounded like stones being hit repeatedly. Keyla stops and listens to the stones echoing in 2 directions; it sounded like 2 people were communicating with each other. Lagot whispers into Keyla’s ear “Do we go back?” She suggests they keep moving forward slowly. The group made it out of the village, and thought they were safe, but they were wrong. Helena looks up at the sky and could see a pack of crows flying above her, just like the ones back in The Black Forest. Keyla stops and so did everyone. She stares at something in front of her, but the group couldn’t see what she was seeing. Lagot asks “What is it?” She warns him “Someone is in front of us.” Lagot stands where Keyla was standing and thought maybe he would be able to see, but there was nothing but the heavy mist “Are you sure?” Keyla was certain someone was there. What Keyla was seeing was hard to tell, but it looked like a woman standing not far, staring directly at her. She tells Lagot to stay put. He tries to stop her, but she convinces him everything was going to be alright. She lowers her sword by putting it away, she didn’t want to threaten or provoke the mysterious woman in any way. After taking a few steps towards the woman, she slowly disappears in front of Keyla’s eyes. Howling and growling surround the group as everyone grew nervously. The men looked around following the howls, but couldn’t see them through the heavy mist; just by listening to them it sounded like there were many of them. Keyla steps back slowly telling Lagot and everyone to head back to the fort. Then, in a quick moment, something sharp cuts Victor’s arm off with one strike, it happen so fast he didn’t realize it. Helena was standing next to Victor and felt something splattered on her face, and when she checked to see what it was, it was Victor’s blood. Helena releases a horrifying scream like she never screamed before; Victor falls on his knees in shock. Lagot shouts from the top of lungs, ordering everyone to return to the fort. Sam and Molder grabbed Victor right away and began retreating back to the outpost. While heading back, the group was being chased down by some kind of vicious dogs. Keyla takes out her long bow and tries to cover the group. After killing some of the dogs, she heard a loud growl coming from her right, but didn’t have time to defend herself. The dog jumps on Keyla, biting her arm as she was screaming, feeling a burn sensation going into her skin. She takes out her dagger and stabs the dog in the neck hard multiple times. She doesn’t waste any more time fighting the dogs, she decides to retreat back to the fort with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, the group made it back, dragging their wounded man Victor who was bleeding tremendously. Helena noticed that Keyla wasn’t with the group “Where’s Keyla!?” Most of the men believed she was probably dead. William shouts “FUCK HER! CLOSE THE FUCKING GATE!” Before closing the gate, everyone saw Keyla running towards them; she was able to make it back on time. She falls on her knees in pain, holding her wound tightly. As everyone was catching their breaths, Marcus realized his brother wasn’t with the group “Where’s PETER!?” Peter wonders in the woods on his own, being separated from the group. He was able to make it out of the mist, but he was being chased by several wild dogs. As he was running for his life, he could hear them getting closer and closer, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to out run them carrying so much weight. He throws his pack and shield at the dog’s direction. After a while of running, Peter was starting to lose his strength. He began shouting out for help multiple times, but he was all alone in the middle of nowhere. Then, he saw something ahead, it was a river, he thought of swimming across will help him get away from the dogs. Peter ran as fast as he could to the river, it wasn’t deep or complicated to cross it, but for the dogs it was. Peter jumps into the cold river not caring if he was freezing. The vicious dogs stood at the edge of the river barking at Peter as he swam to the other side. He finally made it across, and was so happy he began taunting the dogs. But then, someone walked right behind him with a wooden club. It was a slim woman wearing black clothing; her hands were pale white, she had long dark oily hair, and had long dirty finger nails. When Peter heard someone sneaking from behind, he was too late to defend himself. The woman strikes Peter in the face with the club by knocking him out with one strike. Back at the fort, everyone rushed inside the barracks building carrying Victor. Helena told the men to lay Victor down on one of the beds. The bed was covered in blood but no one cared, they just needed to make Victor comfortable as possible. With everything happening so fast; Helena’s mind was distracted; she had no idea what to do. Molder looks at her, expecting her to do something since she was the healer. She just stood there frozen in silence. Keyla knew Helena wasn’t in the right state of mind. She goes to her calmly, asking her what medicines she needed exactly. Helena mentions to Keyla what medicines she needed. Keyla quickly rushes to the caravan outside, grabbing the items that Helena requested. The wound on her arm was hurting more by the minute, but she ignores it. Finally, Keyla got everything she needed and headed back fast. Helena starts the fire, preparing the medicines while Sam and Molder were comforting Victor to be strong. There was still no movement or any sound from Victor; he just lay there on the bed quietly. Sam and Molder began to believe Victor was dead. But Helena warned them, he was not dead, he was just in shock. Marcus walked around the room, concern and nervous for his brother Peter. Then, he walks out of the room angry in front of everyone. Lagot asks Marcus where he was going, but there was no answer from him. Some of the men rushed outside to stop Marcus from whatever he was going to do. He tells the men, he was going to go outside to find Peter. But, Lagot and some of the men disagreed and were trying to stop him from opening the gate. Marcus demanded the men to clear a path or he would kill anyone who tries to stop him. He raises his sword at everyone, telling them to back away. Bordis was closer to him and was waiting for the right moment to take Marcus down without hurting him. When Marcus had his back facing Bordis, he was tackled by him. The men were able to disarm Marcus while Bordis had him on a strong hold. Marcus tries to free himself from Bordis’s grip, but he was too strong. When Marcus lost all his strength from trying to break free, he began breaking down with heavy tears. The whole group felt really bad for Marcus, they all saw how much he really loved his brother Peter. Later that night, things were quiet and calm. Helena washes off the blood from her hands from a bowl of dirty water after treating Victor. She also tries to remove the blood from her clothing, but was unable to come off. Seeing the bowl of water tainted with blood made Helena sick; she’s never seen so much blood in her life. She tries to clear her mind and tries to find peace. Lagot walks in and asks if she was okay. She doesn’t answer his question. She tells him that she gave Marcus something to help him rest and managed to stop the bleeding on Victor’s severed arm. Lagot congratulates Helena for a job well done. But he was very concern about her. He walks up to Helena, asking her again if she was okay. Helena breaks into tears heavily and falls into Lagot’s arms. She tells him she was so afraid and didn’t want to die. Then, he whispers into her ear, telling her “Everyone dies” in a woman’s voice. Helena freaks out, and pushes Lagot away. He looks at her with a confuse look and asks if she was okay. When he was about to approach her, Helena backs away, demanding him not to get near her. Lagot didn’t know what was going on and didn’t want to cause any more trouble on Helena. He leaves the room quietly. Meanwhile, Keyla and Bordis were on the watch tower on a look out for Peter or anyone from the outside. The heavy mist had cleared up which was good, but they still couldn’t see anything because it was nightfall. Bordis keeps talking while Keyla just stood there quiet, she looked troubled and nervous. When he realized that Keyla looked disturbed, he asks what was wrong. “William was right. I did lie. I betray you all” He stares at Keyla with a serious look, reminding her that William was nothing but a bastard and not to believe his words. But Keyla didn’t stop. She says something else, “I… killed them…” Bordis had no idea what Keyla was talking about. And when he asked, Keyla breaks the shocking news to him. She admitted; she was the one who killed all the horses. Bordis wasn’t mad or lost his temper in anyway, but asked why. She explained that something took control of her and made her do horrible things. She knew what she was doing was wrong but had no control of stopping it. Keyla breaks into tears, begging Bordis to forgive her, and he did. He comforts her by bracing her into his arms, telling her he wasn’t going to say a word to the others. Molder was at the bottom of the watch tower calling out to Keyla, telling her Helena was asking for her. After Keyla left Bordis alone in the tower, he began to wonder if Peter was alive or dead. Meanwhile, Peter was being dragged through the dark woods. He was barely awake and could still feel the impact hit on the side of his head from the club. All he could see were trees, dozens of crows flying above him in the night sky. He looks in front of him to see who was dragging him; it looked like a woman wearing old black robes, but couldn’t see her face very well, she was wearing a hood over her head and it was pitch black. Ahead was an old creepy house in the middle of nowhere, and a horrible smell of death. Peter uses whatever strength he