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August 14th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Moral , Romantic Love , Tragedy , True Stories  |  Author: Alishaan Asaria  |  494 views

I was in Std. 11th and we had this upcoming science quiz. My teacher knew that I had loads of extra knowledge. It so happened that my class teacher was teaching science, the chapter about the solar system . She came on the topic about the sun,the star. Me and my friends were getting bored and they told me to waste time. I actually am really great at it as I could ask some serious question that would confuse even the teacher, so she wouldn’t be able to focus on the class and they could see our debate or just start their own up among st themselves. The teacher would be pleased because she thought the students are taking interest in the class and the students would be able to focus on important stuff rather than listen to the teacher.

She told that it takes around 9 minutes for the sunlight to get over to Earth. So I started to debate with her about what would happen if the sun was destroyed or maybe just assume that it would be no longer there. So after how much time we would actually come to know that our sun was gone. She said that we would obviously come to know at once as we have high powered telescope so we can see what actually is happening on the sun. But I appealed that we would come to know about it only after 9 minutes cause the last light wave that was emitted from the sun will take 9 minutes so we would only see the darkness after the last wave had reached the earth. As the high powered telescope also just enlarges the light that has already reached the earth so they was no way of us knowing about the sun missing. This led to a lengthy discussion which consumed the whole period. Then I signed of. What I hadn’t had a clue till then was that there was a spy in the herd, a teachers pet who would tell everything to the teachers. lets name the spy, the peter petigrew, in short peter. I wasn’t even aware the teacher was looking for payback, I mean a fair warning would have been nice. I was clueless when it hit me.

The peon walked in the class in the middle of math class. He called my name out and said I was summoned to the library. As I entered I saw my class teacher grinning. She told me that she had recommended me for the inter-school quiz competition and I was in our schools team. The principle told me to make our school proud. The teacher thought of it as an appropriate punishment for my little stunt. There was just one small flaw in her plan that she didn’t know about, granted no one else did either.

There was a scholar named…. lets call her Hermione. I was from commerce and She was studying science, the first time I saw her a fire lit inside of me. I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t concentrate on studies, I used to bunk classes to and see her, hidden in plain view of course, IE just standing or hanging with my friends, Or the library where she used to come daily and I had developed a liking for reading and used to always be there when she used to come. The entire day used to go just thinking about her, always trying to find her, always. There were 100′s of other girls in his school, but that girl was different. Her eyes were intoxicating, her face was luminous, when she walked she looked like the queen of the world, her talk very sweet, she had her own style, she was different from the rest of the world. I had fallen for these things, The hustler had fallen, by mistake I too had fallen in love.

What was I supposed to do, it wasn’t my fault, I was helpless against this bloody heart, but she was vain, vanity was granted for her. She was so perfect that she could get away with murder. So this was turning out to be a golden opportunity for me. I thought I could be friends with her first then take the next step just as in movies.

We had too meet 4 days a week to study and discuss together. Our team consisted of just one another guy, a nerd, I always forget his name, lets just call him Neville. He was really into studies and always scored the first rank and stuff, no biggie. So we were supposed to study all this stuff and while those two were studying I used to be just fooling around to get her attention. Then I tried to start a conversation but she shushed me. ME, can u imagine that. But I didn’t lose hope and tried again.

“Boy, u do get tired of studying”

“When did you study, you were just fooling around and disturbing us”

“its all your fault”

“oh is it now, and may I ask why”

“You are too damn beautiful to let me concentrate” was what i wanted to say but instead i mumbled

“I don’t know but it is.”


“look, I am sorry, I wont disturb you from now on, lets start it all over again, I am Alishaan Asaria and you are?”

She smiled. One bullet to heart.

“dummy, I am Hermione Granger and I study in your class since the primary”

“I know, but just striking up a conversation”

she giggled. The second bullet.

“so this must be how people feel talking to a beautiful girl”

She blushed. I was taking heavy fire and every single bullet was aimed perfectly for my heart. I was blushing bright red just from making her blush.

Then it was on, We chatted the whole time of every study session, I thought I might have impressed her a bit. On the day of the competition

“calm down, don’t worry”

“you are telling me to calm down. cause of you i haven’t been able to study the whole time, its all your fault”

“oh come on, you are a genius and besides we have neville who crammed ”

“then also, if we loose the competition, I am blaming you and i will never talk to you again”

“calm down, its just another competition”

“well, I hate loosing”

“and I love winning, just calm down, it will be a piece of cake”

She stormed away. I followed her on the stage, she sat on the left chair, neville in the middle and i took the right one. I really wanted to impress her, so I had been secretly studying online and from reference books for hours at home, and I was completely confident for this. So I answered with a smile from ear to ear, each and every question, for some neville beat me to it and a few were answered by her. She kept staring at me as I answered all the questions, My school was cheering so hard for me, we had a small break before the semis and the finals. At that time she confronted me back-stage and said

“what are you trying to prove huh?”

