The Map of Xs

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March 24th 2017  |  1  |  Category: Adventure , Drama , Suspense  |  Author: sausage_larry  |  141 views

One rainy day in London when I was on my way home I was running through the markets when I saw something magical, something that must be one of a kind, it was the model of King Edward’s ship, it was the grandest ship to ever sail the seven seas. The tale of this ship is that there once was a great treasure but it was lost when the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. On that tragic day there was only one survivor, the captain’s son. Legend tells that he brought a magical map back to land telling the way to the lost treasure. When I saw the ship I wanted it with all my being because I knew that only very few people actually saw the ship of King Edward and this meant that this ship was special.  So I went up to the person running the store and said, “How much for the model ship?”  The man at the counter looked surprised then he said, “No one has wanted that ship for years, it was left on the door step, the ship needs to be loved so it’s all yours kiddo.” The man gave me the ship and I was on my way.

On my way home I had my body slumped over the ship to keep it from getting wet. When I got home I set the ship down on my desk and looked at it for a while just wondering what mysteries it held. All of a sudden my mother came in and slammed the door behind her shaking the whole house. The house shook so much that the ship fell on the ground and broke into pieces. As I knelt beside my broken ship my mother said to me in a high voice. “Honey the mails in, did you do something useful with your day? Or did you just sit there and dilly dally?”

I kept looking at the broken ship when in the corner of my eye I saw a piece of paper sticking out from the rubble of the ship. I grabbed the paper hoping it was something good but all I saw was a bunch of red Xs and two black Xs. Immediately I thought this must be the way to the lost treasure but I need to find a way to be able to see the rest of the map. So-I went into the kitchen and got a torch from the back-cupboard. I turned the torch on the highest setting only to find out that my idea hadn’t worked. So I-tried putting it on the lowest setting-immediately the whole map lit up and I saw many things like names of people, places and dates, I wondered what this meant. So-I looked at one of the black X’s next to it. It said the same thing as the red X’s but there was something extra next to the black X’s, it said eliminated. As-soon-as I saw this I knew who was behind it; Dr Zepto my evil arch nemesis and his side kick Gary. I knew it was them because the names next to the black X’s were people that they had killed a few months ago. As soon as I found this out I rang Klareese my secretary/side kick. Before I could even hang up the phone there was a ring at the door and guess who it was, it was Klareese. Before I could even say hello she was inside telling me the plan to capture Dr Zepto and Gary. After we had the plan all sorted we were on our way. First, we went to 21b Baker Street on the 12 of April at 2:00 PM. As we arrived the red X started blinking, I knew that this meant Dr Zepto was about to strike. I ran into the house and just before Gary could pull the trigger I pushed him out of the way. The hostage ran out of the house as fast as he could and was never to be seen again. Day after day, week after week we stopped Dr Zepto from killing people until one day I heard the doorbell. As I was looking at the map and before I could see who it was my mother was at the door then suddenly I heard a gunshot it was Dr Zepto, he had shot my mother. I ran to her still with the map in my hand as I watched her slowly go to heaven. I saw the Red X fade to black. My heart sank and my eyes started to water. My whole life had just changed forever. As I knelt by her side I could hear the blasting sound of ambulance sirens coming down the street. The door bust open but I shook my head and said,” it’s too late.” The police came and took her away. After the funeral for my mother had passed we got back to business. I looked at the map to see when and where the next murder was going to be. It said the 19 of October. That was only two days away so I got prepared to take down Dr Zepto and Gary. The day came when I was going to take down Dr Zepto I found him outside of the coffee place on the corner and I knew I had to strike. I leapt into the air and threw myself onto him. I had finally captured Dr Zepto and Gary I took him to prison and he and Gary never saw the light of day again.

Now there was nothing left to do in my life. So I went walking through that markets again only to find a model of King Larry the thirds plane. But that’s a whole different story.

The End


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One Response to The Map of Xs

  1. Avatar of JT JT says:

    OK sausage Larry – here goes.
    Your imagination is excellent.
    I was hooked on the first paragraph – King Edward’s ship, sunk with treasure.
    The shop keeper telling you that the model had been left on his doorstep and he now gives it to you for safe keeping – excellent.
    The ship crashing to the floor and a slip of paper emerges – excellent
    Using the low level torch to see the map – excellent

    But that’s were it ended for me, when Dr. Zepto appeared.

    Take those first paragraphs, that work, flesh them out, use your imagination and create an adventure in finding the lost treasure which may or may not be at the bottom of the ocean. And who knows what else can be found along the way.

    Good Job.

    Ciao, JT

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