had by trying to grab whatever obstacle he saw, but the woman was moving too fast and was too strong. Finally he was able to grab hold a wooden log, the woman realized he was awake. She began beating Peter down with the club several times knocking him out again. The woman finally drags Peter into the house of death. Inside the house was disgusting filth everywhere. Peter was lying face down on the bloody floor pretending he was knocked out while he could hear the woman talking in a frightening tone to another woman in the room. The other woman didn’t sound scary, she sounded like an ordinary girl, but both the women were talking in an unknown language. Then, he could hear one of them approaching him from behind. Peter tries to build up his strength and adrenaline. When the woman kneeled close to Peter, he strikes her in the face hard knocking her to the floor, and runs out the front door like he never ran before. He notices he was lost and had no idea where he was. He strays off from the path, entering the dark side of the woods, but didn’t get far. Peter steps into a razor sharp trap that caught his foot; the pain was so much he kept screaming none stop, shouting for help repeatedly. He tries to free himself from the trap but it was impossible, the trap was stuck into his flesh like a leech. After several attempts from trying to free himself from the trap, Peter began to crawl away as fast as he could but the trap was making it difficult. Then, Peter could hear someone coming; it was the same woman, only this time she was carrying an axe and not a club. Peter curses at the woman trying to scare her away, but he was only making her mad. The woman knew Peter was angry and scared, she could’ve killed him easily but doesn’t. She began cursing back at him speaking unknown words and spits at him. Then, something strange happens. The crows and all the living creatures around Peter fled away like something scared them and they weren’t running away from the woman, it was something else. Peter began hearing something coming towards him, coming from the dark side of the woods, whatever it was, it was something big. He hears the footsteps thumping on the ground getting closer and closer. An 8 foot tall giant demon from hell approaches Peter, carrying a large rusty old spear, wearing an old rusty iron spike helmet. When Peter saw the giant demon, he was traumatized. The giant demon looks down at Peter for a second, wondering what to do with him. The woman demands the giant demon to take Peter back to the house, and so he did. The demon grabs the trap, dragging Peter while it was still attached to his foot creating more pain. When Peter was back inside the house, he was still screaming, calling out for help for one last time. The woman shuts the front door and locks it. Meanwhile, back at the fort, Helena was checking Keyla’s wound and notices it was badly infected and had a horrible smell. Keyla wasn’t looking too good either; she was starting to look a little pale. Helena kept using other medicines to kill the infection but it wasn’t taking the effect. The infection was growing rapidly and it was getting stronger. Helena warns Keyla that her arm was badly infected and was going to have to amputate it, but Keyla refused. She tells Keyla, if she doesn’t sever the arm, she was going to die. No matter what Helena said, Keyla was never going to give up her arm. She demands Helena to clean her wound in an upsetting voice. When Helena was cleaning the wound, she encountered 4 markings on Keyla’s right arm. And when she asked what the markings were. They stand for how many witches Keyla had killed in the past. But, Helena remembers back at Jarle’s, Keyla said she had killed 5. Keyla began telling a disturbing story, a sad story. On Keyla’s last witch hunt, she was ordered to find and hunt down a witch. When Keyla finally caught the witch, she realized she was with child and didn’t have the strength to kill a pregnant woman. The only thing Keyla could do was bring the witch back to the Order and have them decide what to do with the pregnant witch. The witch tried to convince Keyla that The Witch Hunters and The Order were going to kill her unborn child, but Keyla refused to believe it. When Keyla brought the witch to The Order, they imminently sentenced her to death with her unborn child by fire. Keyla did whatever she could to stop the execution, but she was betrayed by The Witch Hunters. There were tears and guilt in Keyla’s eyes. Everything what the witch said was true, and Keyla didn’t listen. Moments later, Lagot was standing outside glimpsing at the night sky; he looked very tired and upset. Helena walks up to him and asks if they could talk. He asks her if she was okay from the last time when they were alone. She shoved him away, looking like she saw a ghost. Helena claims she was okay now and didn’t want to talk about that moment. She immediately changes the subject, saying Keyla was infected. But it didn’t surprise Lagot. He knew Keyla was infected after he saw the wound. Then, Helena asked him if he had an escape plan. The only plan he had was to have everyone remain in the fort, since it was safe and secured. He mentions to Helena, that a 2nd group was going to arrive in 7 days. But there was a big problem, all the food in the fort was tainted; they weren’t going to last 7 days. Helena mentions that the group had little rations, and thought it would be best to conserve whatever they had. She also mentions that if they were going to wait 7 days for the 2nd group to arrive, they were going to need to setup defenses around the fort. Lagot looks at Helena with a smile, admiring her actions; and says “Now you’re thinking like a soldier.” Shortly after, Lagot gathers everyone around the table discussing about setting up traps around the fort. William once again complains. He argues with Lagot and the rest of the group, telling everyone they didn’t need to setup traps, the fort was already secured. Helena looks at William with a serious mad look and reminds him that Captain Mathis and his men secured the fort and still died. Lagot reminds everyone; the 2nd group wasn’t going to arrive until 7 days and they were going to have to hold the fort until they arrive. Everyone agreed with Lagot’s plan. When Lagot asked everyone to lay all their rations on the table, William asked why. Bordis had enough with William’s complaints, and shouts at him “William, shut the fuck up and do what he says!” Everyone laid all their rations on the table, but it was only little, they were going to have to improvise. Helena was very concern for Victor. She thought it would be best if he took more of the rations since he was badly wounded, but Lagot made it clear, that Victor was going to get the same amount like everyone else. After taking care of the rations, Lagot orders Sam, Hector and Bordis to accompany him to the armory to gather supplies for the traps. When the 4 made it to the armory, it was dark and dusty. Lagot grabs a torch and leads the 3 men inside. The room was full of weapons like, spears, axes, swords, blunts, bows, crossbows and other materials, but something was odd. Some of the weapons in the armory were supposed to be kept in the main arsenal. Lagot stops and wonders if Mathis and his men were stealing and selling the weapons. Bordis noticed Lagot was bothered about something and asked what was wrong; Lagot says “Nothing.” Hector was snooping around with his torch by his side when he bumped into a barrel full of black powder substance. He asks Lagot if he knew what it was, and he did. Lagot says “Hector, back away slowly!” Hector steps away from the barrel nervously. Bordis approaches Hector angry, telling him that the black powder in the barrel was explosive powder, and with one tiny flame could set it off blowing the whole armory to hell with everyone in it. The black powder was use in some wars to create explosives, but why was Mathis holding on to it, Lagot wondered. After they got what they needed for the traps, they began setting them up around the fort. Keyla created a crossbow trap inside the barracks where everyone was going to be staying for the night. The trap was facing the main door; it was the only way in and out. After the traps were setup, the group was fast asleep, except Helena; she was taking care of Victor, changing his bloody rags. She looks closely at the wound and realizes it needed more medicine and needed clean water. She whispers into his ear letting him know, she was going to have to go back to the caravan for more medicine, and needed more water. Helena was very quiet and didn’t want to wake everyone. She grabs her warm robe and grabs her dagger that was given to her by Victor and slips it under her sleeve. Before heading out, Helena encounters a problem; the crossbow trap was blocking her exit, she would move it herself, but was too afraid to handle weapons. William was the only one wide awake since he was on guard duty. He moves the trap for Helena as he had a funny look on his face, a face that Helena didn’t like. When William cleared the path, Helena rushes outside. William stares at her back and then he stares at everyone making sure they were all asleep. Helena was in the caravan getting the medicine as fast as she could, a storm was approaching. She puts the medicine and other materials into her pack quickly. There was one more thing she needed, it was water. She gets out of the caravan, and rushes to the water storage building. When she entered the room, she noticed there were lots of water, wine, ale and other foods but they were all rotten. She heads to the very back of the room where the water was being kept. She grabs a wooden bucket and fills it up as quickly as possible. Suddenly, Helena hears someone coming in. She stops filling up the bucket and remains quiet. Then, Helena hears a voice she recognizes. “Helena?” it was William. She stays low, quiet