The Most Beautiful Smile I ever Saw

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April 18th 2013  |  1  |  Category: Children , Fiction , Inspirational , Moral  |  Author: Arun  |  1108 views

A bright Sunday morning of the millennium year in the city of dreams-Bombay. I woke up to the first photograph I ever took-of my then eight year old sister’s. For some reason, I liked it more than any other, much to my sister’s disagreement. I never liked working early morning, one of the perks my profession allowed, that of a photographer. But today, I have to keep the promise I made to my dear friend- to do a photo shoot for her NGO.

It was not a rosy picture. The building the NGO was housed in was in ruins. They worked for the betterment of children who didn’t know whom to call a ‘mom’ or a ‘dad’. The photo shoot was to be sent to a UN body that they expected to provide some funds.

Hema, the caretaker of the home came with a bunch of kids. They were not like the child artists we see on the TV. They were not cute and chubby. But they had a sparkle in their eyes. What nagged me the most was that they were not happy, something that made both the person and the photographer in me, disappointed.

After some wide shots with all the kids, I wanted a single shot with a kid, smiling. For some reason, my eyes caught Amir. I asked Hema to tell Amir to smile for me .But whatever I did, I couldn’t get that smile from him.

I and Amir went to the courtyard of the building. We got talking. He asked “Bhaiyya, who all are there in your home?”.I said I have a younger sister. He asked “What about mom and dad?”.I said everyone has mom and dad. He said “Not everyone has”. I could feel a tear straining at the corner of my eyes. I tried to recover fast and asked him “What do you like the most?” He said “I like it when someone scolds me”. I was surprised and asked why. Amir said “Bhaiyya I feel some one is bothered about me when they scold me. Someone cares for me”. I was really beginning to like this boy now.

“Amir, what do you miss the most?”He said “Bhaiyya, I miss having a pet name. No one calls me anything that comes from the heart. Everyone is either sympathetic or looking down on me”.

Swallowing the lump in my throat I asked “Amir, will you smile for me?”He said, “Bhaiyya, do you know when a person gets angry most? When you are hungry! I have not had food. How can I smile?”

I took out a chocolate from the pocket and gave it to him. He grabbed it and said “Bhaiyya I will come now”. Before finishing the sentence, he started running. I went behind him. He entered a small room in which a small girl was sitting. Amir offered the chocolate to the little angel. She took one bite and gave it to Amir. He shook his head, gave it back to her and smiled…That was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and I will ever see. Stealing the moment on my camera, tears started rolling down my face and it hasn’t stopped since.


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  1. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    The Most Beautiful Smile I ever Saw – title attract the user to come and read the whole story.

    Must Read this guys, such a beautiful & well written story i ever read.
    It’s always been fun to read such a great stories on this lovely story portal.. :)

    Thanks Writer’s & Special Thanks to Short Story Lovers.. :)

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