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January 4th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Romantic Love  |  Author: kate717  |  667 views

Ok Masterson, you got this. I took a deep breath and walked into the impressive office space. I was pretty new in real estate but even I was aware this building would not be on the market long. Twenty stories, overlooking Lake Michigan, yeah bring on the buyers. It was 1:15; my showing wasn’t until 1:30. Breathe Elyse, it’s just another property. Mr. James seemed excited about the building during our last conversation, just show it off and wait for his reaction. I took a deep breath, pushed my dark hair behind my ear, and nervously ran my hands down my thighs to smooth the black pencil skirt.
“Ms. Masterson?” I heard a high pitched voice call from the door.
“Yes, please call me Elyse.” I answered with a smile, “You are with Mr. James, I presume?”
“Yes I’m his assistant Roslyn; he should be here in just a few minutes.” She replied, trying to take in the visually impressive space.
The door opened and a tall man in strode a tall man in a smart black suit.
“Good afternoon ladies, sorry to keep you waiting.” he announced smoothly. He looked at me a moment and offered his hand, “Grayson James, you must be Ms. Masterson.”
“Yes, please call me Elyse. It’s nice to meet you Mr. James.” I replied shaking his hand. A charge immediately shot through my body. His hands were soft, yet his grip was firm. That says a lot about a man.

“Are you ready to show me where my new offices will be located?” he asked, releasing my hand.
“Most definitely.” I replied hitting the call button for the elevator, “Shall we start on top and work our way down?”
“That is the way I tend approach things.” he replied, a slight grin playing across his lips.
I felt color rush into my cheeks and took a shaky breath. Oh Roslyn, where are you now??
The doors to the elevator slid open, “Mr. James, Roslyn, after you.” I offered motioning to the empty car.

The elevator took several minutes to reach the twentieth floor. The doors opened to a large reception area with beige walls and plush dark blue carpet. There were several smaller offices located on the twentieth floor and a large executive office. The executive office boasted a long wall of windows facing the Lake. He stood there taking in the view for several minutes.
“Is the view to your liking?” I asked, motioning to the lake.
He looked at me and subtly licked his lips, “I am very much enjoying the view from here.”
My heart rate spiked and my legs got weak, “I’m glad you approve, Mr. James.” I replied breathily, I immediately pulled myself back together “I’m going to check on Roslyn and see if she has any questions for me. Take your time.”


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