Rooting for The Dog – Down Under

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Rooting for The Dog  -  Down Under



Turning my engine off in the parking garage, after a mad dash to get it off the street before 7:59 AM to avoid a ticket I heard a baritone voice singing “ The Star Spangled Banner “.


The attendant rounded the corner from the subterranean darkness. I recognized him after years of being a customer. It was Ray, the man from Belize.


“ Feeling exceptionally patriotic today Ray, or did you go to a ball game yesterday?”  I asked in muted light.


“ Actually, The tune is stuck in my head from watching the Cubs game yesterday. “


“ The Cubs? “


“  Did you know that the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 105 years?  “ Yea, the last time was in1908.  People live entire lives without seeing The Cubs win The World Series “


“How are they doing now? “


“ Last place – again ! “


“ Well, it looks like you might be one of those Ray, unless they get with the program.  Ray, you live in New York and yet you’re a die-hard Cubs fan. Why? “




“ Well my friend, growing up in Belize, the only station we got from the U.S.  came from Chicago.


“ Now I get it.”


Ray handed me my stub. As I began the assent to the street I heard The Banner being hummed. I turned back and shouted.


“ I hope you see the Cubs win the World Series in your lifetime. Ray.”






Michael Domino


May 6, 2013






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