and tries not to be seen. William knew Helena was in the room somewhere hiding. He walks around the room, searching every corner carefully as he toyed around. While listening to his voice, Helena was keeping her distance away. She tries to make it to the door slowly, and then all of sudden, it was quiet, William stopped talking. She peeks from the corner and sees the door just a few feet away and plans to rush for a desperate escape, but where was William, she wondered. She makes a run for it. William pops out in front of her from the corner, scaring her. She quickly takes out her dagger, pointing it at him, begging him to keep away. William had his hands in the air, toying with her again. He claims he just wanted to talk privately, but Helena never trusted him. Having the dagger pointing at William only made him angrier, he demands Helena to lower it, but she refused. She reminds William, she must return to Victor at once to aid his wound. William thought Helena was doing a great job taking care of Victor. Then, out of nowhere, there was a horrible smell, a smell of odor of human waste. William complains about it, but Helena couldn’t smell it because she was a bit far away from William. Then, a single crow caws at William. He looks up and notices the bird standing on ceiling board. At first, William toyed around with the bird by cawing back at it and then hits the wall hard scaring the bird away. Now that William was finally alone with Helena, there was a question that he wanted to ask, but couldn’t ask her in front of the others. He asks if she was a virgin. Helena froze, letting her guard down and was unable to answer. He rushes at her, knocking the dagger out of her hands, shoving her against the door hard with his hand on her throat. William gives Helena 2 options. The first was, she would accept sexual acts with him or he will have to force himself on her, by hurting her even more. Helena breaks into tears, accepting to do whatever he says in a frightening voice. He demands her to get on her knees as he began unbuckling his belt. Helena had to do something fast, she had to fight back somehow. When William’s pants were fully down, exposing his cock, Helena strikes at his private area with her hand hard, and began to make a desperate escape to the door but William was able to grab her. Helena began shouting out for help, but the storm was so loud it silent her call. William was in so much pain; he loses his temper, throwing Helena to the floor, slapping her hard on the face almost knocking her out. Blood began pouring out through Helena’s nose while William kept cursing violently at her, telling her he was going to make her scream and beg for mercy. He flips Helena over having her back facing him, and began ripping her clothes as she broke into tears heavily unable to fight. Not far away, in front of Helena, she notices the same crow staring directly at her just couple feet away. Then, she hears William struggling like he was being attacked. She could hear things being knocked to the floor and hears William’s heavy breathing and cursing out loud. Helena was too afraid to turn around, she just kept her eyes tightly shut, and thought maybe Keyla or someone in the group was fighting William. After hearing a loud snapping sound, everything went silent, even the storm. She hears something fall to the floor in front of her, and when she opened her eyes, she saw William’s dead body with his head backwards. And then, a bloody naked foot stomps on the floor in front of Helena’s eyes, as this person began dragging William’s dead corpse by his hair across the room. Helena realizes, it wasn’t anyone from the group, it was the witch. Being so close to the witch, Helena felt the evil and strength in her. The scene was so horrifying; Helena began to panic, breathing fast. She was so scared, she was unable to move; only her eyes did. The witch was wearing black old robes, wearing a wooden mask, had burned skin, she was tall, no hair, and smelled really bad. The witch didn’t pay any attention to Helena; she acted like she wasn’t there at all. After the mask witch left the room with William’s body, Helena fell into a deep shock and fainted. Moments later, Helena wakes up from hearing several voices around her. She opens her eyes and saw nothing but a blur, a human figure in front of her. She panics in deep fright, screaming, but it was only Keyla and the rest of the group standing around her. Keyla tries to calm down Helena down, but was being told not to touch her and to stay away. There were a lot of questions from everyone; they all wanted to know what happened, and where was William. Helena doesn’t’ make any eye contact with anyone. She sat at the corner staring at the spot where William had died with a shocking face. Then, some of the group members noticed that Helena kept staring at a particular spot. Bordis decides to walk over there, and when he did, Helena freaks out begging him not to go. When he was at the spot, he notices a room in the back and decides to check it out. Helena grew more petrified and nervous while the rest of the group kept trying to calm her. Bordis walks into the back room and finds nothing but a hatch on the ceiling that leads to the outside, left wide open. Then, there was a strong stench. He looks around to see where it was coming from but didn’t know where. He ignores it and returns to the group, telling them he found nothing. Helena begs someone to get her out of the building, quickly as possible. Keyla and Derek helped Helena up; and headed back to the barracks. But, Bordis, Lagot and Joshua were still there in the water storage; wondering where the hell William was. Joshua began to wonder if the witch had got into the fort. Bordis doesn’t agree with Joshua. If the witch had got into the fort, the traps would’ve got off. Lagot stood there quietly, as Bordis and Joshua were having a debate. He remembers something that he forgot and had to leave the room. When Bordis asked Lagot where he was going, he tells him he was going to check on something. Shortly after, Lagot was at the back at the fort, outside alone. He gets to a crawl position and began moving some heavy objects in the far back of the fort and revealed a secret exit. He checks the hatch to see if it was open, but it was locked from the inside. He assumed that the witch may have gotten in from using the secret exit, but it looked like it hadn’t been open in a while. Then, a little boy’s voice was heard coming behind Lagot, calling his name. He turns around; scared to death but doesn’t see anyone. There was only night and silence. Things were calm when morning came. Keyla, Bordis, and Lagot were back at the water storage where they found Helena last night. Bordis and Keyla were in the back room, where he explains about the stench that he encountered last night, it wasn’t there anymore. When she asked him to describe the smell, he used the word (Shit). Keyla explains that most witches do smell, normally. As for Lagot, he was still puzzled by last night’s event, when he was checking the secret exit. He could still hear that boy’s voice in his head. Before Lagot was about to head outside, he stares at door in front of him with a frightening look. Keyla and Bordis noticed his face. They knew he was staring at something at the door, but there was nothing. It was obvious that Lagot was seeing something disturbing, and Keyla and Bordis couldn’t see it. She asks Lagot if he was okay. He pretends like nothing was wrong, telling her he was alright, and then leaves the room. Keyla and Bordis looked at each other, wondering what just happened to Lagot. Later that night, Lagot was inside the room with Helena, sitting next to her, keeping her company while she was sleeping peacefully and warmly. It had been 2 days, and she still hasn’t spoken to anyone about the horrifying incident. Before leaving the room, Lagot stares at Helena’s beauty for a few seconds. Just when Lagot was about to head outside, he heard Victor coughing in pain in the other room. He notices he was finally awake, sitting up from the bed. Lagot asks him if he was alright and needed anything. Victor warns him, he was thirsty. Lagot was kind to grab a cup of water and gives it to him. The moment Victor had the cup of water in his hand, he devoured it fast. After the water cured Victor’s thirst, he looks around wondering where the group was. Lagot explains everything what was going on while Victor was passed out. He mentions that William was missing and was probably dead, but Victor didn’t care; he never liked William to begin with. Before leaving, Lagot wishes Victor well and to rest. He exits the room and enters the hall when a dark figure was standing behind him at the end of the hallway without noticing it. It was one of the witches. Meanwhile, outside, the rest of the group were scattered, keeping watch on the fort. Bordis and Keyla were standing on the roof on one of other buildings; it was quiet, too quiet. When Keyla couldn’t stand anymore, she sits down, keeping herself warm while fighting the infection. She also notices, Bordis was staring at her and asked why. “You’re very beautiful” said Bordis. She looks at him with a flattering look “You’re fucking kidding me?” He sits down right across from her, telling her he was very serious. Inside, Keyla thought Bordis was sweet and handsome in his own way. But she had to be honest with him; she claims she had someone in her life back home. When she told Bordis, he was a bit disappointed, but wasn’t mad in any way, he thought whoever was the Keyla’s mysterious man, was lucky. Meanwhile, Joshua, and Molder were speaking with Lagot, discussing about William’s whereabouts. Molder was a very good tracker. He tells Lagot that William did not go over the wall or exit through the front gate. It looked like he just disappeared. But Lagot didn’t care about William at all. He was more concern