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October 26th 2016  |  1  |  Category: Romantic Love  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  347 views


“Excuse me…can I sit here?” An extremely beautiful girl asked Devesh indicating on a seat adjacent to him.

“Oh…sure” Devesh moved his legs aside to let her enter.

Devesh has never seen such a beautiful girl in his life especially at such a short distance. She was wearing a long silver black skirt up to her feet and a sky blue top. With her open curly hairs, she was not looking less pretty than any fairy.

It was the first day of his college and everyone was avoiding to sit with an ordinary looking boy like him. He had done his schooling from a boy’s boarding school and he had no idea on how to impress girls. In such condition, company of a cute girl was not less than a gift of God to him.

“Oh…our teacher is coming…” She pinched on his shoulder to make him stand.

“My God… A girl who doesn’t even know my name has touched me…” Devesh thought in his mind instead of wishing morning to the teacher.

“All right…Start to introduce yourself …one by one…” the teacher said after some formalities.

“Hello every one… this is Radhika from Indore…umm… I have done my schooling from DPS anddddd…. my hobby is painting and dancing…”She spoke in a child like voice. Devesh could smell her beautiful hair when she sat back on her seat

“Wow…You are from Kanpur???” Radhika asked when Devesh gave his introduction.

Every time she was speaking anything… her magic was raising on Devesh slowly and slowly. And till evening, Devesh was filled with love at first sight with Radhika. He had never felt like this before… everything had changed for him… A strange, unknown and fairy girl with cute eyes had made him crazy about her.

His feelings were beyond his control now… He decided to ask Radhika to be his friend forever. After all friendship is the first step of love…your best friend becomes your beloved one day.

Devesh stood in front of college gate just before her arrival… He started to practice in his mind how he will offer his friendship to her…

“Will you be my best friend??? No no no…. I will be happy to make you my friend forever….Not like this….My friend says that my company is the best….No this is rubbish…” He was murmuring in his mind when he saw Radhika coming towards him…

Radhika gave a cute smile looking towards him and she waved her hand to say ‘Hi’ to him…Devesh was very happy to see her.

But what happened… as she came closer…he noticed that she was not smiling and saying ‘Hi’ to him but someone else. She crossed the way from very near to him but without even noticing that he was standing there.

Devesh turned back and saw a tall handsome guy on his bike. “Hi…sweetheart!” The smart guy said.

Radhika sat on back seat of the bike and hugged him tightly from behind…

Devesh kept on looking they drove till they both disappeared…

It was ‘the first day’ of his college…and he never forgot this…



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