The Vampire Attack

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July 30th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Horror , Suspense , Thriller  |  Author: shainur ullah  |  1107 views

A private detective gets a call from the police, detctive stewart wilson a 30 year old who graduated from cambridge. The call was about a a various amount of vamperic like attcks on people in the last two weeks. The news were going crazy as london was being over throwm in conspiracy anf theories, like the jack ripper cases, prostitutes and whore were the main victims but there were attacks on a doctor.

Stewart puts on his jacket, a secret call from the police they are desperate, the public want answers and the police can’t explain these vampieric attacks even though there are camera everywhere. Stewart wasn’t alone in his work, he had a partner name detective roger gale, he won the lottery a 20 million win and left detective work last year. Roger had been partying and enjoying the good life while stewart had been left to carry on the good work.
Roger was never really a good friend, but time from time stewarts would always be there to inform him of mystery cases and is he wanted to join in. He knocks on rogers big house and the door open and windows smashed and all the furniture knocked over, roger hads been parting again, stewart goes up to his bedroom finding in a dark room full of red wine and a hangover from hell.
‘oh come on roger can’t be living like this all your life’ detective stewart shouting
‘well im a millionaire of course I can. wants some redwine’ roger replies
‘I don’t drink alcohol, theres a case if you want to join me, lots of vamperic like murders in the last two weeks’ detective stewart proposes
‘oh, thats an interesting case to those find my cats cases’ roger sarcastically speaking
Detective stewart leaves roger how he is, he will always be an arrogant millionaire and notices roger had something like a white collar around his neck to support him with his injuries around the neck, dr miller is the one who treated roger when the incident happened, which roger implies the party he had 2 weeks ago a man nearly strangled him to death infront of everybody when he was bulliying this stranger at his party because he was a little guy who came and showing off his money to him.
‘should be careful, karma always comes round’ detective stewart tells him
‘yeah but i’m still a millionaire’ roger showing off again
Detective stewart goes out of roger’s big house, which has been really messed up with the non stop partying and didn’t even want the curtains open and drinking lots of redwine, redwine was all over his house and roger always saying ‘rich people drink redwine’ and detective stewart driving to the coronors to look at the dead bodies.
about ten dead bodies one after the other and more hidden away, detective stewart taking a closer look at each body and all had one thing similar, the bite mark at the neck, he sits down and trying to think the motives of the killer, a vampire freak with the gothic in his mind. It had similaritires with jack the ripper with most of the rooms filled with prostitutes and whores.
He goes to the forensic lab where they are experimenting with the DNA where the killer would have touched and grabbed, but no DNA at all, which confused Detective stewart even more, no camera has caught him and now no DNA. This killer is very slick and very good, detective was thinking, he might be an upper class citizen, someone who has control over most things killing the little people.
He goes home after a long day of just hitting brick walls after brick walls, he sits at home and looking at vampires and history of vampires and the mythology around them, light hrts them and coffins and it seemded so idiotic. 21st century and going reading vampire books and looking at documentaries after documentaries on vampires and the years they have been round and the any cases of people seeing real life vampires.

Thinking that this killer had no DNA and no camera footage because vampires have no reflection, the perfect killer, it seemed off and illogical for 21st century people. He phoned roger, who is still lying down in a dark big house drinking redwine and detective stewart needing another detectives advice and thoughts.
‘this killer, he is impossible’ detective stewart speaking
‘some killers are my friend’ roger replying
‘no DNA or any footage, sounds like a real vampire’ detective stewart unfaithfully speaking
Roger hangs up and detetctive stewart goes to bed dreaming of theories and possibiliteis and dreaming about vampires, as the night deepens and deepens when the trees are whistling through the wind and the window is open, he can hear something outside and as he opens his eyes still sleepy and half a way and a blurry vision he sees something floating in the air and with sharp teeth, he screams and falls off the bed and throws the bible his mother gave him and turns the bedroom light on and the floating thing flys away.
The next morning, he keeps it to him self and goes into rogers big house and collects every redwine but doesn’t open the curtains and urging roger to come back and be sober and goes out of the big house and puts the redwine in his car boot and roger pleeding with him to put the redwine back but its too late.
Going back to the forensics labs and putting the redwine somewhere, he tells people they can have some expenvice redwine if they want but still no clues of the killers DNA and just when everything is out of luck, he gets a phone call from the coroner and information from a body detective stewart didn’t examine, a doctor body named Dr miller and suddenly something started swirling around detectives stewarts mind, roger doesn’t open the curtains to let light in and all the windows are smashed because he doesn’t need them no reflection and he gave the redwine to the forensics lab to examine and it was blood and Dr miller examined roger’s neck and Dr miller must have known and thus why he was killed out of all the whores and prostitutes.
Detective stewart, started feeling terror in his heart and the forensic scientist feeling confused at what is happening, he gets into his car and goes to roger house and up to his room and stared at him angrily and with fear and roger sensed soemthing in detective stewarts heart and started getting his teeth out and ready to fight, detective stewart pulls down the curtain and letting light in and roger burning up and begging for the curtain.
‘what happened?’ detective stewart asking questions
‘well at the party two weeks ago, when most people left, the small strange man I picked on bit me and turned me into a vampire and i started biting people like whores and prostitutes and I went to a doctor, Dr miller and he was going to to tell people so I killed him’ roger crying and confessing.
Detective stewart didn’t call the police but MI6 and MI5 and even amercian secret services like the CIA and FBI, this was totally another case for another type of team to deal with, he gave roger a bottle of ‘redwine’ to drink full of blood before MI6 and 5 agents come, it was to be a secret and the cases were told to the public that it is a mystery and will be closed forever and the victims were mourned for.

Detective stewart walking after the funeral of the victims and as he is walking he sees a little man staring at him and smiling.


short story by Shainur Ullah


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