The Time

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July 6th 2015  |  0  |  Category: Romantic Love , True Stories  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  1463 views

“The time… has its beauty… No matter it is good or bad… it does change for sure…”

Every time when I return back after meeting my princess …I feel very low inside that after waiting for so long …we could met only for few hours and are going very far again…
But this time… the time was different for me… as I have got two precious gifts that were themselves going to review and control …the speediest element of my life… ‘THE TIME’…
The first one was a glittering silver wrist watch that Peeyu gifted me on our 5th date… (she told me later that she selected this gift as she noticed no watch on my wrist since our first meet.) I was very excited to put it on so we resized it on a shop to fit in my hand.
The second gift was the unforgettable diary of Peeyu where she has written every feeling of her since her childhood. (But my favorite part started since we met first time and she mentioned it as a new chapter of her happy life.)

I saw a bus going back to my hostel and called Peeyu to know if she too has got in her bus. After assuring that she too has departed to her home I got in my bus and settled on a window seat. The bus started, I noticed the time in my watch it was 4:30 pm. A smile ran over my face as soon as reminded that this watch is a gift from my sweetheart. I just kissed the dial of the watch and lost in memory of whole day long.

9th june 2015.
I woke up early in the morning at 4am and it took two long hours to bath, to worship, to breakfast and to get ready …and it was 6:30 when I departed to meet my Peeyu…
One of my friends helped me to reach nearest highway on his bike else I would have been late again. Since our two meets I had been getting late every time and Peeyu had to wait for 1 to 2 hours on a boring bus stand. But this time I was happy and soon I got a bus to her hometown.

I was very excited and dreaming of whole day plan… How I will hug her immediately, how I will enjoy being with her, how we’ll enjoy our meal together, how deeply I’ll kiss her…and the list goes on.

My day dreaming got disturbed by a phone call of my boss. He told me that there was an emergency and asked me to come to plant in B shift at 2pm sharp …

I was in night duty as per schedule and that’s why I had made a plan to date my princess… but He didn’t even bother for the reply and cut the call. It was first time when such a big puzzle came in my way to a love meet.

All my dreams scattered just in a moment.
Bus stopped at a middle station … I thought a while and proposed my shift partner on phone to do a favor for me and attend the B shift in place of me. Thanks God he got ready and it took 10 minutes and a long hot discussion with my boss when he finally permitted me to come in Night shift again.

My faded smile came back… and I ran towards the next bus that was going to carry me to my sweetie. I texted her about it and show my happiness that after few starting hurdles … again I was able to meet her.

With music in my earphones and feeling the breeze coming from bus window I spent next one and a half hour in that bus … and soon I realized that I am just reaching the place where Peeyu was waiting for me…

My heart beat started increasing and butterfly started to race in my stomach. It happens every time whenever the time to see her gets closer.

I stepped off from the bus and went directly to taxi stand as planned. I hired a taxi to a famous temple of nearby town and then called Peeyu to join me…

Standing in front of my taxi… staring on the way she must come from… I was feeling like the most eager person of this universe who was just going to get the answers of all his questions.

“ye zameen ruk jaaye… asmaan jhuk jaaye..
Tera chehra … jab nazar aaye…”

As soon as Peeyu appeared in front of me all background and other things got blurred as it happens in nice photographs with blur effect. The only thing I could see was my smiling Peeyu in purple dress… she was not looking less than a princess of kingdom of love.

My reason of breathes, my brightness of life, my excel to smile, my fairy of love dreams, my Peeyu , my soulmate was in front of me… I was speechless as ever. She just waved her hand to get my attention …that was all of her already.

I waved her back and indicated her to come to the taxi and get in…
Soon we were sitting together in the back seat of Innova and started a life time unforgettable journey … but our seats were a parted by a gap in between. I gave a fake smile on that gap and started our conversation.

“how r u?” I asked …looking at her beautiful face.
“m fine” she said with her alltime killing smile. I am big fan of her bright smile since I saw her very first time.

“so… what did u tell at home? Where are u going?” I asked settling my bag in my lap.
“I just told them that I am going for shopping with my friend. And u know mom cross checked this … by calling my friend yesterday evening.” She said as revealing any surprise.
“really???” I showed her that I was too surprised knowing this. And then I told her the full story of morning how I argued with my boss to come and meet her.

I was talking to her but my attention was fully on that bullshit gap between the seats of us. It was irritating me very much that we were meeting after so long and were not even able to sit closer.

I just opened the seats of third row I mean the most back seats of taxi. And indicated Peeyu to join and sit with me…

With a little hesitation she joined me on back seats and now we sat very closer finally… I real smile ran on my face now. I opened the chain of my bag to take out the ear rings I bought for her. I gifted her sky blue colored earrings and whispered in her ear…

“I love u…”

She just gave a smile in return and said… “My aunt gave me the same color suit last time… its matching…”

I get disappointed every time she doesn’t respond my love u. (

I tried again … I just kissed on her cozy cheek just below her ear and said again… “love u…”

“Love u too…” She finally responded and I welcomed her with a big smile…

I lean towards her to kiss her lips when she moved her face away and said… “I have decided that this time I am not going to do all those kisses and all.”

“Why???” I asked like a child…

“Avee hi…” She responded carelessly.

I looked out from window moving my eyes away from us and said… “We don’t know… Peeyu… which of us meeting is going to be last… may be this would our last meet… so don’t talk like this and enjoy the present… enjoy being together…”

I returned back to look at her… and found that she was searching something in her bag. She finally took out a silver color watch in her hand and soon it was clear to me that it was a gift for me. She unpacked the watch and made me put that on my wrist.

