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March 14th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Inspirational , Moral , Philosophical , Satire , Suspense , Tragedy  |  Author: Dimitre Zlatinov  |  4318 views

First, the man saw the rabbit, then the dog lying few metres away. Something moved behind his back. The man turned up slowly and saw the lioness. Frightened, he looked around, just to discover, that he was on a tiny bare island. Apart from the four of them, only a small patch of sickly yellow grass was hanging pitifully to life between the pebbles.

The rabbit, the dog, the man and the lioness looked at each other’s eyes. What they saw there was panic, fear and awe, all mixed up. Gradually their eyes burst with rage and indignation of being born in an impossible world; then their eyes grew empty, only a moment later, to be filled with an acceptance of the inevitable.

Ashamed they looked aside and remained quiet for some time.

After a while, the rabbit jumped on the patch of grass and started eating it. The dog waited patiently for the rabbit to eat the grass. After the rabbit finished, the dog moved to the rabbit. They looked once again in the eyes, this time for a long time. Then the dog jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

An hour or two later the man felt his mouth dry, looked around again and, finding no water to drink, he reluctantly whistled to the dog. The dog approached obediently. The man dug his teeth deep into the dog’s throat and sucked its blood. Then he ripped up the dead dogs’ body and ate it hungrily.

The lioness watched all this with compassionate eyes, and after the man satisfied his bodily needs, she approached the man and ate him.

The lioness lied down on the pebbles, exactly where the patch of yellow grass was growing, and closed her eyes. She knew that soon the thirst would madden her mind and she would set foot into the ocean, forgetting that its waters were undrinkable. At that moment, the hungry sharks, hiding nearby, would attack her.

What the sharks did not know was that a deadly bacterium was already growing fast in the lioness’s intestines. And this deadly bacterium was going to destroy the sharks, thus making them pray to the smaller fish.

This never-ending devouring of each other which has been going for billions of years and would go on until one distant day the sun – which was witnessing indifferently all this carnage called poetically life – engulfs the Earth…only to be engulfed later by a black hole.

They say that on the other side of the black hole everything was unfolding in reverse order, where every victim of pray is taken back from the predators’ jaws and thus saved, but that is another story – different from that one…or maybe it is not.


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