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September 24th 2012  |  4  |  Category: Children , Fairy tales , Fiction , Inspirational , Moral , Philosophical  |  Author: Amani  |  959 views

When Chaos invaded the land to impose its sovereignty, Silence was sitting motionless and speechless. Cowardice run away searching for a safe place where it can hide itself. Weakness could not even rear its head. Laziness did not make any move, just put itself to sleep not caring about the surroundings. Ignorance did not understand what was happening. Selfishness showed no interest in any one , but itself . Passivity put itself aside showing no response, no positive act. Hatred was so happy to see the land destroyed. Distinction started to spread its roots in the place aiming to eliminate any unity if there was one. Lying spread rumors and false stories making more ruin. Treason revealed secrets and betrayed promises. Wickedness spread its venom aiming to get rid of any virtue appear in the place. Immorality was so pleased to be a new inhabitant of the land.
In that doom land, a small unnoticed seed called “ Hope” seemed to be flourishing. It wanted to help in reviving the place and getting back peace to it. It started its journey looking for Knowledge since the land should be enlighten with it in order to comprehend the danger of the situation and be able to act. Hope found Knowledge hidden in a dark place , weak, speechless and poisoned. Hope waked knowledge, revived it and granted it its gleam. They went together to awaken all concepts to unite together and get rid of the vice spreading in their land. They went to Silence urging it to revolt against Chaos and to stop being calm and extinct. They told Silence that in such cases revolution is demanded, not calmness. Thus, Revolution accompanied them to find Cowardice convincing it to be courageous in order to be able to face the danger. Hope, Knowledge, Revolution and Courage urged laziness to become dynamic and passivity to become efficient and to have a positive perspective which encouraged others to react. Knowledge informed Selfishness of the seriousness of being unconcerned and Hope wished it to be unselfish and care about public interests. All the virtues agreed on fighting Chaos . So, they became one Unity which was strong enough to defeat Distinction. They all promised to be loyal , faithful and sincere since these were the virtues which would help them expel immorality, neutralize the venom that Wickedness spread in the land and defeat Chaos. They all stand against Chaos in one line sharing one unified goal, one voice, true noble slogans. The virtues moved “Reform” forward to take its place instead of Chaos. Chaos was too weak to confront these virtues. So, it surrendered and left the place taking with it its vice and evilness.


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  1. A really good write what a wonderful writer you are

  2. geedda says:

    Interesting concept… good job! Be encouraged… Geedda

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