The Life of a “Mobile”

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May 20th 2012  |  3  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: Mukul  |  1037 views

Like my other friends I too am flaunting under the fluorescent lights of the showcase. My catalogue says- I am a sleek-metallic body, shining black, widescreen, bluetooth, and 5 MPix camera, in short I am a ‘mobile’ phone. The journey of a mobile is nothing but cloak and dagger. I am biding my time to see the world ahead and to my surprise a beautiful girl, perfect bodied creature as if god has bestowed all his beauty services to her for free, hop into the shop. After some inevitable consumer negotiations, I am on my tour to explore and endure my future, leaving others to envy my fate. My new home is her room in girls’ dormitory. This news suffuses around and in no time other pretty creatures which are more or less same as my owner, are all around me. I babble about my latest features, my acoustics float in the air, I click all their cheers and in return my body has tattoos of colored lips in all shades. Rolling and dancing in their hands is my new life rather being on stands.

After my introduction with her friends, I get my chance to spend my days with her. I guess mobile is the only friend on this earth which is much closer to any human being. Brushing through her black-scent treated hairs, all those patched with anti-dandruffs’ layers. Slipping on her wrinkle cured cheeks is my new routine every day and week. When she gets stuck on long chats, I used to flirt with her earrings and studs. From her lip-guarded rosy red lips, kisses to her friends pierce my circuits. Her lotion-soft fingers slip on my keys and keep my network always busy. Whenever I get some moments of my fate I used to click her blue eyes and chattering lips.

For most of the time I have to stay in her mysterious hand bag – a maze of pockets at the first glance and a cosmetic shop at the second. Strolling among the inhabited aliens I doubt my entity for survival. But friendly gestures at the starting gradually change to hangout later on, prove me wrong. My daily ‘light and sound’ concerts acclaim my presence as a celebrity in there. I steal the shine of creams and mascaras, rob the heart of eyeliner. How amazing is to see that smile on her tall and daring body deodorant who sacrifices his life for whole day and night. Glittering lipsticks and sparkled nail-polish are coloring the ambience. Dancing in the party is the hand mirror, which I must say is her pseudo admirer.

At college, it’s weekend when every soul rushes out to fly under the blue sky. All I have to do is to text her thoughts and message them to her friends. Shopping, dating, movies and fun are all in the itinerary. She is toddling around with those pretty creatures of her hostel. This chattering bunch of feminine specie of humans is buzzing around the streets fulfilling all their desires in these off-days.

At night before going off to bed she pounces onto me, shuffles into my photo gallery and floats in the collection of my melodies. Every hour we spent together lives in my heart. We are together like it is meant to be and that’s all I am expecting from my life. Her happiness is mine and so are her tears.

After collecting the last glimpse of her smile, the alarm is set into me to go to sleep, to wake up for a new day.


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  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    nice story mukul. good job.

  2. What an interesting point of view! Very creative. :)

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