The Origins

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April 6th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction  |  Author: Callum Rolls  |  279 views

The Origins
“Uh oh I don’t like the sound of this!” said Genji, I do replied Reaper. There were a lot of zombies coming towards the group of four these were worried well only three of them reaper is really scared of zombies he is undead himself but not a zombie. I think that we should start running because all these guys will eat us! Or I can just BLOW THEM TO SMITHERINES! Questioned Junkrat, I just think we should run replied Reaper. Hanzo yells “Let the dragon consume my enemies”. “The dragon becomes me” adds Genji, “DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE,” adds Reaper, Junkrat yells “ladies and gentlemen start your engine’s” they all used one of their three ultimates, their ultimates ruined their enemies they were only going one way from here that is the dig site the place where the zombies started. “Stop talking and let’s start moving!” Said Reaper. Junkrat replies with” I got explosive still ticking so I am just going to throw this puppy quickly” “Let’s just keep moving there are these undead freak bags trying to eat us and our best option is to keep moving!” said Hanzo. So they keep walking towards the dig site they don’t feel so good all they eventually figure it out and go down into the dig side. “Wow, do you see that?” Questioned Genji. “Yeah” Hanzo, Reaper and Junkrat say at the same time. “I’ll take that! Wow this is shiny!” said reaper. Reaper was a fan of expensive and shiny things he was always a materialistic type. “Well come on reaper hurry up let’s see what it is!” “It’s some sort of map?” replied reaper. “Well, we should see what this map leads to and follow it and see where it goes!” Said Hanzo. So they followed the map to see where it lead to and on their way to the place they saw 3 giant robots really big, strong and tough enough to know you clean out or even kill you! “Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!” yelled Junkrat, his tire flew through the sky and eventually came to the robots the tire did nothing not even and a scratch or a flitch from the robots the four heroes. Reaper runs as fast as he can to the robots “DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!” yells reaper. Reapers ultimate did the same thing as Junk rat’s rip tire it did nothing not even and a scratch or a flitch from the robots. Hanzo and genji both say at the same time “LET THESE TWO DRAGONS DEVOUR OUR THREE ENEMIES!” only one of three robots are down they see a ultimate regeneration pack on the other side of the robots they need to get to the other side or they are minced meat and will die in this hell hole with these zombies. “Junkrat you and I go around the left side of the two remaining robots!” Said reaper “ok then reaper then Genji and I will go around the right side and distract the robots from you guys!” yells Hanzo. They eventually get to the ultimate regeneration packs they get them and all insert one into them and they all use their ultimates at the same time to make the Ultimate of ultimates this ultimate makes a giant undead figure made out of dragons that throws explosives this giant undead figure takes down both of the giant robots, then again they keep on looking on the map following it for kilometres and kilometres and even more they ran for ages until they found the place where they have been looking for, Winston’s laboratory. Winston is an ape figure that is a scientist he has been working on this antidote that can cure this world from zombies and anything that tries to hurt anything it is the passive potion, this potion is really powerful and there are only one that has ever been made or ever existed Junkrat grabs and steals the antidote and runs the four heroes continue their journey back to the dig site then suddenly as hundreds of zombies come up to them looking for a meal. Reaper runs into the zombies going “Die, die, die, die!” reaper was lying on the floor with all the zombies, one of the zombies has bit reaper in the throat. It’s Reaper survives or it’s the zombies go, the team make a quick decision and they think that they go and save the world and cure the zombies and they arrive at the dig site genji asks “does that man look familiar?” it was reaper the man that died on their way to the dig site, all of the four heroes put the antidote in the pod of cureness and cure the world of zombies.


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