The Map in the Abandoned Library

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March 28th 2017  |  2  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction  |  Author: Anna-Maria  |  172 views

Jayde, Matthew, and Brandon were standing on the doorstep of the old, abandoned library that stood on the corner of Windsor Rd. They had only been the twice and were still eager to explore. They walked in and straight away, an eerie silence filled the room; if you dropped a pin, it would sound like multiple bells ringing
“Let’s go to the back of the room,” suggested Brandon, “we haven’t looked there yet”
Matthew ran up to a bookshelf with fantasy books and started to rummage through them. From the back of the shelf, he pulled out a crumpled piece of paper that looked like an old map, and an old, rusty compass.
“What did you find?” asked Brandon.
“What if it’s a magical map and compass?” wondered Jayde, who was always looking for an adventure to start.
They walked out of the library and headed to the small river that ran behind the block of houses, and sat on the bank. Matthew took out the compass and the map. He looked over the compass, trying to find a name or a date but found nothing. He looked on the back of the map and found a small paragraph that looked like instructions. He started reading them aloud.
When Matthew had finished reading the instructions on the back, a bright flash of light hit them like a wave. When the Jayde, Matthew, and Brandon opened their eyes, they saw something that looked like an opening into the sea. It was all water like and looked like someone had dropped a pebble in the clear water, with the ripples forming the opening.
The portal was appeared so close to them, that they could feel a pulling sensation, the kind of feeling you get on those Vomitron rides. As a matter of fact, it was pulling them in. They were slowing getting sucked inside. Jayde was the first to suddenly disappear and the other two followed. When Matthew felt he was getting closer to the portal, he held onto the map and compass with all his might.
A few seconds later, they found themselves standing in the middle of green, sun-drenched fields, with patches of multicoloured flowers; scarlet sages, Iceland poppies, butterfly weeds and candytufts. They were also surrounded by a thick forest, with tall, bushy trees, through which the sun splintered into tiny fragments and fell to the ground. All around the three teenagers, birds flew from tree to tree, singing their songs. There was no larger animal’s insight, which made the three give a sigh of relief.

Matthew looked down to where he was holding the map and compass. His hand was as white as snow from the tight grip he held the map and compass with. He was relieved to see that the old, tattered map was still in his hand and no compass. Matthew search all around him, maybe he had dropped it somewhere when he got out of the portal. He found nothing but dry leaves on the ground.
“I’m glad you’re still holding onto the map,” said Jayde
“Where’s the compass?” she suddenly asked.
Matthew looked down at the ground, full of guilt. He had lost possibly their only way to get out. They would starve or get devoured by wild beats. Stop exaggerating Mathew. You’ll be okay, he told himself.
The three of them started to walk until they reached a forest that looked even bigger and thicker than the one they had seen when they appeared out of the portal.
They walked on through the forest, now in a single line. The tiny fragments of light that shone through the thick leaves of the trees above, made the ground look like a disco floor. They walked on until they came to a small clearing, filled with the now pinkish sunlight. In the center of the clearing, there stood a large rock. When the group got closer, they saw words carved into it. Brandon read it aloud:
Say these words and you will fly, through time and space, they will collide. This is your chance to get away before the animals take you away. You’ve lost one chance, you won’t again. Trust in this and you will win.
“Let’s try these instructions. Maybe we can get home,” said Brandon.
The portal appeared in front of them and this time, without hesitating the three of them walked up to it.
“Leave the map behind, it’s no use and I don’t want anyone else to find it,” said Jayde, and they stepped into the portal.


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