The Nightmare (in regards to O’Henry)

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April 30th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Horror , Thriller , Tragedy  |  Author: Muhammad  |  675 views

Suddenly he felt exhaustion. He stopped writing and decided to take a nap. A soft breeze came to his room from the window and touched his nape. He leaned against his chair and fell asleep. In his dream, he found himself in an unknown city; it had high buildings, but none of them had any window and they were all grey.
He did not know what to do and there was no one who could help him find his way. Finally he turned right and began to walk. He was looking around and could realize that the buildings have no door too and streets have no name. He was really scared and was in the need of a companion that saw a man beside a leafless tree. He ran to him. The man was all in white and although his dresses were old-fashioned, they were clean and neat.
He said:”excuse me sir, can you help me?”
The man said:”Help?!”
He said:”yes, I want to leave this city, can you show me the way out?”
The man said:”Out?!”
He said:”yes, I am completely lost and don’t know how to get out of here.”
The man said:”Follow me.”
He was very glad that at last somebody appeared to show him the way. After a while he asked the man:
-Excuse me sir, may I ask the name of this city?
The man looked at him and in that moment he could see his face clearly; he had big grey eyes with a sharp pointed nose. He answered:

-Soon, it will be revealed.
They continued walking; suddenly the man stopped and remained silent for a moment then said:
-I have to go back, you can continue this way and it leads you out.
He said:”thank you sir, God has sent you to help me; now, may I know your name?”
The man said:”You already know my name.”
⃝ ⃝ ⃝
He was awakened by a charming melody; he wanted to continue working on his writing but the dream and melody have occupied his mind and he could not remember what he was going to write. He tried to ignore the melody but he was totally surrounded by the beauty of that.
He was very curious about the source of the melody so he went out of his home to find it out. The sun was falling down and there was no one in the street. It was coming from right side of the street then he chose his way. He went on and on; the sun has left the sky and streetlights were on except one. Under that light, a man was standing that seemed familiar to him.
He said:”good evening sir, do you know where this melody is coming from?”
The man said:”Come with me, I’ll show you.”
That was Him.
(This story is composed according to death of William Sydney Porter)


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