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January 16th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction , Moral , Philosophical , Satire , Thriller  |  Author: Titu  |  603 views

Totally bewildered, perplexed and frustrated at his destiny, wolf moved painstakingly and frightfully from one jungle to another. Getting too tired of his hunger, he sat at the depth of valleys in sadness. His mind still wandering at thought that why his feet burned in the Sun, even though he always carried shadow. As he was unfailingly loyal to the throne or seat, still he was proclaimed traitor. Why cunning and opportunist fox was still trumpeting and singing, “The royal throne has thrown the thorn.” The wolf thought, ‘so now they are calling me thorn.’’

Wolf’s thoughts went to past, where he was sentenced to death by royal king of jungle. He was pained that fair and strict law of jungle was turned mad by vane and cruel lion. Even his own pack had banished him for fear of king, still something bigger than might of jungle saved him from bloody claws of lion.
The wolf wanted to visit the Big Rock at far East, which was abode of Goddess of forest and wanted to know why his fate has been unkind to him. The big rock had never failed and now, it was the time to ask help from Goddess.
Feeling excruciating pain all over his body, he still could remember, how proud he was of his strength, stamina and toughness only few months back. At that time, he was a master fight craftsman. His ability of camouflaging and hunting which was talked often at that time stood now evaporated like thin air.
The humiliating memory of jungle court still lurked and haunted him. He found that a conspiracy by treacherous lion and his pride or group had triggered his misfortune.
Bird’s twitter that often warned him resonated in his ears, “Nearest the boss nearest the widdie.” Lions Conscience and Wisdom is power hungry and it loves only his ego. Lion can never love and respect his relations. Somewhere, a part of him felt loyal to king, but another one cried, “Don’t make yourself stupid for a foolish and lazy lion who sleeps most of the time and thinks all the power and wisdom of universe lies in his big dark mane.”
A distant cool north mountain wind was blowing and bringing rain and saying, “Stamina and mindset are companions of fortune”. Still a voice within him said,” I can’t believe that it happened to me”.
Wolf looked towards the captivating snowy mountains covered with misty clouds and found some solace and calm in his weak body and went into restful sleep and dream.
In dreams, he sees he lives in Northern Mountains in long darkness and sub freezing cold. He is no longer hunting in packs for food. He is guarding sheep from wild beasts and lion was wondering why vulture befooled him by saying that traitor’s carcass was best. He dreams vividly of living peacefully and happily with his master, a semi-clad two leg creature. Suddenly, he has vision of cruel wild animals rushing for his flesh and blood and eagles hovering in sky for his corpse. This made him awake with breathlessness and fright and found his legs were still, stiff and painful.
Now, he decided to run north. Sudden running towards mountains gave him energy and halted his worrying. His thoughts were no more sullen and blocked. The voice and vision inside of wolf echoed with a voice of sage elephant, “Rambling of thought is natural. Mind can worry about past, fear the present and get anxious of future. Through the faculty of will power, brave can control their destiny by expecting good about future, remain positively focused at present and nourish the luxurious recollections of past.” He mentally thought of shedding all negativity and, live in spirit of positivity. He decided, “Now my mind will ramble in positive expectations and remembrances while still remaining focused at present.”
He reached at mountain top and saw a valley filled with strange two legged creatures known as Humans, who were playing cymbals, drums, gongs, and were also singing and dancing happily. They were dancing around a big black rock. They all were robed beautifully and were chattering, roaming and laughing After sometime they started wandering in green slopes without worrying and sorrowing. Their mystique and charisma baffled and appalled him, but still he found their peace and love endearing.
Seeing them he found himself conceiving and believing without motion and thought. He felt his feet no longer burned or froze in pain. He realized that duty shaped his journey in forest, but now happiness was his destiny in White Mountains and green valleys.

The wolf expectantly saw a large rock that stood before his eyes and few minutes back was worshipped by humans and wished that he be transformed into two legged human. Suddenly he could see his body getting transformed into human. All he could see around him was an altogether different world. He was surprised to see his hands and feet appearing as human and was very curious to see his new appearance in nearby pond of water. As he went to nearby pond, he was surprised to see his humanly form.
He was joyed at this but It still needed to know, why this transformation had taken place and he knew the large rock had the secret. He went to rock and asked the rock, ‘’ Oh large rock, why I am being transformed into humble human from fierce wolf. What service I must use my new body? I did my best to serve the king as wolf, now what am I to do?’’
A strange voice echoed out of rock and said, ‘Make yourself useful to those humans, you are my messenger. I would reveal my message to you later, till then join that group of singing and dancing humans? They are so busy in their inner pleasure that they will take care of you without asking your whereabouts. Don’t reveal your past as it would bring greater curse on you. Once your purpose is finished as messenger to human beings, you would return to me and I would transform you into your original form. Once you attain your original form, you will return to jungle more powerful than lion.’’
Wolf, now a human, felt happy as the big rock, the goddess of power had blessed him to return to jungle as more powerful. He thought, ‘’I am the message and messenger, but how can I make myself useful to humans. What was the message? Why the goddess wanted to give the message to humans? I must trust the God and make myself useful to those human beings.’’
As this merchant was thinking, a human came near him and asked him, ‘who was he?’ He calmly said, ‘I am the traveler, who comes from a very wealthy city that lies across deadly forest. Once I was very powerful and rich and I lost my wares in those dense jungles. Now I am a traveler, still the wisest and the rich.’
The humans were impressed by this strangely clad beautiful traveler. He looked like distant merchant. Nobody had ever dared to cross those jungles and whoever tried had never returned back.
He started speaking,’ Folks, You wish to be man of means, own large tracts of fertile land and its treasure. Your work with your body and contemplate with your head. You accumulate and hoard the gold of your labor and thought, but still your turn old without any gold.’
He looked like a truly wise man from distant land. He spoke to people and ultimately, king called him to his palace and asked few questions.
King asked. ‘What is Seven?’’
He said,’’ O Gracious! Seven is Fortune. It means Plant plenty, Curb waste, boost harvest, Fence, entrust well, Cover Coming and hike capacity.’’
The courtiers were bit curious, but they themselves didn’t know what exactly seven were.
The king further asked, ‘’what is five.’’
He said politely, ‘’Beloved king, the five is Gold: Gold is a flow. It comes gladly and it also slips badly. It absolutely clings truly to hard thought and labor.’’
The king was amazed by this traveler. He queried further, ‘what we should never lose?’’
He smiled and said,’’ Gracious and honored king of land, we must neither delay, nor lose opportunity as it offers a chance for which we must step in quickly and show ourselves fully.’’
King was amused at the wisdom of this traveler. He asked further, ‘why is small beautiful?’’
He said, “O Gracious and Nobel! Small is beautiful as Small questions and thoughts, leads to modest actions, which solves tiny problems and provides humble rewards.’’
The king was highly impressed by this young and wise man and showered gifts on him.
Later in day, he returned to giant big black rock and expressed his desire to return to his former self as wolf. The wolf man transformed into a warrior wolf and It looked big and fierce.
He returned back to jungle singing, “I have soul of free as I fight till last. I am blessed as I shirk less and do more. I know step by step, moment by moment we transform ourselves into mighty oak. I am free soul and I have sane future.’’


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