Story of an evening

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November 23rd 2012  |  1  |  Category: Fiction , Romantic Love  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  855 views

Around two hours have been passed standing on road when Krishna noticed a lost key in front of him. He picked the key and entered the shop to find the owner of that key.

“One lady is searching her key… Let me show it to her.” Waiter said to him with a routine smile on his face. He went with him inside the room where only couples were allowed. Indicating on a table the waiter said “umm… That lady is in washroom I think…”

“OK… U handle the key…I have to go… I am waiting for someone outside.” Krishna rushed towards the shop door.

After three more hours, waiter saw him standing on the door. He went to Krishna and said with hesitation,” Sir You had spent five precious hours… I don’t think anyone is coming.”

“I think you are right…” Krishna moved towards the narrow street. He looked back towards a standing bike which he wanted to buy someday.

Krishna reached his room on that hopeless evening when Kishori broke her promise to see him at McDonald’s pizza shop near ‘Welcome’ metro station. He threw himself in the couch in front of T.V. and drew the remote to him.

He was feeling cheated and underestimated for standing at metro station for more than five hours waiting for Kishori and she didn’t even care about him.

Kishori and Krishna are good friends since last six months and in this short span of time Krishna started to like her more than his life. Though he was not sure that she also had interest in him yet he decided to open his heart before her on this evening but when Krishna found that she didn’t even remember her promise, he became sure that he doesn’t have any importance in Kishori’s life.

He was changing T.V. channels but no channel was able to attract his attention. He looked back on his favorite actress poster but today she was also not smiling. He went outside in the balcony but today air was also irritating him.

Finally he settled down near his computer and decided to delete all photos of Kishori and the e-mails sent by her.

He started to delete them one by one; all of them were his favorite. One with cute smile, one with down eyelids another has both of them together… They all were meaningless to him now. Mean while he started his phone answering machine.

“Hi this is Saurav from ICICI insurance. We have…” Krishna pushed the next button to hear another message. He opened the ‘Kishori-mails’ folder to delete all her mails.

“Hello… Son, I am your aunt from Indore… Call me back.” Krishna pushed the next button again and clicked on delete button to remove last photo of her.

“Hi Krishna… I have never thought that you will not keep your promise and will cheat me like this. I was waiting inside the shop before one hour of the time we had decided and I was there for next seven hours. I don’t know about your feelings but I love you from the bottom of my heart. I was thinking to tell you this toady with a gift of your favorite bike. You know I lost its key and after search of three hours someone returned it to me but I couldn’t even thank him as he had gone… I thought you will understand my feelings but you all boys are same… I am leaving your country forever…”

Krishna recognized her voice, swept his tears and ran towards the airport..


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  1. can anyone tell me what will happen when they both meet on airport?

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