of how the witch got into the fort. There was no straight answer from Molder and Joshua, they had no idea. Back with Victor, he laid on his bed scared, deep panic, breathing rapidly like he never did before. In front of him was one of the witches in the room with him. He wanted to scream and call out for help, but was too terrified. The witch was wearing a leather mask, wearing black robes; her hands were pale white and had sharp finger nails that can claw almost through anything. She walks towards Victor, unarmed, speaking in an unknown language in a soft tone. She puts her finger against his lips, “Shhhhhhhhh.” In the other room, Helena finally wakes up. She calls out to Keyla and Lagot but there was no answer. She stands up; feeling a bit dizzy and still tired, but was able to manage. She leaves the room and walks down the dark hallway, that’s when she saw Victor having a panic attack in the other room with his eyes wide open. She rushes to aid him as possible, calling out his name several times, but he wasn’t answering her or looking at her, he just kept staring at the wall behind her. Suddenly, Helena feels cold presence behind her. She turns around and saw a black figure standing in the corner; it was one of the witches. Helena was only able to scream for a brief moment before the witch tackled her to the floor. Meanwhile, outside, Derek and Hector both heard what sounded like a woman’s scream coming from inside the barracks. Both the men signaled the rest of the group waving their torches high in the air. Helena was on the floor on her back while the witch was on top of her, smelling her like a wild animal. She speaks to Helena in a gentle voice, telling her to come with her and wouldn’t be harmed. The witch grabs Helena by the arm, trying to force her to come with her, but Helena resisted. Then, the witch senses a presence behind her. She turns around aggressively, knowing the group was alerted and was already inside the building. Bordis and some of the men kicked the door open with 1 hit, but the moment they entered, the witch had cast a powder substance by blinding them all and made a desperate escape, breaking through a wall with her own body. Everyone just stood there traumatized after finally seeing the witch with their own eyes for the first time. Moments later, the group gathered around in the other room talking about the witch, most of them were starting to lose their calm. Keyla mentions, she battled witches before, but none of them weren’t aggressive like this one. While the group was chatting about how to kill the witch, Helena sat by the fireplace quietly, still in shock. Keyla stares at her very closely from across the room, wondering about something. She asks her in a serious tone, what the witch had said to her. Helena doesn’t say much. She claims that the witch didn’t say anything. But according to Victor, who witnessed everything, claims the witch was communicating with Helena and looked like she was trying to take her away. Helena kept denying everything of what happened between her and the witch, and that’s when Keyla asks “Are you virgin Helena?” It was embarrassing for Helena to admit it in front of everyone. She just sat there quiet, still staring at the fireplace. But Keyla already knew the answer. Helena was a virgin. Then Lagot asked Keyla why she wanted to know and what was the point. She explains to everyone that some witches use virgins for certain rituals, and Helena was chosen. Molder asks “What kind of rituals?” Keyla says, “The evil ones. Some of them require human sacrifice from a virgin” She warns everyone that the witch was going to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. And that the group was going to have to take a stand and hunt her down. Some of the men didn’t agree with Keyla’s plan, they were too afraid to go up against the witch. They thought staying inside the fort and wait for the second group to arrive would be best, but the witch wasn’t going to let them go. Keyla warns everyone, that the witch was going to return and was going to try and finish them off. Half of the men began arguing with Keyla, believing that she was crazy. And when she fired back at the men, everyone saw blood coming down from her nose without realizing it. Bordis had a concern face and warns her. When Keyla touched the blood from her own nose, her body shuts down and faints to the floor. She lays on the floor with no strength what so ever. She sees nothing but a blur of people standing around her calling out her name before blacking out. Keyla ends up at a dream state. She finds herself still in the fort, uninfected, no wound on her arm and was all alone. She looks around the room and notices everything was clean and normal. When Keyla exit the building, she noticed bright lights coming from the inside the chapel, she wonders if someone was inside. She walks towards the chapel and also notices that there was no stench or blood on the door. When she entered, everything looked clean. 100’s of candles were lite by some mysterious person sitting on one of the bench’s in the very front. The mysterious stranger wore a gray cloak over its head and didn’t seem to be a threat in anyway. Keyla walks towards the mysterious person with caution. And when she approached, the mysterious stranger removed its cloak. It was Mathis. Keyla was surprise but was confuse. She asked if she was dreaming or if she was dead. He tells her she wasn’t dead, at least not yet. He explains that he had summoned Keyla because he wanted to help her. She thought the only reason why he summoned her was because maybe he was trying to save himself from damnation. She reminded him of all his crimes. He doesn’t deny anything. He admitted, confessing all his wrongdoings but it was only because he was corrupt. Keyla asks him what he wanted. He began talking about the mask witch, how dangerous and evil she was. It seems that Mathis knew a lot about the witch. When Keyla asked him how he knew her and who she was, he didn’t answer. He just stood up and tells Keyla to follow him. The 2 walked outside the fort heading to the woods in the night. Keyla asks again “Mathis, I asked you a question! How do you know her?” As he kept leading Keyla further into the woods, he explained how he met the Mask Witch. It started many months ago, when she came to Mathis for help, and he accepted. When Keyla asked why the witch was asking for his help and what she wanted exactly, Mathis mentions that she needed a young virgin girl. For weeks, Mathis and his men kept kidnapping young girls from the village, but the mask witch wasn’t satisfied with any of them. After hearing that Mathis and his men were the ones responsible for the missing girls, Keyla rages at him, blaming him for all their deaths. He admits what he did was wrong. He reminds Keyla, that his soul was already damned; it was too late for him. But it was not too late for Keyla, she still had time to find and kill the mask witch, but she must move fast. He warns her that the mask witch was gathering all her strength for her final attack. Then, Keyla asked why the witch needed virgin girls and what wanted to know what she was doing with them. He explained that she was dying and was too old; she needed a new body to stay alive, and that’s when it hit Keyla. The mask witch had chosen Helena. He also explains, last time he saw the mask witch, he told her he didn’t want anything to do with her anymore because there were too many suspicions and questions spreading about the missing girls, that’s when the infection started. After walking for a while in the woods, Keyla was led to a straight path, a dark eerie path. She hears whistling sounds coming from the trees. She looks up and notices strange wooden decorations hanging; they looked like they were made of human bones and wooden sticks. No doubt, the path led to the witch. Before Mathis was going to leave and release Keyla from the dream world, he warns her that there were 2 more witches and were considered to be more dangerous than the mask witch. He tells her, not to underestimate them. Mathis heads back, wishing Keyla good luck as he walks the lonely road for eternity. Seeing Mathis in damnation really affected Keyla. Deep down, she hopes he finds some kind of peace. When she finally returned to reality, she wakes up on the floor in the very same room where she fainted. She looks around and notices the group was standing around trying to help her. Then, she asks how long she was out. Helena tells her, she was only passed out for a short time, but in the dream, it felt like hours. Later that night, Keyla shares her dream with everyone, but the group found it difficult believing her because of the infection, they believed it was causing her hallucinations, but the real reason was because they were too afraid of facing the witch. Keyla admitted she was also afraid too, and warns everyone that they had to do something before it was too late or they were going to end up like Mathis and his men. The room was silent. Keyla waits for the men to step forward, but instead, they all left the room, except Bordis, Lagot, Helena, and Hector. Bordis and Hector agreed to go with Keyla to search for the witch. She was grateful for their assistance and courage. The 3 volunteers stared at Lagot, waiting for his answer, but Keyla thought it would be best if he stayed with Helena in the fort. Later that night, Keyla sits alone in a room writing her last letter to someone who was very close to her. In the letter, she explains the situation happening in the fort and the infection that was killing her. As she kept writing, she began breaking into tears. At the end of the letter, she wrote (I Love you, Jar). Early morning, Keyla, Bordis, and Hector equip full body armor, and gathered 3 explosives they made earlier from the barrel carrying the black powder. After they were done preparing, everyone was at the main