The Broken Tree

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October 13th 2014  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Satire , Suspense  |  Author: Satish  |  1867 views

The stage aspects dramatically towards the wrecked stem of the tree. Once up on a time it hurled the sweeping airs of the summer nights along those creaking sounds of the windows.

Clichéd of histories and past times, melancholy of distortions, leaning back chairs any way one want to pay for.

Dramatist want to show case the curricle of the show biz, while the audience leaning back in chairs listening with passion, through the silence sheathing over the gullible parchment that regaled and fathomed orchestrations, without eggs and tomatoes being thrown.

Witch hidden darkened stage, over book shelf and wine bottle right next to dramatic lamp, visible to audience after the curtain raised, before switching on the bright light, for a day light setting.

When the darkness speaks of drama, the artists procreation cut through that pitch darkness, the veil opens up, while lights put on, the brightness appeal through crevices of the opening curtains.

It is always the hard day’s night Cinderella, the senorita snails with bad mouthing, the whole world and society and genre, blaming for those witch dark nights left her unspoken in the scariest thoughts that surrounded her.

It’s her way to go in to the minds of audience, bracing the ulterior truth of life by a forbidden soul of not having allowances to live the commoner life, who is trundling through days and nights.

A skimmed thoughtfulness of dark shades underneath one’s soul then emerges, the mighty thought of nirvana for the one who is witnessing the first act…

The mélange, an endless ravaging of the two sides of coin, sharing only room space and owner ship of chairs is the struggle of the urban society is being witnessed on this stage.

The inside picture of the foot space, of the small world has many stories to tell-tell show- tell & sneak- the dialogues has implicitly black and white shades of hallow pillows.

Life is encircled out of box thoughts for both of them, the classic novels and silhouetted nature visuals. The minaret morals, hard days and tough words philosophy of stinking genius. But for her she is waiting for the ramp walk to be featured in the most watched online mobile Appwalk.

The carpet painted of footsteps to stardom. The redtapism carpets.

Thus spaketh the boldest prostitute Ms. Julie, to build the career of dramatist. Though, the last name is awaited in illusion for ages, one is ambitious to kiss the luck for a billion dollar.

Was she followed by the urges and fantasies of those woken from dreams in the dark nights, those left one towards dream fulfilling day lights?

Wittiness tested times again to bring big humor and performance in a closed shack and in a candle light when the halogens are switched off in this prequel at this moment.

The broken tree is humming the music piece of “she’s got a ticket to ride”.

The Adam and eve ever lived here on the drama stage, as if life began here for the sake of it, as in love blossomed even in the rags in the modern city or between hate mates across debating tables on digital screens.

Over a mug of black coffee, in the wind blowing evening, laid back in the arm chair, here comes realization of thy self.

Dumbbell waiting time is over the hour glass is turned around. The play is called for a break with short circuited AC & DC collisions like a tesla and Edison’s fans antagonisms. The electric bee is buzzing for the symphony of electrifying tell show tell tale.

Life has perfected with the clarity over other mans imperfection being judged and the melodies are rearranged for acoustic beauty of listeners and self lovers.

Renaissance to unstoppable alchemist, the intellectual life has renewed to scoop out the broken tree to the root of archeological magnus enigma.

Ms. Julie is fallen ill as she found the place to lie-down…Neville is up to see what is the issue with this lady.

Julie found so much comfort, seeking little more for tonight at Neville bed room. In the plan to move inside from the couch she sat upon.

Sneaking up down through in & out of the four walls, wearily she point out to the things she noticed in her client’s bedrooms and bungalows.

A midst of this moral valuation to material things through all the life, we humans count on.

She identifies the beautiful thing which she played in her child hood, when her mom took her to the homes of townsmen wearing long coats to unveil them for their own pleasures.

Suspiciously Julie questions the identity of Neville.

“Neville, may i know your family name and the back ground!
He disposes the gigantic picture of his genius.

So that Julie can step back to think twice before she take him for granted.

