The story of two men…

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August 3rd 2013  |  0  |  Category: Inspirational , Philosophical  |  Author: DavidYoung  |  685 views

Let me tell you a story of two men faced with the same situation and the results of their difference.

Imagine a man walking through the hot barren sands of a deserted wasteland… As he walks he sees something in the distance… Curious he walks towards it… With every step closer it becomes more and more transparent that whatever it is, it is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen… By the time he is within arms grasp, he is so infatuated with it that he believes he’s in love and can no longer live without it… He reaches to touch it only to find an invisible barrier preventing his way… He walks around it hoping to find some way to get to it… but no such luck… So he waits… and waits… and waits… And though his skin has has blistered and cracked from the sun’s heat he stays… His breaths have become dry… A migraine lingers and grows to fever and he stays… Hoping that for at least one moment he will be able to hold this treasure beyond reach and call it his… Eventually he dies… with empty blistered hands.

Now Imagine another man… he too was walking through the deserted wasteland and came across something beautiful… As he walked closer he also began to fall in love with it… He thought to himself, I will never forget this… I must have it… but to his disappointed it too was untouchable… Saddened with regret he stood there for a while thinking of how he could get to it… His skin began to blister so he left… After the blisters were gone he came back with his skin fully covered with garments to block the sun’s furnace-like heat… But as the days passed his breaths became very dry and a migraine started to grow… so he left… It took weeks to recover from the dehydration… But when he felt healthy again he came back… This time with two buckets of water… The heat of the sun was no friend to the water… By the time he reached his destination a noticeable amount of the water had evaporated… Within a few days the water was gone and he was stuck with same problem… Finally he decided that this was just too unhealthy for him… So he left with no intentions of returning… It hurt him everyday knowing that there was something out there that he loved that he couldn’t have… Years passed and he came across a man of extraordinary power… A man who had the ability to break the barrier that walled-in what he wanted… He told the man about his unforgotten treasure and asked for his help… and he agreed… The powerful man retrieved his treasure for him and all was well… The End.

The moral of this story is simple:

If you want to truly love someone… you must first love yourself.


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