gate wishing them luck and saying their goodbyes, it was probably going to be the last time seeing them alive. Lagot made it clear if things were bad; he wanted the 3 to return to the fort at once. Keyla takes out her death letter that she had written recently, and wanted Lagot to hold it and deliver it. He didn’t like it when Keyla gave him the letter, but he took it and makes a promise that he would deliver it. Molder stands on the watch tower staring at Keyla, Bordis and Hector as they headed east, into the woods. When the 3 entered the woods, they noticed several crows flying above them. The witches knew they were coming for them. Later, Helena was checking up on Victor, he didn’t seem happy but was upset. He told her he was sorry of what happened that night when the witch attacked her, while he just stood there like a coward. But Helena wasn’t mad at him and didn’t think he was a coward at all. She claims she was the coward. Victor looks her and asks what she meant by that. She asks Victor if he remembered the story about the woman who used to take care of Helena when she was a child. He did. Helena admits something so shocking it hit Victor really bad. She admits that the witchcraft belonged to her, not the woman. Helena claims she was a stupid little girl who didn’t know a lot of things; she actually believed the witchcraft was a game. The only reason why she didn’t confess about it in the beginning, was because she was scared and a coward, and because that of that, the innocent woman died for it. She tells Victor he was the second person to know about the incident, the first was a Priest. Helena began crying heavily. All these years, she’s never forgiven herself. Back with Keyla, Bordis, and Hector, they traveled for several hours still heading east. The 3 were tired and exhausted, especially Keyla with the infection draining her strength rapidly. When she couldn’t continue the journey, she tells Bordis and Hector, she needed to rest for a moment. The 2 men noticed Keyla’s condition had gotten worse; she looked like she could die at any moment. But Keyla was fighting the infection with whatever strength she had left. She sits down, lying back against a tree staring at the crows flying above her. Bordis also noticed the crows and mentions they had been following them since they left the fort. Hector was starting to become paranoid and was losing his calm. He realizes he traveled pretty far and had no idea where he was, he suggested they return to the fort where it was safe, but Keyla and Bordis refused. She mentions they were not far from where the witch was. Hector looks around and does not see a path or a house anywhere, only trees and bushes, he was starting to suspect Keyla may had been hallucinating or was heading in the wrong direction. But Bordis made it clear that he and Keyla had no intentions returning to the fort, if Hector wanted to head back, nobody was going to stop him. Hector believes Keyla and Bordis were making a huge mistake of not returning to the fort. The 2 men began arguing with each other, face to face while Keyla had no strength to stop the violent confrontation. Then, she began hearing a low whistling sound coming from her right side. At first she thought it was all in her head, but the sound sounded very clear. She demands Hector and Bordis to shut up and listen. The 2 men kept silent as Keyla asked them, if they were able to hear a whistling sound. Surprisingly, the 2 men heard the whistling sound. The 3 began following the whistling sound and knew they were heading in the right direction because it was getting louder and louder. When they found what was causing it, it was an instrument made of wood and bones hanging on the tree just like the one Keyla described in her dream. And in front of them, was the path that Keyla kept talking about. Bordis and Hector just stood there, choked, and frozen. When the 3 began following the path, they noticed dead animals impaled by spikes and human bones scattered everywhere. At the end of the path was a small hill they had to get over. Keyla, Bordis, and Hector tried to remain quiet and unseen. The hill was surrounded by a dead stench; it was very strong and unpleasant. Bordis complains about the smell and takes out a piece of cloth covering his mouth. They began crawling up the hill as the stench was getting worse. When they finally reached the top, they could see an old creepy house. “Looks like you were right Keyla” said Bordis. Hector was preparing to attack when Keyla stops him and suggest they should wait until the witches were outside. He began complaining and disagreeing with Keyla’s plan. He was determined, the 3 could take on the witches with the explosives, but Keyla wasn’t stupid, she knew the house was a death trap. Back at the fort, Helena stood on the roof of the barracks, keeping an eye out for Keyla, Bordis and Hector, but there was no sign of them. Lagot shows up and asks Helena to come with him and had something to show her. He later leads her at the back of the fort, showing her the secret exit. He warns her, if anything bad were to happen, he wanted her to take Victor and use the secret passage to make an escape. But it sounded like Lagot wasn’t going with her. And when she asked, he doesn’t answer right away. She asks him again and finally received an answer. He said he would go with her if the time came. Back with Keyla, Bordis and Hector, they remained in the same spot, waiting for the witches to show up while hiding behind thick bushes, they waited for several hours. Bordis looks up at the sky and notices night was approaching soon, they were going to have to make their move. He goes over to Keyla and saw that she was passed out. He calls out her name several times in a soft tone, but she wasn’t responding. Then he shakes her arm calling out her name a little louder and was finally able to wake her up. Hector and Bordis were warning Keyla, night was approaching and there was still no sign of the witches. Then, she suggests they wait a little longer, but Hector refused. He tells Keyla and Bordis, he was going to check the house and if they were in there, he was going to try to lure them outside. Bordis thought it wasn’t a bad plan at all. He wondered why he never thought of that. Then, he turns to Keyla for her to give the order, but she was knocked out again. Bordis had no choice but to take over. He looks at Hector, telling him to proceed with his plan and reminds him not to enter the house. Hector approaches the house with caution. He sneaks at a side window, trying to peek through but it was impossible to see anything. Blood and dust was blocking his view from the inside. Then, Hector decides to sneak to another window, hoping to get a better view. A couple feet away, was a hidden trap, waiting for him. He steps into the trap with his foot being nailed into his flesh. He releases a shout of pain of agony; calling out to Keyla and Bordis for help. Bordis was about to go after Hector but Keyla stops him. She explains to him; Hector was going to be the bait to lure the witches out. Bordis didn’t like the idea of leaving him to the wolves but it might be the only way to get the witches to come outside. Meanwhile, Hector was trying to free himself from the trap, but it was impossible. The more he tried, the more it sunk deeper into his flesh. Hector’s screams grew louder and desperate. He kept calling out to Keyla and Bordis, begging for their help. Then, Keyla notices the crows in the trees flew away, like something scared them. Hector began hearing noises of broken sticks, ground shaking and heavy breathing coming from behind him in the woods, he realizes something was approaching, something big. He turns to Keyla and Bordis, begging for help, once again but they don’t acknowledge him at all. When the ground shaking got louder, Hector turns around with fear, it was the giant demon carrying his large rusty old spear, walking towards Hector. Hector tries to crawl away, but was unable to. Keyla and Bordis couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The giant takes a long look at Hector and then looks around to see if there were any more intruders, but didn’t see any. He was convinced, Hector was all alone. Keyla and Bordis stayed low as possible, still hiding behind the thick bushes. When Hector saw the giant demon reaching for him, he takes out his explosive and was going to use it on him, but the giant quickly slices Hector’s hand off with one strike. Seeing their friend dying and suffering, made Keyla break into tears and mad. The giant grabs Hector by his foot, dragging him with tremendous force back into the woods. Hector was trying to use one hand to get away by clawing on the dirt, but it was impossible. Then, the giant feels a stab in the back, like an arrow. He turns around angry, and wonders who had strike him. It was Keyla. He sees her staring at him with a fury look. “Let him go!” said Keyla. The giant understood Keyla, but doesn’t release Hector. He just kept staring at her, giggling loudly. At first, Keyla didn’t know why he was laughing. Then, she realized why. She turns around and saw Bordis on his knees facing her with a dagger on his throat by one of the witches. The witch was a young white girl with very pale skin with scars on her face, long dark greasy hair, her teeth were rotten, and she looked disgusting and horrifying. Keyla stands in the middle between Bordis and Hector; she realizes she was outnumbered and trapped. The witch spoke to Keyla in an unknown language that she didn’t understand. Keyla assumed the witch was telling her to drop her weapons, if not, she would kill Bordis. Keyla knew if she surrenders, the witch was going to kill them anyway. As Keyla stood there, she notices Bordis was reaching for something slowly, he reaches inside his pack, taking out his explosive without letting the witch know what he was up to. Keyla realizes