The tree, the eyed leaves and the baby

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February 12th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Bedtime , Fiction  |  Author: Shalabh  |  1140 views

Sanchita and Divya were following me for a long time. I was walking down a small village road, beside which was a blue watered river. The water had a soothing effect on me. I increased my pace, so did they. I noticed a small house on my port side. The house looked pretty. It was painted bright red, and pink curtains were clearly visible hanging from the windows.

I stopped there to have a look at it. The door opened and Radhika came out. She was wearing the same blue top, which I loved and appreciated a few days ago. I moved ahead, ignoring her and pretended as if I had not seen her. Now I was following three people as Divya and Sanchita joined her.

There was a huge banyan tree with a ghostly appearance. Its leaves fluttered wildly as I touched them. I moved ahead. But I could notice the shadows of the leaves. Suddenly, the shadows changed to a strange shape. I looked back and was almost horrified. The leaves were no longer leaves.

The leaves had turned into big red eyes. Every leaf had turned into an eye. And all eyes were focusing on one object – me!

I had lost the people I was following. I still felt the presence of Radhika and Divya around me. I looked at my shadow and saw two more shadows, besides mine. While I could see the shadows, I could not see their physical presence. Could it be that Sanchita, horrified with what she saw, had fled. I wanted to move ahead, but something urged me to stay and watch what was coming next. I touched one of the eyes. I was planning to pluck one of the eyes. But suddenly a strange face emerged out from the bark and it had big teeth and no eyes.

And most unexpectedly, it carried a smile on its face!

All the teeth fell down from that face and their size increased as they fell. They lifted up in the air and formed a staircase, which went up the tree, up to the topmost branch. I climbed up and noticed that the tree was hollow inside at its top most part. Out of sheer curiosity, I looked in and put my hands in. I came out with a baby girl. She was the cutest girl I had ever seen. Smiling and giggling, she was extremely happy in my palms. I kissed her head and carried her down the toothed stairs.

The face spoke finally. He told me that the eyes had been searching for a long time, seeking a right person who could take care of this pretty girl. As soon as they found the worthy person, they revealed their true identity.

I took out my cell phone and called Bebs (her). I told her I had a new baby girl. And that she will live with us now. I never expected the reply that (she) gave me. She told me that as usual I was lying. May be the baby girl was mine and I told her a hypothetical story, whose facts could not be ascertained. I was so angered with her reaction that I instantly decided that I had nothing to do with her any more. I told her we were breaking up . I realized that a girl would never ever trust a guy completely, no matter how sincere he is. Sometimes we make up stories, harmless lies, to protect our loved ones and to help our friends. The little girl looked at me and smiled.

It gave me an enormous amount of strength, strength to move on with her. I decided that instant that I will never marry, yet be a happy father !


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