She boldly questions, “by any chance Mr. Augustine, who is sheriff of the town, who has reputation of womanizer, is there any relationship in the family tree…

He refuses and adjoins the fictitious name of Scientist “Mr. Baldric is my father, hails from Germany lived in London, Moved to this country, for the professional pursuits!

Amidst this he is agnostic to her questioning, asked her.

“Julie, by the way may i know which family you belong to!

She gets annoyed if someone checks her background.

But she dupes giving a fake identity …

“My family is from Scotland, a rich family with lots of business and farming lands and my uncle is a politician!

Neville gets little nervous to tick if she is really influential.

He rephrases his question to identify the name of the family, but she fumbles to answer properly.

She says. Mr. Gordon’s family, since this young genius is well read the literature of the era, and the classical literature and contemporary writers, His familiarity with the family names is so much. He could make out the name resembles not from Scotland, as it’s not sounding in the manner in which the fellow writers use the names for the characters in the fictitious novels.

His question comes again to find the location and in detail genealogy of the family.

She finds him derogatorily swaying asking more details about her family.

‘Neville’, tell me what did your father invented being a German scientist, who flocked all the way to the land of English?
Where it has been published?

Neville, “My father had invented, he stumbled to answer the question, Julie is standing ready to hold him red handed, she jumps the guns immediately.

“Why is it taking lots of time to tell the simple details she wants to know? Said Julie.

“If Mr. Baldric is a renowned scientist, let’s do some Google search of the details, and walks across towards the laptop lying on the table.

While Julie crossing Neville to go towards the laptop, he stops her going across and do any search about his identity and Mr. Baldric the name of scientist.

This stands a proof for the Julie to doubt and assure of his relationship to Mr. Augustine’s family.

Her mother when she was young worked as nanny and also she used to sleep for money with the rich towns men of the society in those days. As she has to feed her daughter and make a living.

Audience is inquisitive and curious as the drama stands a crucial stage of revelation of the identity of both Ms. Julie and Mr. Neville.

That surpasses the much awaited belongingness of the days play, the audience is in the penultimate curious part of the play, to know who will get caught in this ploy of duping each other’s identity.

Julie shoots a tricky question

“May be Mr. Augustine had friend with Mr. Baldric, i might heard of this from the people of the society or read in tabloids that published the Page3 men’s stories, about the parties they throw.

Neville just jumped in to this correlation by Julie.

“Oh, Ah yes being the renowned scientist it might be possible of being part of the parties invited by the most able men of the society.

Neville asks Julie, “ how you know so much about Mr. Augustine, is your family any way been in to any illegal activities and thus encountered sheriff in his office?

Julie has way to give back tit for tat, “my uncle being the politician; he might have escorted her uncle for protocol, whenever he visited the town. I heard many a times from my uncle telling his secretary to keep informed Mr. Augustine to keep ready and waiting to receive on his visit.

All the audience are enjoying and giving their IQ’s a good measurable” trick quotient” works out with the amusing quizzical dialogues of Julie and Neville…

Being quizzed a plenty of questions Julie gets worked up and lie down over the couch on the shoulder of Neville and dispels her disinterest to answer more questions.

Neville for no other choice let Julie hit the bed, since it’s late in the night. Somehow takes her to his bedroom to let her sleep.

He comes out to continue his thinking pad to handle this lady to send out as soon as she wakes up.

So, that she won’t get him of his real identity which he doesn’t want to reveal to his neighborhood.

Neville locks the door, so that no one enters the house before she leaves and goes to sleep in the couch.

Next day morning even before Neville wakes from the bed, Julie is ready with the bed coffee for Neville and gets her shower done.

Neville opens up his eyes waking up over a dream that’s any young boy can dream when a young girl is sleeping in his bedroom. Julie has feeling that he might happen to dreamt of her in his bed.

The day begins to his surprise he comes out of the dream and realizes that the whole thing is just a dream. But now he wants to execute his plan to scud her out of the house as early as possible.

He asks her “what’s the plan, Julie is almost about to please him for being his guest till she intends to go.

In the mean while she intends to blackmail him to let her stay in his house otherwise, she would reveal the real identity of Neville, by drawing all the correlations she can make out.

