Prisha – God’s Gift !!!

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June 6th 2012  |  4  |  Category: Children , Drama , Fiction , Moral , Tragedy  |  Author: Nitash  |  1155 views

This story starts with a man Nitash (31 years) and his supportive wife Shiksha (29 years) .They belong to the state of Punjab. It’s been three years since they got married, a lifetime bond of two souls. Nitash works for a finance management company in Chandigarh, the city beautiful. He works as a financial advisor and he earns good to save money for his family for future needs. Shiksha works for an NGO in Zirkpur, vey near to Chandigarh. Then the below adventure happened in their life:-

One fine day, Shiksha came early from office at that time Nitash was still in the office. She called him to inform that she was not feeling good hence came back home. Nitash knew that she was not well from past few days and suggested her to call or visit their family doctor Dr. Ankit. She called Dr. Ankit to ask for an appointment. Dr. Ankit was not in his hospital due to some personal issues and his assistant told Shiksha to call him directly on his personal mobile as assistant knew that Shiksha knows Dr. Ankit and his family very well. Shiksha called Dr. Ankit on his mobile and after talking to Dr. Ankit, she found that Dr. Ankit was busy in some family function at his native place. Dr. Ankit gave a contact number and asked her to contact his friend Dr. Akash. Meanwhile, Nitash packed all his stuff and also left from office early to see his wife. After reaching home, Nitash called Dr. Akash and asked him to visit their place. Within an hour, Dr. Akash came and examined Shiksha. He wrote some medicines for her and told Nitash not to worry about her. He asked them to visit their family doctor Dr. Ankit in his hospital for performing some required tests next day.

Next day, Shiksha and Nitash both took day off from office and went to see Dr.Ankit. Dr.Ankit performed required tests and asked them to wait for one day for the results. Next day, Dr. Ankit called Nitash to inform him good news that Shiksha is pregnant and bad news that due to come complications, this is the one and last chance for her to conceive a child. Without thinking about the bad news, good news made Nitash so happy, he immediately went in the room where shiksha was sleeping and hugged her. He told the good news to her, after hearing the news she felt beautiful. This is the first time when Shiksha saw Nitash in real happiness. Nitash told Shiksha about the bad news as well but told her not to think about this anymore as they always planned for one child only. Nitash took care of his wife during the nine months period to protect her from any harm. Shiksha left her job. Nitash even read books to take proper care of his wife in that period. Shiksha was really happy to see all this as she knew Nitash never read books and he used to hate reading. Time just went in a flash.

After nine months, Shiksha was in pain in Dr. Ankit’s hospital maternity room. Nitash was in the same room to support his wife, Dr. Ankit allowed him to accompany his wife during that critical moment. Nitash’s best friend Arpit also came in Hospital to support his friend and his wife during this important time. After twenty minutes of pain in the maternity room, time just stopped with sound of a baby crying “wouaaa wouaaa wu wu wouaaaaaaaaaa”. Dr. Ankit said in a very energetic way “Bhai Laxmi aayi hai ghar mein, it’s a girl”. Nitash was on cloud nine after seeing his newly born daughter. He picked the baby in his arms and showed to Shiksha and started saying “Main Papa ban gaya aur dekho iska nose kitna mota hai, bilkul mere nose jaisa”. That moment was the happiest moment in his life. After few days of hospitalization, Shiksha and newly born baby girl came home. Nitash arranged a big party at home and invited all his relatives and friends to celebrate. Nitash’s best friend Arpit helped Nitash to make arrangements for the party.

Since then Nitash started coming early from office and started spending more time with Shiksha and his angel, he named her “Prisha”. Nitash and Shiksha took proper care of their daughter Prisha and always gave her the best in her life. Best clothes, best toys to play with and all the best things that a child would love to have in his or her life. Prisha had golden brown curly hair, blue eyes and everybody calls her “Barbie Doll” because of her looks. Uncle Arpit used to call her “Angel”. After three years, she started her school and Nitash used to drop her to school every day while going to office and to pick her from school while coming for lunch.

