The Sea

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September 1st 2012  |  4  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Romantic Love , Tragedy  |  Author: Arun Varma  |  789 views

This story was narrated to a very close friend over a g talk chat window. May not have all nuances.
A simple chat story

i’ll tell u a story
a girl dresses up and leaves her house
she’s expecting somebody’s arrival
she gets out of her hut and locks her house. She’s carrying a plastic bag with something covered in it.
she reaches a prominent place
she waits.
she is reminded of her childhood friend
she travels to those days when she was innocent
she gets these small crabs as gifts from this boy
who slowly develops a liking towards her
she is reminded of all those innocent deed of that eight year old boy trying to impress a six year old girl
she wakes from her memory with the sound of a bus horn
she looks at all those people who get off the bus
disappointed she goes back to her memories
she is ten
and the guy is twelve
a known rascal in their small sea side village
the old innocent guy who tired to impress her has vanished
he is a new wannabe trying hard to find a place in the list of the legendary goons and thugs of his village
he is changed
he wants to prove something to his village
he in the process begins to get rough with her
the more rough he gets
the more she is fond of him
she loved to be hurt by him
she loves to tease him and in the process get pushed by him and ultimately get bruised
one rainy noon he knocks at her door
she opens to find him crying
wailing out loudly he confesses to her that he has killed a man
blood from the knife was slowly getting washed off the rain
she is shocked
unable to move
a group of guys rush there and pull him out of her house
she is shocked
A tea cup placed next to her on the stone
she’s woken by the sound of the glass.

the tea shop guy gives a nasty smile and asks if she was free that night
in no mood for nonsense she stares back
he pulls a bad joke at her.
the villagers who stood laughed
another night he knocks the door
the girl opens to find the boy turned to an animal
He rushes in with knife and stabs it on her father’s body
he repeats it twelve times
to be sure that he was dead he cuts his throat
the girl helplessly cried
cried and cried
she is a girl in a village of out laws
forced to prostitution
the last bus stops
the girl in the present looks on
one man steps out of the bus
he was more sober than what he was
the animal instinct in his eyes were gone
he was looking old and faded
looking at her he never realised
she opens the plastic cover and takes a sling made with a brick at the end of it
she swings that sling on her hand
delivering a nasty blow on his cheek
he spits blood
he does not move or defend
she swings again to hit on his forehead leaving a large scar with blood oozing from it
she bashed with all the energy she had in her
he fell on the road tired and weary
bleeding on the road
with a last bit of breath and energy
she give on last blow
it falls on his back
she drops the sling
he lay on the road like a helpless dog
she with tears filled eyes looks at him
the vengeance slowly disappears
she falls down on she takes him on her thigh and hugs him
she showers his bleeding face with kisses
kisses to mark those days she missed him
those days she hated him
those days she hated herself
to have loved him
to continue loving him
she makes him stand on his feet with her support and takes him back home.


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4 Responses to The Sea

  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    what a story man… good job. very interesting. :)

  2. Sam Cuch says:

    I love the format of this, simple sentances leave the mind to expand and invent the world as they read. But as you continue to read the world that was created go through changes. It’s like a dreamin a way. I’m glad she took him home, if she didn’t the story wouldn’t have the ongoing theme that you gave it. She loves him in all his glorious light and even down to his deep shadows where the darkness resides, she still loves him. I like that. Good job and keep it up.

  3. Avatar of shreya shreya says:

    I love this story, its really gud :)

  4. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    The way you portay the whole story is simply amazing.. very nice.. keep it up..

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