The abandon secret

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March 25th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Other  |  Author: BUBBLES!!!!  |  193 views

In 2014 on a gloomy day three unsuspecting strangers were about to meet to do something incredibly dangerous, courageous and astonishing journey. They were in the dark, miserable in the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea. The Captain James he was robust, tall and well-built. Then there was Jim, he is an accountant by day who feels like he could do more, he was weak, skinny and dresses very smartly. Finally there was Carol she is very fit, but very formal she was also an accountant who felt like they could do more than just lay around all day in there office.


Whilst Jim and Carol were at work they were dragged out and brought to the hotel. At first they were both very anxious and frightened. When Captain James came in, he didn’t know what to say to them so that he knew that they would do it. So he said “Hello, my name is Captain James and I am part of a top secret government organisation. We would like your helping finding a map. Now before we start, are there any concerns?

Jim said confused with what had just happened “Why do we have to do this?”

James replied, “We need both of your brilliant minds.” Because after 3 months of finding the first piece of the map that have not been able to find anyone with enough will and brain power to be able to save the world and now the time is critical. Carol asked “What if we say no?”

James replied, “Then the whole world will go into mass destruction and the human race will become extinct!” he did not want to worry them to much because if they didn’t do this there was a bomb that was going to go off.

Jim and Carol said “YES!”

James said “Ok, let’s get started.”

James then showed the, part of the map and said “We need to find the other part before we are able to save humanity.” So they set of (looking up and down) to the hotel. When they got to the very top part of the hotel they found the missing piece in a chest that looked very old. It also had a very old looking piece of paper that said “This map has invisible ink that shows you the way and what you need.” then the Captain said “What do we need to be able to read this dam map?”

Carol said “We need a lamp to make it hot.”

Jim said, “I think I saw a portable lamp that we can use.”

So he went to get it and on his way he grazed his leg badly but didn’t tell the others because he didn’t want to waste any time when the word was at stake. He just kept on going to get the light. Whilst Jim was going to get the light the others were fixing the two pieces of the map back together with sticky tape that they had found. When Jim came back they had finished putting it together and now they could follow it.


First, they had to go through a broken elevator and find the first clue which was hidden, which led them to a locked room. The key was in the hole, where they found another clue. This went on for about another two and a half hours, following clue by clue until they got to the bottom floor. The final clue stated as they all read together “On September the 26th at sunset there is a bomb that will self-destruct. If not found it will eliminate the whole entire world!” At the exact same time they all said together “Today!”

Jim said in panic “What are we going to do?”

Whilst the boys were panicking, Carol was re-reading again and again, fiddling around with the piece of paper. She found something on the back and screamed out. When she did this, both of them immediately stopped and asked “Why are you screaming in joy at a time like this?”

She replied, “Because there is a way out of this mess!”

James said “Well then what is it?”  

“It says, the answer you need, is simple you see, all you have to do is light it up! but I wonder what that means”

Jim replies “We need to use the light to see the hidden messages!”

So they searched all over the map until they found they place where the bomb was hidden. It was hidden in Central Square which was 3 hours away. And sunset is at 6:30 pm. By this time it was 3:00 pm. They need five minutes to call the bomb squad and they need twenty minutes at least to tightly secure the bomb. So time was cutting it close. But in the end Jim was stitched up and the bomb didn’t explode and kill everyone.


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