“What is need of this gift and all?” I asked her surprisingly… (While inside I was very happy feeling my importance in her heart.)

“Shhh… ask nothing… just take it…” She said pouring love in her words.
I just hold her face and kissed about thirty seconds long on her left cheek and finally said… “Thank u…”

Now… She also kissed me back on my cheek…. And then we put our lips on each other’s for a while… I felt as if regaining my lost wealth after a long time… Those moments of love have been started again that I was missing since weeks.

We hugged closer and kissed again.

I moved towards other window away from her and asked her to lay down in my lap… She gave her killing smile and did the same… She put her arms round my neck and laid in my lap hugging me. We start kissing deeply and passionately. Warm feeling of hugging her drove me crazy. And we lost in those moments thoroughly.

Next one and half hour passed like heaven and we never felt it more than few seconds.
We were about to reach our destination when she sat properly and composed herself. Now I laid down in her lap for next few minutes and soon we reached to our destination.

We got down after taking the phone number of taxi driver and moved towards the way to temple.

Passing through the colorful market of temple … full of all worship materials we reached at main entrance of temple. We stepped in a shop and bought a chunri and prasaad for mata…

Temple was full of hundreds of devotees and we had to join a long queue for one glimpse of Mata. Soon after few minutes we were in front of Mata Vajreshawari devi.
I handed over the basket of Prasad to Peeyu as always. I do it every time we visit any temple together.

Those are always the favorite moments of mine… Being with her in front of Mata and confessing our love and togetherness in front of her. We behave like partners and it gives us a feeling of great satisfaction and spiritual euphoria.

We got a glimpse of Mata, took her blessings and came out.

After Pradakshnina, we sat under an old banyan tree that is said to be hundreds of year old. We enjoyed the Bhajan sung by a local person and took selfie photographs together. Those were the moments full of love and happiness between us. I enjoyed being with her and asked her to tie a chunri in that old banyan tree as everyone does to fulfill their wishes. Peeyu did the same with smiling like a little child.

Time was running fast and we had to follow that.

We came out of temple premises and went to same shop again where we had put off our shoes. There was a little puppy tied with his belt with a bench.

“I hate kuttas…” I said looking at him as I know Peeyu enjoys hearing this from me.
The Puppy was sitting silently when I took my shoes but at the time of peeyu … he stood up and started moving towards peeyu… I pulled her lightly towards me with his belt saying… “ I have already warned u that I hate dogs… don’t u dare to disturb my item…”
Peeyu smiled at my attempts and put on her sandals carelessly of dog.

I too started loving the puppy on his back when I noticed that shop keeper was noticing my activities of pulling his belt with hater…

We asked for a nice place of lunch to shop keeper before leaving his shop.

Afetr 10 minutes of walk we reached at a Dhabha suggested by that shop keeper. And it was nothing nice there at all. But we did our lunch there only as we had no more time to waste we were already getting late. There was no fun in having lunch there.

We used the washroom of a nearby hospital and called back our taxi driver. Soon we were again on the most back seat of our vehicle and started our journey way back.

This time I didn’t waste any time and asked Peeyu quickly to again come and hug me tight. She again laid down closer to my heart and hugged me tight. We again enjoyed kissing deeply till she felt sleepy and finally slept in my lap only.

Next one our passed quickly and I kept on staring on her sleeping face.
That were the moments I want to live forever… seeing my princess sleeping in my lap like a little child… (

We stuck in a traffic jam due to some road accident. Peeyu woke up due to increasing temperature and no wind flow when Car stopped. I got down to bring some fresh water from a nearby hand pump… She asked for my phone and kept on looking the pictures in my gallery meanwhile.

We both enjoyed fresh underground water and I enjoyed staring at her beautiful face when she was busy in looking my pictures.

“What happened?…” She asked thrice … every time she noticed me staring at her.
And I answered the same every time… “Nothing…”

Our car started again in 20 minutes and I again joined her back seat.

I was feeling low as our journey was coming to an end. I hugged her passionately with full of love and fear of losing her togetherness in next few minutes. She kissed me back and assured me that we will meet again very soon.

Suddenly I reminded myself that I forgot to read her personal diary she brought for me. I asked her to show me that and noticed that very less time was left.

I asked her to allow me keep her diary and promised her that I will return it in our next meet.

She said yes with a cute smile as if she herself wanted to give me that diary.
I became double happy this time as it was going to be very exciting to read her personal diary and … returning her diary was another chance to meet her again.

Soon we reached at same bus stand from where we had started our journey. It was 4:30 pm and we ran towards our different buses to different routes…..

…………… I came out from my thoughts when bus stooped at a middle station again and I noticed time in my new watch… It was 6pm now and I had to change the bus from here…
I got a text from Peeyu that she has reached her home and everything is right there. I texted her back saying thanks for everything… for those hugs and kisses, for those lovely gifts and for a whole wonderful day… She smiled back and said that she is missing me too.
It took two more hours when I too finally reached my hostel room. I took a warm shower to get rid of tired and after dinner I got ready for my night shift.

As soon as I reached plant … I texted her that I reached here safely and sent her one of those selfie pictures we clicked together.

We kept on chatting till late night sharing the loving memory of whole day and wishing for such a wonderful meet again and again…

That was one of the most pleasant days of my life… when I enjoyed well being with my soul mate and lived some unforgettable love moments together…

But the more exciting moments were yet to come… when I was going to read the personal diary of Peeyu next morning and was going to know how she feels for me… a question I was entangled in since months…..


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