that Bordis wasn’t going to surrender; he was going to sacrifice himself by taking out the witch. Keyla stares at Bordis with sadness and tears. He smiles back at her, looking at her one last time. When the witch noticed something suspicious on Keyla, she stares down at Bordis and saw something in his hand, but didn’t know what it was. Bordis lights the explosive, taking the witch down with a huge explosion, knocking her back against a tree. Keyla takes out her explosive quickly as possible, and throws it at the giant, hitting him in chest by releasing a blast knocking him back several feet away, but it didn’t kill him. Keyla makes a fast desperate escape into the woods. After the giant was hit by the explosive, he releases a loud horrifying roar of anger, and chases Keyla. The giant was right behind Keyla like a breathing dragon. He swings his old rusty spear at her while she kept evading his attacks while running. The trees and bushes were being cut down with the giant’s giant spear having debris scattered everywhere. Keyla fires a quick shot to the giant’s eye with her long bow, but misses. The arrow reflects back from the giant’s impenetrable helmet, it only staggered him for a second. Up ahead was a long rocky narrow cliff; Keyla doesn’t stop or slows down, she jumps. After jumping off the cliff, Keyla rolls down hitting heavy obstacles. The giant stops at the edge of the cliff, staring at Keyla as she kept rolling down. The giant losses his prey and wasn’t happy about it, he releases a loud angry roar. Keyla finally lands at the bottom, landing on her face hard. Her face and body were badly scared and bruised by the fall. She was in so much pain she had a hard time getting up, but she managed. After standing up, she realizes her arm was broken and so was her long bow. Meanwhile, Hector crawls on the ground trying to get away with the trap still attached to his foot, leaving a bloody trail. The same witch approaches Hector with a razor sharp dagger in her hand, she was still alive, but was badly burned from one side from her face. She teases him for a while like she always does with her victims, and then stabs him in the back 25 times killing him while screaming like a mad woman. Hector’s blood drips down from the witch’s face and hands as she tried catching her breathe. Shortly after, she returns to the house, grabbing a broken mirror, staring at herself and sees that half of her face was burned. She releases a loud mad scream and flips a wooden table, knocking everything to the floor. Just several feet away, across from the room, was a horn made of bone hanging on the wall. She rushes to grab it and blows the horn outside as loud as she could, she was calling her sister. Back at the fort, Lagot and some of the men stood on the watch tower as they complained about hearing 2 explosions coming from a far distance; it came from the same direction where Keyla, Bordis and Hector were heading. It was already night, and Keyla was still roaming in the woods. She falls to the ground with shortness of breath; she was fighting her last moments. Keyla takes out a red piece of cloth and wraps it around her hand tightly. She holds it close to her lips and breaks down in tears. Then, she heard movement coming from behind her. She turns around fast, aiming with her hand crossbow; it was difficult for her to see anything in the dark, especially with the infection taking her vision away. She keeps staring straight at the trees and bushes and wonders if someone was there or maybe it was just her mind messing with her. When Keyla was convinced that no one was there, she lowers her weapon, and that’s when the same witch rushes at Keyla with a dagger in her hand. Keyla fires her hand crossbow hitting the witch in the chest multiple times but she was still coming at her with all her anger and hate. The witch tackles Keyla to the ground, knocking out the crossbow from her hand and ends up landing several feet away. The blade was an inch away from Keyla’s eyes as she tries to push it away with all her strength but was struggling with a broken arm. Keyla was so close to the witch’s face, she saw the fire in her eyes; the witch really wanted her dead. When Keyla was losing her grip from the dagger, she tries to grab her hand crossbow using her good arm but the weapon was a few inches away. The witch saw Keyla trying to reach for her weapon and casts a spell, saying one word really loud. An invisible force pulls the 2 women away from the weapon, making it difficult for Keyla to grab. The dagger enters Keyla’s shoulder after she lost her strength; the pain was so much; it felt like her body was on fire. Keyla screams in so much pain while trying to push the dagger out but the witch was overpowering her. Then, Keyla tries to reach for her sword from her leather sheath but couldn’t seem to get it out. Luckily, she had a hidden retractable blade device attached to her right arm. When the witch saw the blade on Keyla’s arm, she was surprised, she didn’t see it coming. Keyla stabs the witch in the neck, having her blood spill over her neck, while she was gagging on her own blood. The witch was able to stand and tries to get away, but didn’t get far. She falls to the ground and finally dies. Keyla lays there with the dagger still in her shoulder; she removes it slowly while trying not to scream. When Keyla finally pulled the dagger out from her shoulder, she stood on her feet, but was unable to continue forward. She falls to the ground once again; her body was giving up, she had no more strength. Then, a dark figure appears right behind Keyla, it was another witch. Keyla tries to get away by crawling, but didn’t get far. The witch flips her over; facing her, noticing the infection was all over her eyes and mouth, Keyla couldn’t see at all, she was completely blind. The witch stood there, not making a sound but staring down at Keyla. Then, by surprise, the witch tells her not to fight and to accept death. After a few moments, Keyla finally dies still holding the red piece of cloth in her hand. Meanwhile, back at the fort, some of the men were sitting around, keeping guard. They talked about Keyla, Bordis, and Hector, wondering if they were dead or alive, some believed they were dead. Lagot was somewhere else, alone, outside, staring up at the night’s sky. Helena walks in on him and notices he was disturbed about something. He doesn’t turn around. He knew Helena was standing behind him. He asks her, when was the last time she was home and saw her family. She claims it had been a few weeks. Then, she asked Lagot why. He mentions it had been years since he left his home. He also comments about a letter he received from his parents, wishing him to come home. Helena thought it was good news, but he didn’t seem thrilled about it. When he was a young boy, he and his baby brother Gabriel were on their father’s fishing boat when it flipped over. Lagot was able to swim, but as for Gabriel, he drowned and was never seen again. Helena tells Lagot, that he shouldn’t blame himself, but no matter what, he did. He takes full responsibility of what happened that day. He confesses that it was his idea taking Gabriel and their father’s boat, after knowing he couldn’t swim. After the incident, Lagot ran away from home. He began working as a servant in the military. And when he became old enough, he joined the ranks. He tells Helena, he never told anyone about the incident until now. Ever since Lagot arrived to the fort, he claimed he had been seeing Gabriel several times, but never said anything about it. Seeing Gabriel really affected Lagot deeply. He stood there in tears and guilt. Helena walks up to him, comforting him in her arms. Then, his reaction changes as he stares at something odd, behind Helena. She asks what was wrong and when she turned around; she saw a large mist, lighting, thunder and 100’s of crows heading in their direction from a far distance. Lagot orders Helena to head inside and to stay with Victor. He rushes to alert the men by ringing the bell. When the men heard the alarm, they all made haste, grabbing their armor and weapons. As for Helena, she remained inside with Victor like Lagot told her to. Victor was a bit nervous from hearing the men shouting and hearing bells ringing none stop. He asked Helena what was going on. The only thing she told him was to remain calm. Meanwhile, the crows, the mist, the lighting and thunder approach the fort as all the living creatures in the woods began running away in the same direction. They were all running away from evil. Lagot and some of the men were barricading the front gate as quickly as possible. Then, the men began to hear cawing from above. When they all looked up they saw thousands of crows flying pass them. The mist clouds the fort. All the men stood at the front gate nervously. “Looks like Keyla was right” said Derek. The men began hearing a loud heavy breathing coming from outside the gate. The sound left them all terrified and wondered what was causing that horrific breathing. The men saw the gate being pushed and banged from the outside; they knew something big was trying to enter. They rushed to keep the gate from being open and used whatever heavy objects to hold the gate. After few moments defending the gate, the loud breathing and banging had stopped. The men thought they had succeeded, but they were wrong. A large sharp spear punctures the gate stabbing Joshua in the chest and began pulling him towards the gate as the men struggled trying to free him, but it was impossible. The large spear pulls Joshua through the punctured hole from the gate, bending his body in half completely. Lagot orders the men to step away from the gate. Then, he saw what looked like a woman peeking through the punctured hole staring directly at him and then runs off; he was unable to see her face because of her black leather mask. Then, the gate splits in