the seashore ***** bowhead to mom

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December 12th 2013  |  0  |  Category: True Stories  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  667 views

Shri hari

The Seashore

The wind near seashore is totally different from the ordinary wind flow in our northern plains. I was enjoying this wind, near Mahalaxmi temple which is situated in Chennai on seashore of Indian ocean. Sea was spraying little salty drops of water on my face and i was trying to measure the dimensions of sea through my little eyes…and sea was teaching me lessons of being broad, energetic and motivated.

“Can you order tea for us…my son?” My mom asked me, sitting on a nearby bench.

I just left my measurement in between and moved towards a little tea shop behind me. A little girl was waiting for any tea order.

“char chai dena, shakkar aur patti dono kam rakhna.” ,i explained the girl.

Girl stared at me and asked showing me her four fingers, “char??”

“Yes”, I replied though her question was not all what I said to her.

Very soon i realized that the girl doesn’t know Hindi and what she understood was only the count four. So I tried again, i showed my finger at sugar box and said,”thoda…i mean..kam”. Again i showed my finger to tea box and explained,”ye bhi…thoda”.

Girl again stared at me with surprise. Her expressions were like, “these people don’t even know how to speak Tamil and explaining me this and that.”

I realized by her expressions that she couldn’t understand me. Now i was in a fear what if she pours double amount of sugar and tea to help me..

Suddenly i saw a lady coming towards the shop. She came near and entered the shop. Probably she was the mother of that little girl. I told her what I wanted. Then she smiled and explained her daughter the same. When she was talking to her daughter i noticed the lady… she was approx 26 years old. Though she was dark but the looks she had, can defeat many north Indian housewives. Her clothes were dirty enough due to smoke of furnace but she was worthy to fit in any modern dress very well. And the best thing that enhanced her beauty was her cute smile.

I can’t say how long I stayed there waiting for tea as I was busy in admiring that creation of god in my mind. She handed me the cups of tea and I came back to my mom. Suddenly it started raining and we entered in shadow of a hall.

While enjoying my tea in that rain near the seashore i was thinking my mind…”God doesn’t give everything to anyone. What if that lady would have born in a rich family? Everything would have been different for her. At this stage of her life… her beauty is of no use. No one is there to value her, no one is there to admire her.. At the name of life she is just spending her days”…same sea was teaching me now the lessons of truths, up & downs and mystery of life.

Rain was stopped; I was going back to my guest house with empty cup in my hand which I was holding since last half an hour for no reason.

While sitting in taxi to railway station…I turned back to see the lady…she was serving tea to her customer s with same cute smile and satisfaction on her face………


******bowhead to mom.******

My morning train was just ready to come on the platform. Suddenly i noticed something …that was a little bit strange to me.

A man of approx 34 years old wearing just a towel in his lower half entered the platform. His wet hairs and water drops on his body made me clear that he had just taken his bath. He went near to an old lady who was selling ‘pan-masala’ sitting on ground. Very respectfully he did ‘charan-sparsh’ to the lady.

Now it was clear to me that the lady was her mother and i was very impressed by noticing that it was the daily routine of the man to take blessings of her mother before going for work just after his bath.

Loud noise of train awakened me from my thoughts. Immediately i collected myself to board on train and started my journey which was a small trip to my native place. i had to come back the next day.

As soon as i settled in the train i remind the scene i saw on the platform and a smile came on my face saluting the man for his devotion towards her mother. A great respect arisen in my heart for the son. but suddenly my smile flew away when a question stroked in my mind…”what made that old lady to sell ‘pan-masala’ on a railway platform when she has a son who loves her so much.” I answered myself,”may be that old lady wanted to contribute in her family’s earning.”…… But i myself was not satisfied with my answer.

Green fields running in the opposite direction to the train and the music created by train’s movement made me forget that incident very soon. now i was witnessing an everlasting experience of running train in the rain. And I enjoyed my journey till i reached destination station.

It was the next day, after completing my work i was coming back to home. i got off from the train on the same platform from where i caught my train a day ago. But it was afternoon this time. In my busyness i came out from the platform.
When i was moving towards taxi stand i saw few persons who were gambling sitting under a tree. i noticed a man and felt as i had seen him somewhere before…. very soon i recalled myself that he was the son of that old lady i saw a day before…

I had got my answer….there was no smile on my face and no more respect in my heart for the son……….



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