The Missed Call

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November 28th 2012  |  2  |  Category: True Stories  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  1625 views

It was 11:30 pm of November end. Third semester of my engineering was going on. I was trying to concentrate on my studies in chilled winter sitting in my blanket. Slow sound of music was coming from background. The song was “chookar mere mann ko kiya tune kya ishara”. This was the way how I used to study with music.

Suddenly my concentration was broken by the sound of ringtone of my cell phone. I came out of blanket to receive the call. An unknown number was flashing on my mobile. But before i could receive it the call was disconnected. It was a missed call.

I wait for ten minutes and just gave a reverse missed call to that number. After an hour I again got the missed call. I did the same in reply…it kept on going till I slept.

Next day I asked my friends if anyone of them did this. But their answer was “no.”

In the night I sat again to study but this time my concentration was more towards my mobile than books. A sound from mobile pulled me out of blanket, this time it was a text message. Some motivational shayari type was there. I thought for a moment and then copy a same type of shayari from my inbox and send it as reply to that message.

After an hour on more shayri received. This time a little bit romantic. An smile ran on my face. I searched a romantic shayari and copied it …then I felt it was a bit more romantics so I searched another one, a less romantic and send it.

No reply was there for next two hours. My concentration towards study was totally lost. I started to think who could be the sender of those messages. A romantic message made me think that she may be any girl of my college or may be one of my friends who were making me fool.

Being very positive I started to make a list of girls of my college who can send me those messages. I kept on analyzing every girl in my mind whole of the night and till morning I short out name of approx ten beautiful girls.

Next day I was very excited to go to college. In college I analyzed the behavior of those girls to find out who could be the girl I was looking for. Some of them gave me a positive signs but none of those signs was enough to make me reach at any conclusion. I came home and started to wait for night.

No call or message came till 1:00am, when I was going to sleep I listen some sound from mobile…one more romantic message was there… i became very glad and searched out the maximum romantic message in my inbox and send it in reply.

The receiving and sending of those messages kept on going about next three days without even knowing who was there at the other end. And I kept on guessing the girls in my college till girls count reduced to only one. I noticed one of those girls smiling on me. then at night I decided to go to the girl the next morning to talk to her face to face.

I was just going to sleep with this decision in my mind when I received a message. This time it was not a shayari… something was written there that make a sense.

“Why r u nt talking to me on phone since last 4 days?”

This message broke my patience…I became very eager to know who was there. I asked through message, “who r u?”

The reply was surprising, “r u not vikas? Vikas gave me this new number?…then who r u?”

I became zero for a moment and replied,” No, this is Girdhar from Kanpur”

“i’m harshita thomas from Indore…i think i’m cheated by vikas”. She replied

I had nothing to reply…

Next day in college I saw the girl whom I was thinking the sender of messages. This time ..Not she..But I was smiling on my myself…


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2 Responses to The Missed Call

  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    again one of the best and interesting story i have ever read. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks ami..
    Its a real experience

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