Sleep Walking

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August 13th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Horror , Thriller , Tragedy , True Stories  |  Author: Alishaan Asaria  |  631 views

The Results of my pre – prelims had come out, I had got a 65, which was good enough for me as I hadn’t really prepared for my exams and was just fooling around. I hadn’t expected more, but my parents had some other expectations. Dad told me I had to get my grades up, or no new cell phone for me which he had promised to get me after my finals. I had no choice, I wanted that cell and also my MARKS.

I had to bunk at my cousin’s place as my parents told me to go and study maths with him as he was really good at maths and had scored a cent % in his SSC as well as HSC and my parents thought that to be an achievement. No one saw what I had achieved, I was the Youngest to be selected for the under 14 team, 17 team and also the 19 team, I was fluent in the language of movie quotes, I had read a hundred different novel more than 3 time some even 10-12 (Harry Potter Series), I knew who came first: the egg or the chicken. But nobody ever listens to me so I had to go, he was pretty cool so I didn’t argue much. When I reached his place I had my priorities sorted,I dropped my bags at his room, and got ready. It was cricket time, although it wasn’t my favorite sport, contrary to the whole of India, I enjoyed the company of friends. Our team was the first to bat, naturally I had to open, I played safe for a first few balls, then hit a four but couldn’t resist the last slow ball, I hit it for a straight six and I hit the ball a little too hard (sometimes I get excited) and it flew off to the neighboring bungalow.

In accordance with the street rules ( I don’t get it why peoples sometimes call me a cheater), I went there to fetch the ball. I had some trouble finding it. I spotted the ball in the corridor of the house and I went to fetch it. I had just bent to pick up the ball when my eyes fell on an old lady with white clothes and white hair, the typical costume of an Indian Widow and apparently the same costume goes for Indian Witches. But I didn’t linger around to check what amongst the two was she, she was staring at me without even blinking. Just staring at me, Creepy I know. As you would have guessed I freaked out and ran away from there shrieking, after grabbing the ball. I got out on the very next ball so as to avoid having to go back there. Fate played a cruel joke: Just as I was enjoying myself again my dad called up my uncle, who in turn called the watchmen who conveyed the message to us, I SENT YOU THERE TO STUDY MATHS AND NOT FOR PLAYING we had to go upstairs and study. We “studied” till around 11:30, and then we got tired, let’s face it, it’s MATHS after all. We went to the balcony and were enjoying the cold breeze just hanging with some chocolate thick shakes and some snacks, suddenly we felt a chill and god knows how but we both had the urge to look at the bungalow at the side. We saw the same lady I had seen before just roaming about in the garden of the bungalow, The shake dropped from my hand. I left to grab a cloth to clean up. I came back and he was still staring at that lady. I said what are you doing, he replied that he was just curious to what the old lady doing in the garden in the middle of the night, that got me thinking too. We were just wondering as to what was going to happen next when out of nowhere she looked up at us. I passed him the cloth to clean up, and then we realized something that we hid ourselves behind some pots scared as hell, after gathering some courage we both got up and looked at her house. She had gone inside. We thanked our lucky stars and went back to sitting and chatting. Then all of a sudden my cousin fell off his chair, as he was casually glancing he saw her on the terrace of her bungalow, I saw what he saw and I too came to my knees. She was still staring, and the most creepy part was she wasn’t even blinking. She walked around the terrace and then came to an abrupt stop, then she faced us then walked very quickly towards us and came to stop right at the edge of the terrace. From just in front of us just a few meters away from us she dropped down gracefully still looking at us.

Blood spattered all over the ground and everyone was awakened by the fearful screams of the watchmen on whom a lot of blood had splashed. We went inside, switched off the lights and tried to sleep, while really we weren’t able to and instead we both were shivering in our beds till the morning. We went down and the neighbors were gathered talking. They told us that this was an everyday routine for her, well not the suicide part, of course. She was a patient of sleep walking, she would just roam about the garden, every day she would walk up to the parapet in her sleep and stay still there for minutes before finally walking back and going back to her bed. I was there for just one night, how could I have known that the night would become one of the only things that would have affected me for the rest of my life.


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