The Boy

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September 22nd 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Fairy tales , Fiction , Suspense  |  Author: sausage_larry  |  339 views

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had no name.
But the only thing people knew about him was that he had jet black hair and eyes that were so blue that they used to glow in the night sky, was this natural or magic….
His parents didn’t know about his gift until one day when he turned eleven a bright light surrounded him. The light was so bright that it could blind one if looked directly.
The little boy started to cry. His tears glowed as bright as his eyes. At that very moment, one tear dropped on a small flower that was dying. As soon as his tear touched the flower, it bloomed bigger and brighter than it had ever bloomed before. His parents were so surprised that they got scared of him.
The little boy saw that his parents were afraid and thus he started running until he couldn’t run anymore.
The little boy found himself deep in the woods with all the burned trees that had died years before he was born. The boy knew he had power so he dropped one of his tears on the base of a dead tree. Immediately the tree sprung to life with leaves, the brightest shade of green he had ever seen. The little boy fell in love with his power and the more he used it the stronger it became, his power became so strong that when he touched something that had died it sprung back to life.
Months had passed since he ran away and finally he decided to go back to his village. The only problem was, was that he didn’t know which way was his village. So he thought of his home and then with all his strength he punched the ground. The moment he did this a bright green light, arose from the ground and spoke to him. The light said “Boy your powers have grown strong, strong enough to destroy the earth. Be careful. This gift I have given you does not only give life, but it can take it away as well”. The boy was so scared of what he had become. He ran away from the light and hid in a hollow tree.
As the boy hid in the tree, he started crying. This time his tears were black as the night sky. As soon as they hit the ground the grass died and turned brown. As he watched the grass around the tree die, he realizes how much power he really had. He came out of the tree and found the green figure. He asked him “could you teach me how to control my powers”. The green glowing figure agreed as long as the boy protected him.

The glowing figure started teaching him right away. The boy learned many things about where his powers came from and how he got them. Then a year passed and the boy had grown strong, stronger than he had ever been before. He decided to go back to his village on his birthday. So he asked the glowing figure “which is the way to his village”. The figure pointed in the direction of the sunlight.
The boy started his journey towards home. But when he came meters from the edge of the forest, he found he couldn’t walk any further. A force field had been placed around him like a cage. He tried to use his powers on the force field but they didn’t leave a scratch. He sat down on the ground until he heard a voice from his behind. It was the glowing figure. The boy asked for help but the figure just said “I’m not going to let you go out. I helped you become strong. Do you really think am I just going to let you leave? Well, you would be very wrong. You are going to end up just like being stuck in the light forever. I will never allow you to leave the forest for the rest of all time.” Once the boy saw that the one person, he thought he could trust, was only trying to keep him forever. The boy stood up and thought of home. Then with all his strength he jumped up and punched the ground. The earth cracked and the force field broke. He ran out of the forest and back to his village.
When he got back to his village he saw a little girl, sitting by the fountain, was crying. Her tears were glowing just like his. He went up towards the fountain and showed her that she could trust him. Then he showed her how to control her powers and find peace with having them.
The boy could never found his parents.  So he lived the rest of his life with the little girl in the woods. They protected each other against the glowing figure.


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