half from a powerful strike. It was the giant. More vicious dogs rushed in and began attacking the men. Molder was a few feet away from the giant using his bow and got a couple hits on him, but the giant was still coming at him. When Molder realized the giant wasn’t going down, he was about to retreat, but the giant kills Molder by slicing him in half with one strike. Derek was hiding in the corner like a coward while his comrades were fighting the giant and the vicious dogs. But deep down, he had to do something. He keeps an eye open on the giant, waiting for the perfect strike. When he saw the giant’s back, he gathers his adrenaline and strength before making his move. Derek charges at the giant jumping on his back and stabbing him with his sword. The giant releases a loud roar after feeling a sharp pierce on his back. He tries shaking Derek off, but he was holding onto him tight with all his strength. Meanwhile, Sam was pinned down on the ground by 2 vicious dogs as they were ripping his flesh apart. He shouts in pain, begging for someone to help him, but everyone was dealing with the giant and the other vicious dogs. One of dogs takes a bite of Sam’s throat and rips it apart, killing him instantly. Lagot just killed 1 vicious dog and notices Derek was on the giants back hanging on to him, and was barley holding on. Lagot charges at the giant with his long sword stabbing him in the rib, forcing it deeper into his flesh. The giant feels a stab in his rib and releases a loud roar again and smacks Lagot to the ground hard. When Lagot was on the ground barely awake from the impact, he looks around; realizing most of his men were being slaughtered one at a time. He gets up and rushes back inside to Helena. Derek lost his grip on the giants back and falls to the ground unarmed. He crawls quickly as possible to get away, but the giant stabs him in the back with his large razor sharp spear, like a pay back. He swings his large spear while Derek was attached to it barely alive and gets smashed to the ground, having his blood splattered everywhere. Helena was inside with Victor trying to keep him calm from hearing all the dying screams coming from outside. They could hear someone inside the building, coming in their direction. Helena and Victor take out their weapons as they were scared to death. After the battle was over, the witch enters through the front gate. The vicious dogs snack on the dead as she passes them. She stood next to the giant demon, calling him by (Boldur). She demands him to guard the gate. Lagot rushes into the room, frightening Helena and Victor; he demands they must leave at once. He imminently grabs Victor as Helena asked of what happen to the others. There was no answer from Lagot; he just stayed silent. And then Helena asked him again. He looks at her with sadness and says “They’re all dead.” And then, he notices Helena was in deep shock and wasn’t moving. He shakes her hard by the shoulder and was able to revive her senses. He tells her everything was going to be okay and to head to the secret exit. Victor had no idea what secret exit Lagot was talking about. The 3 exit from the back of the building quietly as the vicious dogs were still snacking on what was left of Lagot’s men. Helena and Victor could hear a heavy demonic loud breathing coming from behind them, but couldn’t see what it was; it made them nervous and very scared. Victor asked Lagot “What the fuck was that?” The 3 made it to the secret exit. Helena was the first to enter and then Victor, but Lagot doesn’t. Helena looks at him, waiting for him to enter but he just stood there looking directly at her with a sad face, she knew that face. “I’m sorry…” said Lagot. He shuts the exit quickly and barricades it. Helena breaks into tears crying heavily begging Lagot to open the exit, but he doesn’t. She even tries pushing with all her strength to get the hatch open but it was no use. Then, she reminds him when he promised her he would go with her. Hearing Helena’s cries of sadness, really affected Lagot deeply. When he couldn’t bear listening to Helena, he leaves. Victor goes to Helena and suggested they move quickly, and so they did. Lagot comes out from hiding. In front of him was Boldur. His body was partially covered in blood from slaughtering Lagot’s men and so was his large spear. Lagot stood there not scared, but mad. Boldur notices Lagot was unarmed, and disarms himself by throwing his spear away and removing his bloody rusty spike helmet. Boldur’s face was hideous. His teeth were large, sharp, and disgusting, his eyes were flaming red, his nose was completely gone, and had old wounds all over his face. Then, he signals Lagot with his hands to a fight till the death, he accepted Boldur’s challenge. Lagot tightens both his hands while trying to build up all his strength, and hatred. He rushes at giant releasing a loud anger shout from the top of his lungs as he kept punching him multiple times in the face, but it didn’t seem Boldur wasn’t taking any damage at all. He strikes Lagot in the face once putting him on the ground, but didn’t knock him out, he was still moving barely. Boldur grabs Lagot with one hand and tosses him midair towards a break wall. After being thrown to the wall, Lagot loses his strength. He remains on his knees, staring down on the ground coughing out blood. Boldur approaches his prey to finish him off. Lagot hears him coming and takes out his hidden dagger under his sleeve and waits for the right moment to strike. When Boldur was close to Lagot, a dagger penetrates his belly, but the dagger didn’t stop him, it only mad him angrier. Lagot looks directly at him with furious eyes and spits at him. Boldur grabs Lagot’s hand that was holding the dagger into his belly and forcedly pulls it out and breaks his hand in half. Lagot releases a loud scream of pain that echoed the fort. Meanwhile, Helena and Victor were running in the dark side of the woods. She had a hard time trying to move because of Victor’s lack of strength. She reminds him in a serious tone for him to move his feet. Then, Helena looks up in the night’s sky and notices a pack of crows flying above her; it looked like they were following her. Helena begs Victor once again to move quickly. After running several miles, they began to think the worse was behind them and thought the horrors were over, but they were wrong. Helena and Victor fell to the ground after being tripped by something or someone. When Helena looked down at her feet, she notices hands coming out from the ground grabbing her by the leg; they were the children of the dead. Helena began screaming with so much dread. More hands rise from the ground also grabbing Victor as he tried fighting them off, but they were too many of them; the 2 were being dragged under. Helena’s hands and body were completely bound by so many of them. Her screams were hushed by the dead hands as they continued dragging her underground slowly. Darkness shrouds over her as she stared up and saw what looked like a woman staring down at her but couldn’t see her face, it was too dark. When darkness fully consumed Helena, she began seeing horrifying visions of evil. She saw the back of a young naked witch making love to a man who had the face of a goat with horns. Next, she saw people, children being slaughtered like cattle and was feeling their pain and fear. Then, all of sudden, Helena wakes up back at the fort, screaming so loud in tears and shaken. She stood up from the bed wondering if it was all a bad dream. She looks at her hands, touches her hair, her face and notices she was completely clean. There were was no blood or dirt on Helena; she was convinced it was all a bad dream. She gets up and rushes out the room calling out “Lagot? Victor?” There was no answer, just silence. She searches the building, room to room and still couldn’t find anyone. She realizes the place still looked the same as it did before. Helena was beginning to believe she was all alone. A dark figure was standing behind Helena without her knowing. After a while, she felt someone standing behind her, she turned around and saw what looked like a woman standing in the dim, just staring at her. At first, Helena thought it was the witch, but it wasn’t. The woman says “You let me burn!” Helena freaks out. She knew who the woman was. She began running back down the hall screaming, trying to make it back to the room but the woman was too fast and too strong. She grabs Helena and began attacking her violently, cursing at her. The burned woman, kept accusing Helena by calling her a liar and a traitor, and slaps her in the face, knocking her to the floor. When Helena looked back, the burned woman was gone. She realizes she was never there at all; she was only an imaginary figure from Helena’s guilty past. But the slap on her face felt so real and it hurt. She laid there crying, saying she was sorry. Then, a loud thump was heard from above scaring Helena to death. She quickly covers her mouth trying not to scream or make a sound. The loud thumping sounded like someone was walking around upstairs and whoever it was, it was coming for Helena. She immediately searches for a weapon. On the table was a small dagger, she quickly picks it up and rushes to find a hiding place. She then hides inside one of the rooms and locks the door. As Helena stood in front of the door, she listens very carefully to the footsteps, it sounded like they were coming from the bedroom she was in just a while ago. Then, she heard objects being thrown to the floor, it sounded like a mad woman. Helena began breaking into tears and tries not to breathe, hoping the woman doesn’t come her way. After a while of hearing the footsteps and the loud banging, it became quiet all of sudden. Helena believed the intruder was gone and that it was safe to come out. She walks closer to the door and prepares to open it slowly and quietly as possible. When