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May 16th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Fiction , Other , Suspense , Tragedy  |  Author: Bacon33  |  186 views


“Run” screamed my friend Hakurnara, Ru… he was stopped mid-sentence as tonnes of concrete and steel fell down onto him crushing him and sending up clouds of dust. In the confusion I bumped into General Motomasa “Jimsan, take this map and get it to the headquarters in Japan on the double” he shouted over the noise “Yes General” I replied. I ran a fast as I could but suddenly there was a loud crack followed by a sharp pain in my chest, I screamed out as the world suddenly went black.


“Jack, JACK” I turned around to see where the voice was coming from

“Ahh Dr Helmsley what can I do for you” I said.

“Jack we found the remnants of a battle on some random Japanese island that wasn’t mentioned at all during the war”, said Dr Helmsley

“Well let’s get there on the double Dr”

2016 Classified Japanese Island

As we flew over the island I noticed a large amount of gun placements and bunkers, “it’s quite stunning isn’t it jack” Dr Helmsley said interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes very stunning, but I can’t believe this has been there all this time and no one has noticed it”

“Well that’s what happened to most of the classified battles” Dr Helmsley said as we landed near this giant building.

“Dr Helmsley” shouted a young man “we have found a map that contains the location of the Japanese treasure trove that we thought was going to be lost for aeons” he said with excitement.

“Well jack I guess we should view this map” replied Dr Helmsley “Lamar, could you show us to the map?” Dr Helmsley asked

“Sure boss” Lamar replied.

Lamar led us down a dark corridor with people every couple of meters looking at the interesting parts of the base. Gradually we started to go deeper but suddenly Lamar said “stop, we are here” and in front of us was a corridor that had entirely collapsed but there was a bony hand sticking out of the concrete and it was holding a piece of paper, as I picked up the paper I started to realise that this was more than a map, it was the location of every treasure trove that the Japanese had but was also orders to and blow up the island, but it was an order they never received.

“Do u realise what this is” Dr Helmsley said “it’s our payday!” he exclaimed.

“Well, Dr let’s get this analysed at once as we should find out where the troves are located” I said.

2 Weeks Later

“Jack the reports have come back, and there is a trove located on this very island about 3 miles NE of base camp” reported Dr Helmsley

“Well then, Lamar radio base and tell them to fuel up the chopper” I exclaimed

As we flew over the island I still couldn’t get out of my head the beauty of the island when suddenly I noticed a small fast shape coming towards us and as I looked closer it was too late.

News Article 2 Days Later

4 men were killed flying over a Japanese island 2 days ago when an automated Japanese surface to air missile hit there helicopter.


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