Neville without asking her any further questions to know her identity, asks her to leave his house.

Julie is surprised to know that he being mercilessly and unmannered asking her to leave the house.

MS. Julie is ready to tell him things how men are towards the women of the society. Without being nice and treat for the sake of the manliness they claim.

But she expresses her willingness to stay for some days in the house and help him, of offering bed coffee and cook tasty food for him, while she never cooked in the kitchen.

Neville denies immediately say, “no way, I let you stay any more in my house”.

Julie intrigued and roiled him by saying, “I knew everything about your real identity, your family is Mr. Augustine and I have proof of it.

He instead judging her, got panicked of her claim asks for what is that proof she is having with her.

It turns out a very intimidating reprisal for Ms. Julie to reveal his identity to give the proof to Neville.

Julie thinks twice, before she bursts out how Mr. Augustine has been with the women in those days.

But she tells, “Neville, I don’t want to hurt you, over your identity issue, which can malign your reputation in the neighborhood.

Requests him to allow her to stay at his house for some more days.

Being in the fix, Neville wants to just accept her request, but he keeps the clauses that she must leave in couple of days not more than that.

Neville without insisting her, he wants to get the clue, what is that she is having as a proof, that his relation with Mr. Augustine’s family can be proved.

On the quest for this Neville tries to be nice and get close to Julie so that she might think, it’s time not to let him know about it at all.

Julie is increasing her demands over her stay, asking for Neville to please her as much as she can think of empty his pockets.

As per the conditions which are being agreed and signed by Julie for staying only three days, the duration has comes to conclusion. Neville still could not get to know what’s the proof is.

He entertains her and asks her about the proof, before he can ask her to leave this time.

Julie reveals that there used to be nanny who has been a friend of her mother who came to London to work as nanny, had been told about this to his mother.

Neville asks her what the proof that she has. To prove that his relationship with Mr. Augustine.

Then Julie gets it straight pointing at the doll that’s there in the show case. How is that makes proof is question for Neville’s surprise.

Then she tries to avoid the question. Now Neville gets more curious what is the connection between the doll in the show case in house and the proof of this relationship to MR. Augustine?

Neville get the hint by just recollecting the old memories. When his nanny is being called in his house and his mother’s absence she used to come with a young baby girl to keep her entertained, the maid servants used to give her a doll to play.

He could imagine a few inferences and get the whole story straight. The mystery being now unveiled all the audience is at once under the transfiguration where how this revelation leads to kind of consequences between both of them.

Neville gets surprised that, is this the girl‘s mother her dad Mr. Augustine had an affair with. Then figures out to be the most dreaded of this situation for him that she stands ideally the proof.

But later he realizes the Julie’s mother had become old, now stays in a old age home in her town and Mr. Augustine is as well is in his old age to think of anything what he did in his middle age days, misusing his power to woo the women of weaker situation.

Neville get its straight that both of them has same amount of threat being posed to each other by them to reveal to neighborhood, that’s being unfair to take advantage. He suggests her in the best interest of both of them he lets her to leave his house very nicely.

Julie has no other go to leave the place. But for all the trouble she placed, she just poses the sorry figure and the demands that she asked for in the three days. But now she intends to leave, the question is where she will go to. Back to her town or in this city for the vultures to trouble her loneliness situation.

She gets out of the house, and then while Neville is relaxed.

But three days happened to be very curious, his soul being down to know his identity and the past that let him mystify the whole episode through this lady Julie’s clandestine plot.

Julie’s very identity is being not in sharable criteria to Neville in the given situation, she carried very intelligent to handle her weaker situation to strength.

During while her stay and the multiple quotients she handled… Neville feels she can be good company.

Then the door is being knocked to see, Julie at the threshold asking him if she can stay tonight serve a nice bed coffee in the morning. But, no pranks to throw. Neville has all the desert of the night of her stay with the doll of his life. The doll that brought the beautiful dream comes true.

The audience enthralled of the play the broken tree hummed again “she’s got a ticket to ride”.


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