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March 22nd 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Bedtime , Children , Drama , Fairy tales , Fiction , Horror , Inspirational , Moral , Philosophical , Romantic Love , Satire , Suspense , Thriller , Tragedy , True Stories  |  Author: Reuben  |  290 views

“James check the compass!” yelled Gary over the deafening wind. “It’s still at 130 degrees south!” shouted James back.
Three men were at sea on a mission sent from England to claim land for the mother country and also make a map of the region. There was Gary, James and Robert and although they had been travelling fine until this point, dark angry clouds were raging towards them at breath-taking speed. The wind was already extremely noisy and was as if the clouds were blowing with all their might trying to send their small naval boat to a different location. Consequently waves were getting larger and larger making the boat seem like leaf in whirlpool struggling to stay afloat then suddenly.
Crunch! Menacing and jagged rocks collided with the boat, sinking it in a blink of an eye. Stranded Gary and James started to head for shore.
“Help! Help!” Robert yells because he is left behind. He was caught in some kelp swaying left to right, lolling up and down because of the might waves. Gary rushed towards him courageously, and pulling Robert free, guides him back to James.
After a while of struggling to the central-west coastline of Africa, in the country nowadays called Gabon, the three adventurers land safely on dry land.
After a good few hours finding a suitable place to camp and setting up they were finished and planned to explore and place the English flag in the area. Out of nowhere came a stealthy leopard and pounced on James’ back. Gary quickly got his bush knife and slashed a deep wound into its shoulder. It let out a blood curdling scream and backed away menacingly. A few minutes later Robert saw a movement in a bush and told Gary as all of them expected it to be the leopard coming back to fight but they soon found out otherwise. It was a native apparently he had come to thank them for sending of the vicious leopard that had been prowling their village.
With limited knowledge in each other’s language, Robert made friends with the native and found out his name. It was Ajani.
Ajani showed them to his tribe which was near a wide river. The huts that were made of either mud with straw thatched roof or tree branches forming a tepee like structure. Tribal men were out hunting for small antelopes and that is the reason Ajani found the Europeans. The tribe had gotten very hungry over the past week because their food had either been chased away by the leopard or eaten by it.
James decided he would explore the area as the only reason why he came on this mission was to earn great fortunes and maybe just maybe he could find a sign of rich mineral deposits in the soil that he could mine. James wandered to the river and right under his feet the ground crumbled under his feet. With his arms flailing in the air like a wounded bird James hit the water and sunk under the weight of the rest of the landslide. Gasping for air James hears a very quiet noise behind him as if a bottle had been pushed underwater. As he turns around, he sees small bubbles circling around certain points near him and suddenly a ferocious large crocodile jumps out of the water towards him.
“Argh!” screams James as he had frantically swam away but after a few seconds his right leg felt like it was inside a vice with 5 inch spikes attached to it. After a while James felt no pain in his leg because he had drowned. The 8m long giant of a crocodile had quickly sunk him by performing the death roll on James.

Meanwhile, Robert and Gary introduced themselves to some of the tribal people and they welcomed them warmly, but the weather looked like there was a severe thunderstorm coming so Gary and Robert headed back to camp.
They passed the river on the way back and saw James’ mangled body and guts under a pile of sticks and debris. Although they wanted to there was no time for a burial if they wanted to get back to safety. Gary headed on but Robert stayed behind as he became close friends with James in their expedition.
The sun was blotted out by the clouds as the storm rushed in much like the storm that shipwrecked Robert. While Robert was digging a hole in the ground, a tree uprooted from the force of the wind landed on Robert pummelling towards the ground, immediately knocking him dead. Lightning followed closely by thunder lit up and echoed through the darkness of the storm, Mother Nature gloating over the deaths of two dead foreigners who would utterly destroy the landscape she loves if they could.

Gary finding after the storm that Robert had not appeared, assumed that Robert had also perished, continued to explore the area to report back the England.
In the village, the tribal leaders had a meeting about the Europeans that had just invaded their tribe they justified that Ajani should be the one who saves his tribe by killing the Europeans. They said that the severe thunderstorms were a bad omen.
Ajani pondered all throughout the night, over the thought of whether he should kill the white people and be accepted and called a warrior in his tribe or keep being friends with the Europeans and be the first in his tribe to visit the ‘white man’s village’.
The new people are friends. These white people could destroy my lifestyle as I know it.
The next day he received news that two of the Europeans had died and Ajani took that as a sign from their gods that he should kill the people that could potentially kill his tribe and turn his land into a barren desolate place where trees would be scarce. He took his Mambele knife and headed to the camp were Gary was staying and hid not too far away from there. He waited and saw Gary with a shovel digging up the ground. When he knew he was safe he got knife and threw it at Gary’s chest and he was instantly killed. Guts spilled out of his wound and blood squirted violently everywhere within a 4 metre radius.
Back in the village the tribe had disturbing news a there was a dispute between a neighbouring tribe and a war had started. All warriors were required to fight. Even though Ajani was celebrated throughout the tribe he still had to fight. Ajani’s name meant victor and he was victorious in saving his people from one danger but Ajani knew that he was likely going to die fighting.
Ajani was to ambush the other tribe so he hid in the planned position. The only problem was that the enemy tribe’s spies had spotted the ambush. In a few minutes of hiding a spear came hurtling through the air at Ajani’s head and that was the end of his life.
In England the friends of Gary, James and Robert after months of no sign of them figured that they had died at sea and the tribal leaders soon rejoiced at their victory over both Europeans and the neighbouring tribe although soon they would be face with much larger white enemies but for now no white people will have known about this tribe and land because there was no map.


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