The Manilla Road: The Old Oak Tree

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January 14th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Inspirational , Romantic Love , Suspense , Tragedy  |  Author: Sam.Cuch  |  804 views

The Morning started out just like all the others. With the sound of him waking and taking a long piss. She shuttered at the sound and prayed that she could go back to sleep. To fade away from all the pain that was coming her way. The feeling of being exposed to the coldness of the room and all the warmth fading into the sound of him grunting over her all collapsed her into her mind. And every time she found herself hugging an old oak tree, with many names carved into it’s trunk, that grew along the side of a dusty road.

She would fall asleep under that tree, yearning for the days that have long since died. The days when she as happy, when the memories of other, kinder lovers caressed her with soft hands. Their sweet words telling her lies that she loved to hear. Anything but the pain of a hateful man’s disappointment.

She woke up hours after he had left, cold and sore she seeks the comfort from the feeling of disgust. The hot water turns her pale body a bright rose red. The felling of his hands are quickly burned away but her body continues to shake. Her legs shake as she falls into the searing touch of the shower.

She opens her eyes to see the old oak tree. It is forever summer here along the side of the Manilla Road. But a cold breeze has come to the old oak tree. And upon the wind she smells something that flickers the fire in her heart. It smells of cigarette smoke and the muskiness of sweaty leather. She looks into the oncoming delight, up the road she sees a faint purple mountain range. The wind grabs at her hair and tugs at it softly, A slight shiver bolts down her back and lodges deep in her lower stomach. A small smile creeps across her face as she stands. The sent encircles her slender figure lifting her from the green grass at the trunk of the old oak tree. With a light step she she runs down the road toward a moment of desire. She wakes to find herself shaking as the hot water has turned to cold.

She dawns a pale purple dress that flaunts her figure. It smells of cigarettes and the sweatiness of love. She quickly mists herself with the overpowering sent of lavender and rose petals with a hint of orange blossom and cinnamon.

With a new found enthusiasm she flees to a place where she can flutter free from the demands of a man who she says she cares about. With money spent and the thought of him coming home to a empty house sending a hint of fear though her thoughts, she hurries home to wait for the man she say she loves.

Hours pass as she lays in wait for the man who clams that she is everything to him. The sweetness of his absence finds its way to her, all calming her to the comfort of his thousand dollar bed.

In her slumbers she awakens to see the old oak tree along the dusty road. Night has come to the surrounding area, the sky is freckled with stars twinkling far off in the dark sky. And up the dusty road, the purple mountains beacon her with the rising of the a silver moon. A light breeze caresses her cheek as she stands. She can hear the laughter of people and smell of cigarettes. Without an opposing thought she leaves the soft grass from under the old oak tree and seeks out this delight from the rising moon.

She snaps awake to hear the answering machine clicking on. The sound of his voice causes her to cower. But what he has to say brings a bright smile to her face.

“I’m working late. There is…. Don’t stay up.”

She jumps up and grabs the purple dress and heads out into the crisp night. The vibrations beat deep into her bones. Her heart flutters as her body sways to the life of the night. Like minds dance and move with the only notion to be free from what ills them. The smell of hot bodies and cigarettes breath into her very soul. And through it all a spark of interest catches her attention. She can smell his breath and feel his hand softly touching her even before their eyes met. Like two solar bodies gravitating toward each other, they slowly circled the crowd to met in the center. Her hands met his with a spark of white hot heat. He fell into the absence that she held open and she caressed him like a new born child. Their heat combined into one as they circled amongst the night stars.

As the stars of the night fell and the ambiance of their heat smoldered to an ember heat. Their first words where uttered.

“What is your name, if you mind my asking?” He asked softly into her ear as they slowly waltzed.

“I’m sorry, but I came her just to escape. And as I wish I was not,” The bitterness of who may be waiting at home settles in as she spoke. “but I’m with another.”

“No, You are with me at this moment. And in this moment all I want to know, is your name?” His voice dug deep into her desires.

The soft light of what they held so brightly, now flickered a dull orange light. She turned and ran back to the man she once said she loved more than anything. The coldness of the strangers absence left her earning for more. But the fear of him getting home before her was burning out of control. And so in a purple dress she ran from the freedom of the night. And ran to the man she said yes to on one fateful day.

The fancy car that he drove was in the driveway as she pulled up to the house. To her astonishment the front door was locked. With no keys in hand she held onto the peaceful moment when the house was quiet and the door was closed. The warmth that was in such abundance earlier, had quickly escaped into the moonless night, causing her to shake. With an acceptance born of fear she raised her hand and knocked upon the door. Silence followed the echoes of her announcement. And after what felt like a single heart beat. She could hear his footsteps approaching her. Through the darkness beyond the open door she could see his rage. It burned like twin embers against the night.

It first started out with a furious rage of words, bursting against her, shaking the foundation of house as they erupted from his onslaught. His breath was so hot than she waited to burst into flames like a young sapling in the oncoming forest fire. But not a single tear fell from her cheek, for in her mind she was hugging an old oak tree, who’s roots grew deep into the earth. Who’s trunk was perfect for holding onto. Who’s leaves has seen many forest fires.

His rage flared out to the point that he usually stops, where he usually succumbs to the person he thought he loved. But the wall he had built for her had taken all that it could take. And they came crashing down upon her. Her frailness was what he loved about her, her innocent look, he like the feeling of protecting such a fragile flower. And now they are broke under his inconsolable hatred for them all.

Her broken body was left to bleed out over her purple dress. In a panic, in a fear of being called a murderer, he darted around the house. All the while the purple dress got darker and darker. And in a moment of silence admits the blackness, a spark of light was seen, followed by an odd stillness.

The pain was what she expected, but the inability to move caught her by surprise. A crunch of pain in her arm and sent of smoke shot a bolt of fear jolting her body awake. Disoriented and only seeing through one eye, she could not recognize where she was. The smoke quickly filled the house and an ominous orange light grew. Panic set in and she needed to get out. But the smoke burned her eyes and seared her lungs. She tried to scream but it only added to pain in her throat.

Another crunch in her other arm and the pain the followed sent her to the floor. The orange glow quickly consumed the darkness and the coldness that she felt was filled with an overbearing heat. She blinked her tear filled eyes, trying to see anything that she could do to save herself. But she knew this was it and so she closed her eyes and began to cry. The tears took their toll upon her and began to slip out of mind.

Through the orange flames she spotted a shadow that cleaved through the smoke and came up to her. His touch was cold against the fire, but it was what she had been crying for. With broken arms she hugged the dark shadow.

And a part of her giggled. “I know this feeling.” It said.

It felt hard and comforting. “Like an old oak tree.” She said to herself as she began to smile.

The sudden shock of the cold night sprang life through her body, and with it she began to cough. With the pain in her eyes searing as she tried to open them. She fought the pain and looked upon the face of the man from the night club. He was blacked with smoke and coughing. Her smile cracked to a question.

“What.. Why did…”

“I’m sorry but I followed you home. I wanted to know, I… I almost left, I don’t know why I didn’t… But after I saw a man leave and the place catch fire, I thought of you.. in that purple dress. And I came looking for you.”

She looked at him with a heart filled smile and said, “My name is Abby.”


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