The football managers

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November 15th 2012  |  1  |  Category: True Stories  |  Author: Anuragh  |  452 views

Once there was a manager his name was Brendan rogers and he was the manager of Swansea.the premier league and he was the manager of the week and the their was another manager his name Kenny daglish and he was the manager of Liverpool his training was like play crossing and playing. but Brendan Rodgers saw Liverpool performance he started training Swansea and the match Chelsea vs Liverpool and that day

Chelsea ‘s manager was changed the manager of Chelsea was Roberto di matteo.the match started Brendan Rodgers was their in the stadium and was watching the game. the match ended that match Liverpool lost. so the next fixture was Liverpool vs man utd. sir alex ferguson was training man utd. the Kenny daglish found that manutd was playing in 422 formation so Kenny daglish kept in same formation so that Liverpool could win and in premier league they be at least be in 4th the match ended it was a draw and the next match was Liverpool vs west ham. that match Liverpool won and the so Liverpool was on 8th position so the premier league champions were Chelsea.the next year started Liverpool’s manager was Brendan Rodgers so the transfer season started so Rodgers looked for Fabio borini and the transfer bid was accepted so borini’s kit number was 29 and Rodgers looked for joe allen that was accepted and his kit number 24 and the next player nuri sahin he was a real Madrid player and he was also accepted and he to raheem sterling from the youth the first match fot Brendan Rodgers was Liverpool vs roma .that match Liverpool lost 3-1 adam was the scorer. the next match for Liverpool was Liverpool vs gomel .that match Liverpool won. Gerard was the scorer and same match again and that match also Liverpool won 3-0. so everyone thought that Liverpool will be the champions of the premier league 2012 . the first match they lost Liverpool lost 3-0.then the Europa league started Liverpool is 1st in group a and in the premier league they were in 18th position .so Liverpool started backing up then the Europa league they played very well and in the premier they didn’t so the match was Liverpool vs man city that match was a draw and Brendan Rodgers told that ‘’if we don’t back up we will lose’. so Brendan Rodgers started training the team so hard.then Brendan Rodgers told don’t cross and play play pass and they still crossed and played so Brendan Rodgers was angry with the team and andy caroll was on loan and went to west ham and his kit number 8 then Liverpool started backing up and up they were in the 12th place.


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    Short, Simple and perfect. Nice story

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