Publish Short Stories

Every writer wishes that his writing and scripting would catch kind attention and get noticed by publishers, readers and other fellow authors. He would love to get published to get recognition and fame. Most importantly an author would like to get a quality feedback in the form of comments, rating and recommendation by others on his work which will facilitate him to know the worth of his efforts and also in continuous improvement in his work. Shortstorylovers provides writers with such a global platform. Here writer’s not only get publish their stories but they also get a chance to get read by publishers, press and readers worldwide.

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We accept all form of existing short stories : True stories, Fiction stories, Romantic love stories, Adventure stories, Horror stories, Thriller stories, Inspirational stories, Children stories, Fairy Tales stories, Bedtime stories, Suspense stories, Drama stories, Tragedy stories, Comedy stories, Moral stories, Philosophical stories, Satire stories and others stories (except Adult stories). Here anyone with a passion to write short stories doesn’t matter whether a renowned author or just a beginner, can excel one’s skill.