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March 8th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Horror  |  Author: Mario  |  245 views

How did my time begin? How will it end? Looking at the sky while being tied up to a large oak tree wasn’t the kind of fun I imagined I’d be having this fine Saturday night. The smell of ammonia and sour urine wasn’t the smell I hoped for either. Hearing the sounds of humans begging for their lives then hearing the sizzling sounds of searing human flesh was all I heard the first day. The pain was a pleasure compared to what they did to you in the end. The pools of human body part floating in a soupy blood and pus filled the lake. What the hell did I get myself involved in? Well… Like any other story, this is how it began. It was a bright summer day in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dogs were being stolen from neighborhoods for the daily collection of fresh tongues for dinner. Our new appointed king was a narcissistic millionaire destined to not only rule our country but the whole world and everyone in it. At the time I was just the local psychopathic kid. The look of a model but the thoughts of a serial killer. That made it easy for me to come and go as I please. No one questioned the kind, handsome cool kid. The car full of dogs ready for slaughter, I turn my radio up for the long ride back to Henderson. Hearing the sounds of barking dogs in the back of my truck excited me, the larger the bark the better the taste! I always worked alone due to the fact that no one in the world was quite like me, except for our king. Finally reaching my destination I opened the back trunk door to let the dogs into the yard for later preparation. As I walked to the front of the car I could sense the glare of another aura much stronger than my own. I continued on like I felt nothing, but deep down inside I felt evil like I’ve never felt before. It made my heart tremble and my soul shakes with fear. Only one problem with that is.. I fear no human. Then what is this aura that I’m feeling? As I started the truck there was a large explosion from behind. It shook my skin like a 1000 pound bomb hitting the ground from 100 yards away. I could feel the heat from the protons and neutrons fighting with each other in a world wind of death and destruction. As I looked out the side window I could see a yard full of mutilated dogs fighting to stay alive. On the side of my house, I noticed movement. Before I got a chance to move the shadow was gone leaving a sea of death in its path. Then I heard the sirens. “Crap how in the heck do I explain this”.


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