Stranger in Forest

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September 8th 2014  |  0  |  Category: Bedtime , Children , Fairy tales , Fiction  |  Author: Titu  |  1878 views

Stranger in Forest
In the month of June, on one fine day it started lightening and thundering and then, raining. The pour was light, fresh and gentle. All the animals started dancing and singing in the summer rains. The fresh rain drops were sweetly perfumed with the fragrance of wild flowers and foliage. The hot and steamy summer day had suddenly turned into silky wet month. The chimps and baboons chattered in excitement on trees, and frogs croaked in waters. Slowly, the jungle was turning into enormous pool of water.
In the giant cave was elephant’s abode. The elephant was deep in meditations while it poured heavily outside. The wise elephant saw strange view in its mental eye and silently murmured without opening its eyes. The white sage elephant stood up from its meditations and came out at the cave’s opening and saw deep into dark clouds above and pools of water below and started warning animals of dangers ahead.
The animals were in habit of ridiculing sage elephant for pretending to be too wise and intelligent. The animals were happy dancing and singing in rains and thought, “Sage elephant has gone old and crazy and asks everyone to travel north.” The Elephant started towards north without bothering heavy rain and started singing its favorite song,
“I AM free from fear and doubt
Casting want and misery out
Knowing now all good supply
Ever comes from realms on high
I AM the hand of God’s own fortune
Flooding forth the treasures of light
Now receiving full abundance
To supply each need of life.”
It rained and rained and there seemed no sign of cession of rains. It was pouring heavily and this torrential rain slowly flooded every part of forest and fertile regions in jungle. The flood resulting from heavy rains spread wide destruction all around. The animals perched themselves at whatever places they could hold and place themselves. When water receded, the animals were left with no option but to flee and thus happened mass exodus. The jungle witnessed wide scale starvation, disease and death.
The council of jungle: lion, cheetah, zebra, giraffe were worried. They could not do anything except see withering and dying flora and fauna. They were powerless in front of this natural calamity. The counsels held prayer meetings for asking Goddess for help in these trying circumstances. During prayers the king lion had a vision in which a voice was saying, “Travel North.”
Guided by vision, all the animals started traveling north and saw a strange large and fearsome creature. It was deadly creature no one had seen before and animals were stunned from where it had come. The lion king was already exhausted by flooding and its ravages and thought that it was new trouble. Still lion managed to find courage and challenge this strange creature and said, “Oh! Big animal! Why you dare to enter into jungle at this troubled time? I order you to go away!” The big strange animal had a strong and loud voice which echoed throughout jungle, “Oh frail animals of troubled jungle, you cannot fight me with your weak bones and tired bodies. I am envoy from Goddess. I am here to help, not fight.”

Exhausted and frustrated by floods and devastation, the animals were having no other way then to listen to this strange creature. The strange creature said, “The Goddess of jungle has sent you story and commandments.” So, it started slowly with the story.
“Once upon a time, there were two baby falcons pet in royal palace. While one falcon used to fly high in sky, the other remained happily perched on branch of royal garden tree. The king tried all the tricks suggested by experts to make this second falcon fly, but to no avail. One day a woodcutter arrived in royal garden to trim overgrown trees.
As the king was ambling in his garden, he was surprised and ecstatic to see both falcons flying high in deep blue sky. He was intrigued to see second baby falcon fly so high. As he was thinking about reason to find what made baby falcon fly, it saw neatly chopped garden and saw royal garden tree existed no longer on which second baby falcon used to perch happily.”
The strange creature said, “The God has chopped the tree of Royal Garden, now all you have to do is fly high and sing. It is good omen for you.”
The animals understood, but they were not convinced with the story. The strange creature knew the agony of animals and it said, “I will also give you commandments from Goddess and you have to follow it or you all perish.” The animals listened with fear to this strange creature.
It said, “Decide to bring more order and discipline in your jungle. Throw confusion, fear and chaos away from jungle. Always remember that turbulence passes away as it is just test of your collective strength.”
It further continued, “Fear nothing, judge nothing and nag nothing, appreciate every single moment. Find reasons for celebration and create more space for celebrations to come in life.”
The animals had no idea about what the strange creature was talking about. Still, they listened with rapt attention and interest as they saw a great light and hope in sky above. The Strange creature finally rose from its seat, “Oh creatures of jungle, I have faith in you. I know your greatest potential of expressing highest and ultimate good. The Goddess wants all of you to celebrate life with joy. ”
Slowly, but steadily the animals began working with an attitude of intelligence and courage and the jungle returned to its former self. With hope and faith, the happiness and health started flourishing in jungle.
The lion was happy that the strange animal had long vanished. Animals were confused why sage elephant no longer gives them strange advises as they have stopped it nagging it longtime back. While sage elephant thought, “Nobody hears to normal advice, but everybody listens to strange creatures and dramatic advice.” Sage elephant was happy and sang its favorite song of abundance, “I AM free from fear and doubt, Casting want and misery out”


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