the door was open just a few inches, Helena saw the witch staring directly at her wearing a black leather mask. Helena panics in deep fright, shutting the door quickly and locks it. She curls up in the corner, crying, begging the witch to go. The witch speaks in a gentle voice “Don’t cry Helena. I’m not going to hurt you. Just come to the Chapel.” Then, the witch quickly leaves the building and shuts the main door. When Helena heard the front door shut, she comes out from the room. The witch was nowhere to be seen. Shortly after, Helena walks outside and saw the bodies of her traveled companions scattered everywhere, and the Fort was a complete mess. She breaks into tears, crying heavily, hoping to find someone alive but it didn’t look like anyone survived the bloody massacre. Helena noticed bright lights coming from inside the Chapel. She thought about making another run for it but it was useless. The witch wasn’t going to let Helena go. She decides to head to the Chapel like the witch told her to. Before entering, Helena stops and prepares herself of whatever awaits for her inside. She opens doors, and what she saw made her drop to her knees crying even more. In front of her, was Lagot’s corpse hanging with his chest ripped open. Helena releases a scream of anger so loud it echoed throughout the Chapel. While on the bloody floor on her knees draining in tears, Helena felt a cold presence right next to her. She sees naked bare feet of a woman. She looks up and breaks down even more in tears. It was the merchant lady from the market who gave Helena the necklace as a gift; she was one of the witches. Helena refuses to believe the merchant was the witch all this time, after she was so kind to her and trusted. The witch tells Helena, the moment she saw her at the market, she knew she was the one. Then, she finally introduces herself as (Karla). Helena continued crying heavily and begs the witch to end her life. But Karla had no plans on killing Helena or hurting her in any way. She demands her to come with her. When Helena asked where, Karla answered “home.” All Helena wanted was to go home and promised she wouldn’t say anything to no one about the incident. But Karla wasn’t stupid to let Helena go. She warns her about the mask witch, warns her that she was planning on killing Helena. Karla began pulling her arm, trying to force her on coming with her. Helena was resisting and demanded Karla to let her go, but she continued and refused. When Helena realized Karla wasn’t going to release her, she takes action. She pushes Karla to the floor and makes a run for it. She runs towards the front gate running like hell until Boldur pops out of nowhere, scaring her to death. Helena falls to the ground screaming from the top of her lungs and retreats back to the barracks as fast as she could. When Helena made it inside the barracks, she barricaded the door with chairs and tables, but she knew it wasn’t enough. She could hear Karla shouting out “HELENAAAA!” Then, Helena remembered Keyla had setup a crossbow trap in the back room. Her plan was to try and lead Karla to the trap, but it would mean that Helena would have to be bait. Karla kicks down the front door, knocking down the barricades with all her strength. She knows Helena was inside somewhere, hiding. As Helena remains under one of the beds, she could hear Karla trashing the place trying to find her. Karla rushes into sleeping quarters and right away flips over the beds one at a time. All Helena could see were Karla’s feet going to one bed to another. She waits for the right moment to make a run for the trap. She tries to build up her strength and courage. When the time was right, Helena rushes out from under the bed and runs out the room as Karla began chasing her. As Helena continued running, she sees and runs towards the trap door in front of her but gets tackled by Karla before reaching it. Helena tries to free herself from Karla but she was too strong. Karla demands Helena to stop resisting, but she continued. Helena tries reaching the trap door with one arm but was a couple inches away and finally manages to get the trap door open. When the door was widely open, Karla sees the trap in front of her, and hesitates. The trap fires a single shot hitting Karla in the chest knocking her back, killing her instantly. Helena freezes on the floor, traumatized; she’s never seen someone take an arrow in the chest before. She stares at Karla’s corpse as the arrow was still attached to her chest, but she wasn’t dead. Karla began convulsing, breathing heavily. Now Helena felt guilty of what she has done. She was hoping that Karla was dead. She never liked seeing someone suffer or dying in front of her, she had to do something. When she was about to help Karla, she wakes up violently, attacking Helena. Karla climbs up on Helena’s back; pulling her hair and whispers into her ear “You are so fucked!” Karla slams Helena’s face to the floor hard, knocking her out. A while later… Helena wakes up in the storage building hanging by both of her hands bound by ropes. In front of her was Karla stitching her own wound, she was not pleased. Karla reminds Helena the wound on her chest hurt deeply and could’ve died. Helena cries, apologizing and was willing to do anything, but Karla reminds Helena that it was already too late. Karla turns around, staring directly at her with mad eyes of a psychopath, cursing at her while holding a dagger in one hand; it really scared Helena thinking Karla was going to kill with it, but she doesn’t. Then, she realizes that Helena was still crying over Lagot. Karla tries to manipulate Helena with lies, telling her that he was not innocent, and that he killed his own brother on purpose. She even says that Lagot had raped many women in the past and that Helena was his next victim. But deep down, Helena never believed one word from Karla, she calls her a liar. Then, Karla looks at Helena with a funny grim, reminding her about the innocent woman who was accused of witchcraft and was burned to death, and asks Helena who the real liar was. Helena had a guilty look. She cries heavily, begging Karla to take her life, but she doesn’t. Instead, Karla walks around Helena, calling her a Liar and a Blasphemer, repeatedly. She then stops in front of her, staring at her with a sad face, telling her that she forgives her, and softly kisses her in the lips. Karla walks away calmly and quietly as Helena stood there with guilt and tears. Later that night, Helena was still tide up, and was still trying to break free from the ropes but was unsuccessful. Then, she began smelling a horrible stench in the air; it was the same stench that Helena encountered before William was killed. She knew the mask witch was in the room with her but couldn’t see her anywhere, until she heard the loud heavy breathing coming from the dark corner of the room in front of her. The mask witch slowly steps out of dark walking towards Helena. Helena panic’s in deep fright, trying again by ripping the ropes from her hands but it was no use. She begs the mask witch to spare her life and that Helena would do whatever she could to help her. But the witch didn’t look like she was paying any attention. She just kept examining Helena by smelling her neck, her hair, touching her body. Then, she began removing her wooden mask. Her face was horrifying; she was completely burned, and looked like a monster. Helena wasn’t frightened, but was sad. She sees the pain, and suffering through her eyes and really wanted to help her. The witch places both her hands on Helena’s face, speaking unknown words. Her hands were so cold; it left a deep chill down Helena’s spine. A powerful shock strikes Helena as she began shaking, convulsing tremendously like she was being electrocuted from the inside, it was her soul being destroyed. After several minutes, Helena releases a loud shout, a shout of torment that echoed throughout the fort; she can feel her own soul, her memories, and body dying at the same time. Then, a single slash strikes the mask witch, cutting her head off completely before Helena was knocked out cold. It was Karla who killed her own master. She stares at Helena, checking to see if she was still alive, and she was. Several days later… The 2nd group finally arrived to Fort Kutch and found the place in ruins. They began searching for Captain Mathis and Lagot in all the buildings but found nothing but blood and a mess everywhere. One of the men was searching the storage area alone and found something shocking. In front of him was the body of the mask witch. He approaches the body and notices the head was severed. He looks to his right and found the head several feet away. “Oh my god…” said the man. He calls out to his fellow comrades, shouting in deep panic. Several days past, Lord Nathan remains in a room with his King and the Counsels discussing about the bloody massacre in Fort Kutch. When the Counsel asked Nathan, who was responsible, he takes out the letter that was written by Keyla and read the contents out loud to everyone in the room. The letter explained everything in detail of what was going on and who was responsible. After, Nathan was done reading Keyla’s letter, the Counsel was in shock, knowing that Mathis was making deals with a witch and was responsible for the missing girls. “And where is this woman, Helena?” the Counsel asked. Nathan claims he didn’t know. Hours later, Nathan finally steps outside with Keyla’s letter in his hand, he looked disturbed and upset. He gives the letter to his assistant, telling him to deliver it to the witch hunters right away. Nathan hears light sounds of thunder. He stares up at the dark clouded sky, and notices a single black crow on a wooden pole staring down at him. The crow didn’t make a sound; it just stood there for a while and then fly’s away into the storm.

The End


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