The Cabin

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March 26th 2017  |  1  |  Category: Adventure , Horror , Other  |  Author: Jorja  |  188 views

The Cabin


SMASH! Everyone in the coffee shop screamed, never mind, thought Bree as she turned to see a broken coffee cup

“Are you ready to go?” Asked Bree

“Yep” Said Oscar

They stood to go to the register to pay, after a delicious cup of coffee. They get to the register when they are handed a scroll. They pay, go outside and open the scroll. They saw a man leave the shop, he was wearing all black. It reveals a map. A map leading to somewhere in Fluffy Forest. Fluffy Forest wasn’t what it sounded like, it didn’t sound fluffy, happy. It was a miserable place, full of sadness, it had a deathly chill to it. It looked like. It leaded to a Cabin in the forest.

“Let’s go” Said Bree with excitement

“Are you sure?’ Asked Oscar nervously

“Yes, we only live once Oscar and we both love mysteries.” Said Bree. “Meet at your house at 5:00?”

They both went to their house, started packing things, such as: a torch, spare batteries, food, water, and a sleeping bag. Oscar gets a chill down his spine when Bree gets to his house.

“How are we getting there?” Asked Oscar

“We are going to walk” Said Bree

They get to the place on the map. It’s the cabin it has a mysterious look to it, a chill goes down both of their spines this time. They look at the door, they open the door slowly. “Creek!” The door made the loudest sound ever. They walked inside and saw blood on the floor. They looked for a light switch. When they found the switch they turned it on. They looked around and saw some more blood in the middle of the living room was a note, the note said:

Bree and Oscar, I have chosen you to find out a murder. Of course, I know what happened. You will need to know the following:

  • Who was the victim
  • Who killed the victim
  • What was the murder  

You two will have to figure out those three questions and you will be set free.

They both look at each other scared as anything

“Don’t split up, ok?” Said Oscar

Bree nodded. They started looking for clues. They had been looking for hours and nothing, they wanted to give up. They tried opening the door to get some fresh air, it was locked. They searched some more, in the kitchen where they saw a knife with blood on it

“I guess we know what the murder weapon is, that’s always the easiest.” Said Bree

They start to look in the bookshelf. Oscar finds a book How to get away with murder He starts flipping through it, he sees a scrunched up piece of paper half way in the book, he unfolds it.


AGE: 29

INFO: Loves cooking

DEATH: Killed by knife


“What?” The corner of the killer’s name is chopped off” Said Bree

“We have to find out where that last piece of paper is!” Said Oscar

They kept looking for another hour. Then they started getting hungry so they get their backpacks and get out some food.

“We are so close to figuring out this murder.” Said Oscar

“Yeah, I know. You know what? I think the people that planned this have cut of the ripped piece to make it harder, don’t you think?” Asked Bree

Yes, you could be exactly right! So we got to find the last piece of that clue” Said Oscar

They started looking again. Bree was looking at the remote. She turned on the T.V to see if it worked and the numbers 4356 appeared on the screen, she didn’t know what it meant, Oscar didn’t either. Oscar was walking along the croaky floor boards when he stepped on one and it flung up and underneath the floor boards was a trap door. Oscar opened it and it revealed a safe.

“Huh” Said Oscar scratching his head

Bree looked at the T.V again and turned it off.

“Wait turn it on again” Said Oscar

The numbers 4356, Oscar started putting the numbers into the safe “CLICK” the safe opened and there was a piece of paper in the safe, it said: ustin. They put it next to the big piece of paper is made: Austin.

On the other side of the paper was: “Find a key to open the basement where you will see a tablet, type in the answers to the questions and it will open the front door”

“I know where the key is, I noticed it before” Said Bree

She went to the key holder and there on a brown rusty wooden key holder was a gold key. They walked to the basement door, they turned the key slowly and carefully. It was dark, they turned on their flashlights and found the table:


1 Who was the victim?

They typed in their answer

William Sinclair

2. What was the murder weapon?

A knife

Last Question:

3. Who was the killer?


They turned off their torches, and started going upstairs. They tried opening the door and it worked. They saw that it was dark outside

“I’m scared to go walking the forest at night” Said Bree

‘Let’s stay the night and wait until its morning” Said Oscar. The next morning.

They walked out of the scary door, when they hear a little girl screaming from the basement. It sounded like a pig wanting food.

“LET’S GET OUT OF HERE,” Yelled Oscar

“Agreed!” Said Bree

They both started running so fast, like a pig running through the mud. They both reached Oscar’s house.

“Where have you two been?” Asked Oscars Mum

“Oh, we went on an adventure, a scary adventure. It’s a long story” Said Bree and Oscar

The End


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    Wow, I love this dark creepy story thanks for the read.

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