Scarlett’s Adventure

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April 18th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Other  |  Author: Hippo  |  282 views

On one beautiful island in the Pacific in the late 1800’s lived a thirteen-year-old girl named Scarlett. She had the whole island all to herself along with her talking animal friends, Ella the elephant, Mark the monkey and Delilah the dolphin. This island is no ordinary island, this was a floating island. Scarlett lost her parents and her brother when she was 8 years old. She was having a wonderful time with her family visiting the island until one day there was a volcano. She was lost in the middle of the forest and all the people on the island rushed to the boat and Scarlett was left behind.

Throughout Scarlett’s years living on the island, she met her talking animal friends Ella,

Mark and Delilah and she built her own two stories treehouse out of bamboo. She was living a great life on this isolated island; remote but beautiful.

Scarlett was strolling along the sea shore looking out to the very calm water until she slightly kicked a glass bottle. She noticed that there was a scroll inside of the bottle. ‘I wonder what that could be,’ she wondered. She removed the lid and slowly took out and opened the scroll with an excited feeling. As she looked at the scroll she suddenly realised

it was a map of the world. There was a message on the back, it had said, ‘Your mission is to figure out how you can move the island across the water.’ Scarlett’s face dropped as she was so shocked that her little floating island can actually move. ‘I have to show Ella and Mark, they’ll be so excited!’ She walked back to her bamboo treehouse and met two of her friends there. ‘Guys, look what I found!’ she shouted. The two of them were just as excited as Scarlett was.

‘Why don’t we go and tell Delilah about this, maybe she might have an idea,’ said Mark. So off they went to the sea shore, Scarlett whistled and before you know you see Delilah’s head pop up out of the water.

‘Hey Delilah, look at this map Scarlett found on the beach, it says we have to figure out how to move the island,’ said Ella. ‘Do you have any ideas on where it might be?’

Delilah thought for a moment and then had a brilliant idea. ‘I heard there’s a hidden cave somewhere on this island, maybe you should go have a look. They say its right in the middle of the forest. Wait before you go I’ll go catch you some fish in case you get lost’ she said. She had three fish in her mouth and placed them in Scarlett’s bag. Off they went to start their adventurous journey. The three friends were looking everywhere but they just couldn’t seem to find the cave.

‘I didn’t expect it to be this difficult finding the cave,’ said Scarlet, until Ella spotted something shining in the distance.

‘Guys look over there, it looks like a shining diamond!’ Ella exclaimed. Mark and Scarlett followed wherever Ella was taking them. Scarlett had never been to this part of the island before and admired the different surroundings. Only Mark and Scarlett were able to fit through the cave since Ella was a bit too big. They slowly and cautiously walked through the dark cave going towards the shining light. Their face lit up when they approached a very ancient control board with a huge wooden steering wheel next to it.

‘This place is so cool!’ Scarlett exclaimed. She pulled the leaver on the control panel and a big screen appeared showing the front of the island.

‘Wow, this is amazing!’ Scarlett exclaimed. ‘We have to go tell Ella and Delilah!’ They started running out of the cave, Ella following as they ran out, and ran all the way back to the beach shore. Delilah was there waiting for them. ‘You won’t believe what we saw,’ Scarlett told both Ella and Delilah all about what they found. By the time they all got to the beach shore, the sky started to darken. The beautiful night stars were shining and sparkling and the four friends made their own way back to their homes.

The sun started to rise the next day and Scarlett woke up with a fright as she heard people talking at the beach shore. She peered through the window watching them and decided to go climb one of the trees so she could hear what they were saying. She climbed very quietly to the top of a tree and the men looked like they were pirates. ‘This island is so beautiful, we should bring all of our people back in Bora Bora Island to come live here,’ Said one of the pirates.

When Scarlett heard this her arms were crossed and had a frown on her face as if she was going to break something. ‘No they can’t take over my island, I have to go tell my friends,’ she said. She climbed back down the tree and ran and gathered her friends together and told them this horrible news.

‘We have to make a plan to get rid of them,’ said Ella. They all started thinking about what they should do. All of them looked at Mark since he was the smartest out of all of them and it took him a while but he finally had the greatest idea.

Mark explained, ‘So here’s the plan. Ella and I will gather all the animals together and make our own plan to attack all at once. Scarlett, you go all the way up the mountain with a rock to erupt the volcano and the three men will sail away.’ They all thought this was a great idea and started doing their own role. Scarlett looked for a big rock to take up to the volcano. Ella and Mark made a plan with all of the animals on the island. They all had a good feeling this will work.

The attack started with Ella blowing out of her trunk. All the animals ran as fast as they could towards the pirates which gave them such a fright they ran the other way. Scarlett could see what was happening on top of the volcano and dropped the rock and ran as far away as possible. All of the pirate’s mouths dropped when they realised what was happening and jumped in the boat and quickly paddled back to their island, Bora Bora.

Everyone was so relieved especially Scarlett since their plan was successful. She had just remembered about her mission on the map and took it to the hidden cave. She pulled the lever and the screen popped out showing outside. She carefully turned the old steering wheel and noticed the screen moved to show a different part of the ocean. She pressed the button that said forward and once she had done this a star on the map appeared saying where she was. ‘Wow, I can go anywhere I want! This is so cool.’ She said, jumping up and down. She looked on the map and saw the country Italy. She started her journey towards Italy.

By day seven Scarlett had been to Italy, Spain, Greece, Mexico, France, Germany and Russia. She spent one day in each country she had been in and discovered many interesting and exciting things like, the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, the Eifel tower in France, going to Berlin in Germany and many other extraordinary and adventurous things. This journey for Scarlett was like setting her free, away from the island, discovering things she never knew existed and places she had never been to before. This was an end for her adventure and sailed back to her home sweet home.



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