“Me? Nothing.”

“Don’t lie, u want to prove you are better than me right?”

“No, NO I swear.”

“Then why are you always stealing away all the spotlight? You are already famous in the school and you still want more attraction from this quiz. Why can’t you see me happy?”

That left me speechless. Now that was a dagger, and she was now carving my heart out. Yep it was that painful.

“I tried to utter something as she cut me off

“Now don’t try to steal my Victory. You can never be as good as me.

Some incidents put peoples in instant depression. This was one of those moments, I had to patch up somehow with her or I knew I would not be able to live with myself knowing she was mad at me.

I hoped some opportunity would present itself to me. So I went inside and had decided not to answer any more. We proceeded without much difficulty. Now were in the final now twice as many points were being deducted for every wrong answer. It was a tough match, the opponent team was really good. The game ended in a tie and the match was to be decided in an all or nothing question.

The announcer read the question card.

Which is the sister planet of the earth.

The Irony. The last question was a astronomy question. On the same topic I had stopped my teacher from teaching. I knew the chapter was followed by topics on individual planets. But fortunately I was a casual reader and in some book i had read about Venus being the sister planet of the earth. I had it but decided to wait for the answer, fortunately she pressed the buzzer, then she turned to us and said

“sorry, I panicked”

as she had pressed the buzzer one of us had to answer or we had to forfeit the question which meant we would loose, I looked at Neville helplessly but he too seemed out of his wits. I had to do something, I couldn’t let my school loose just for….I don’t know what to call it. So i whispered the answer so Neville would hear it but she heard it and said it out loud instantly, the crowd applauded, Her smile was so broad. After the award ceremony she met me outside

“listen i am really sorry for earlier, hope you can forgive me i was under a lot of stress”

“oh, don’t worry about that, it wasn’t your fault”

“aww, thanks”

“So listen, you want to catch a movie later”

“yeah sure, listen can u invite your friend Amar also”

“hmm sure, but can i ask why?”

“yeah I guess, see he sorta asked me to be his GF and I am thinking about it, and as we are friends can i ask you something?”

“sure, go ahead”

“Is he a good guy, should I go out with?”

He was my friend but i could never see her getting hurt so i decided to be totally honest with her

“He is a bad boy, he has never had a serious relationship before and can never have one he is a emotional wreck and will just dump you like the others.”

“Thanks, but I think you are wrong, I don’t know why I think I can change him, he said I was the one.”

“Well good luck with that”

“aww you are such a good friend”

We stayed friends for a while and kept telling myself something is better than nothing. I was just fooling myself. A month later she came crying to me,

“All men are jerks, I don’t want to get in a relation anymore, I will die alone, Its your fault, all your fault, you should have tried harder to stop me from dating him, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, You are a jerk”

“In year 7, i begged sir Biju to be on your science partner, I suggested you come around 5 times and each time you said no, I did our project, all of it. In year 8 I sent you 3 valentines card.I sent you candy and roses, I tried to be romantic, you gave the rose to somebody else and threw the cards away. In year 9, I asked to dance with you, you said “yes, give me 5 minutes I need to go to the loo” I waited for you to get back from the loo for 2 hours, you never came back. In year 10, I brought us tickets to go and see your favorite band, you said thanks, took them off me and went with your friend, Now I am in year 11. After Winning the trophy you wanted for you after working sleepless nights and even after you were blaming me for trying to win it, I told you the final answer and you don’t even thank me for it. I told you fairly about my friend even then you blame me for it. I am confessing all of this standing in front of you after all the crap just to show that actually, sometime boys are the dicks, sometimes, its the girls.”

Is what I should have said but I knew I had hit the maximum level of Friend-zone, broke through the roof and kept going into space….

After a few weeks she asked me to coffee, I begrudgingly went. After exchanging pleasantries.

“I miss you”

“I miss your smile”

She smiled. The attack on my heart was back on

“Can we again become best friends”

“I cant live with that , I want something more”

“like BFF’s?”

“You know what I mean”

“I know, but…”

“lemme ask you something, why do you want to be just friends with me?”

“cause friendship lasts longer”

“Not this one, buh-bye”


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