One fine day, in office Nitash had an important project meeting so he could not manage time to pick Prisha from school. He called his best friend Arpit to pick her from school. Arpit was busy in some personal work but he promised Nitash to do the job. Arpit got twenty minutes late to pick Prisha from school and when he reached school then Prisha was sitting with the watchman of the school just next to the exit gate of the school. After seeing her uncle Arpit, she just started running towards him. Arpit was standing crossroad at that time and she didn’t see the truck coming from the side. Suddenly truck hit her in a fraction of second, Arpit shouted “Nai”. Prisha was declared dead on the spot. Nitash got the bad news; he went in a state of silence and first time in his life he cried. After hearing the news, Shiksha went in trauma and just started crying. Arpit thought that it was because of him everything happened and he blamed himself for this tragedy. Nitash blamed himself for not been there for her. It was the worst time for Nitash and Shiksha. Nitash saw Prisha’s dead body and said “Prisha bache papa ki wait ki hoti, papa ko kyu chodke chale gaye”. It was then Nitash’s friends saw him first time in such a dreadful state.

Since then, Nitash and Shiksha never smiled from heart. Nitash cried whenever he saw Prisha’s belongings. As a husband Nitash tried hard to avoid such situation in front of Shiksha but he always cried behind her back. Shiksha also did the same, and she never cried in front of her husband. One year went in a flash. After one year, Arpit asked Nitash to adopt a child to overcome this situation as he knew it was not possible for Shiksha to conceive a child. Nitash didn’t want to adopt a child however Shiksha liked the idea. She convinced Nitash with the help of Arpit. They took help from NGO where shiksha used to work to adopt a child. Nitash always wanted to daughter and Shiksha thought it would be great if they adopt a baby girl just like Prisha. Finally, they found one baby girl (about a year old). In start Nitash could not managed to love her the way he loved Prisha. On the other hand, Shiksha loved her more than her own child and named her “Naina”. One year went in a flash.

Nitash while sitting on sofa in his home saw Naina playing and as always he started remembering his child Prisha and started crying. Such kind of events happened on a regular basis with Nitash. After few days; Arpit came to see his friend and his family. He asked Nitash to celebrate Naina’s 2nd Birthday which was coming in few days time. Nitash agreed and asked Shiksha to arrange a party for her birthday. On day before her 2nd birthday, first time Naina said the word Papa. She called Nitash “Papa” for the first time. After hearing this wonderful word, he felt so happy and he hugged Naina like he used to hug Prisha. On her birthday, Nitash ordered a big cake and opened the box in front of everybody. It was a big chocolate cake had the words “Happy Birthday Prisha” written across it with icing. Everybody was shocked to see the name written on the cake. Name was not a mistake, Nitash told bakery to write like that only. Since then everybody started calling her “Prisha”. He was a happy father again. That day, Arpit was really happy to see all what was happening. Since then Nitash started to love her like the way he used to love Prisha. He forgot that bad incident and started a new life with his family. She started her school and her name mentioned in school was “Prisha”.

Because of the Nitash’s care and love towards his daughter, Arpit used to say “Shiksha to mothering karti hai Prisha ki lekin asli wali mothering and fathering to mera dost Nitash karta hai”. It was amazing the way Nitash cared and loved her. In 1st standard of school, Prisha came first and her teachers called her parents to congratulate them. One of teachers said to Nitash “Yeh apne Papa jaise dikhti hai bilkul”. That made Nitash and Shiksha so happy.

After sixteen years, Prisha awarded with post-graduate degree in finance and management. In her post graduation ceremony speech she mentioned the role of her father and mother in her life. That day, Nitash and Shiksha felt so special and they arranged a party in their house to celebrate the occasion. In party, Nitash and Shiksha said in front of everybody in a proud voice that “It was they who tried to teach Prisha all about life but it was Prisha who taught them what life is all about”. In the end it was a happy family… :)

Names used in this story are fictional. I hope you guys will like it :)


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  1. Avatar of Pinky Pinky says:

    Hi Nitash….this is really good one but what i feel is, one can guess everything and could have made it more interesting !! Nevermind the moral is a gr8 one and its a perfect package..good job!!

  2. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    i agree with pinky. Its Really a nice story. Thanks for sharing it with us

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