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April 7th 2017  |  1  |  Category: Adventure , Thriller  |  Author: saheyo  |  333 views

Jack and Kate decide to go on a skiing trip to Alaska, coming from America. They take their families’ private jet and after they have been flying for a few hours they notice on their digital map that they are nowhere near Alaska. They go to talk to the pilot but there’s no one there, the plane has been on autopilot for hours. As they are checking their map again they feel a huge jolt!
The plane starts making a loud beeping sound Beep! Beep! “The planes going down”! Screamed Jack. “We’re heading straight for an island! Crash!
Jack and Kate climb out of the plane with only a few cuts and bruises. They look around and see the plane’s nose buried in the sand with a blown up engine that was still on fire.
They try to find their coordinates on the map but the screen is smashed beyond recognition. Jack then goes back into the plane and tries to find a radio. But along with every form of communication, it is also destroyed. He climbs back out and can’t see Kate anywhere. His heart starts beating faster as he yells her name, “KATE!” He hears nothing but silence. Jack begins to panic when he sees Kate examining something at the water’s edge. “Jack, I found this old bottle and there’s something inside.”

POP! Went the cork. “It looks like a map, kind of like something Christopher Columbus would have used.” But Kate was interrupted by bright flashes of different colourful lights, they were blinded for a moment. When they finally open their eyes they see men carrying hay and shovelling dirt. Jack and Kate have no idea how they ended up in this small town. One minute they’re on a hot deserted island and WHOOSH, they are transported back in time. It’s almost like a movie from a different century. Jack then sees an older woman carrying a basket of mouldy bread, and he stops her to ask where they are. She doesn’t reply, she just looks Jack head to toe, makes a disgusted face, then continues walking. Jack starts yelling at the lady when the sky starts changing colours again!

Again, they are blinded by the flashes and when everything stops spinning they are surrounded by a town full of men that have black and red patches on their arms, they recognise them as Nazi’s. One of the soldiers notices Jack and Kate because they are wearing unusual clothing. He says something to them in German as he points his gun at them. They start to run and they manage to escape by hiding in an alley. They notice a homeless man sitting there staring at them. Jack puts his finger to his lips and says, “Shhhhh”. The man nods his head as if he understands. They see the Nazi soldiers run past the alley. Jack pulls out the map and the homeless man’s eyes widen with what looks like shock and fear.
“Where did you find that map?” He whispers. “We found it on an island when our plane crashed,” Kate replies. The man says, “Well, this map is the reason I’m here, this map is a curse!” he then takes a deep breath and says, “I was a young boy, playing on the beach and I saw the bottle. I made the mistake of being curious and opening it. I saw flashes of colours and have been transported for decades. I was eventually trapped here when the bottle disappeared one day. “Well, how do we get back now?” Kate replies in a shaky voice.
“You cannot. You are trapped, just as I have been.” Jack and Kate look at each other in fear just as the sky explodes into a million bright colours again. This time when they open their eyes they see their bedroom. The glow in the dark stars on their ceiling, the familiar smell of their home.
“Jack!” Kate yells.
“Kate!” he cries out. “I had the most terrifying dream that we crashed on an island…”
“And we couldn’t get home!”
They are both talking over each other excitedly yet panicked. They both had the exact same dream. They hug each other tightly and that’s when they see the bottle on the desk…


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  1. Good story, and I liked the way it didn’t end with the boring all a dream idea, having the bottle reappear was a good twist on a cliché. To try and be constructive, I’ll say that you should proofread but good content and errors are minor. Well done.

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