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April 22nd 2013  |  1  |  Category: Fiction , Tragedy  |  Author: tina20  |  643 views

Nancy was in her office and thinking how to keep her position and even promotion and how to get more benefit from her job. She was a luck girl, about 30-ish, got pretty face and attractive figure and always wearing in fashion although she was a 5 years old son’s mum. She worked as a secretary of Foreign Office for N College. She got this job from her father’s social contact, uncle Huang, ex president of N College, when she had just graduated. Uncle Huang ‘looked after’ her everything when he was in there, he gave her the comfortable work, various opportunities, expensive clothes, jewelries and money, vice -versa, Nancy provided her young body to him. Anyway nothing forever, especially the good things, Uncle Huang retired last month and his successor was Mr. Lee, a middle age short man.

Someone knocked the door for a while and Nancy ignored, because she guessed that was the foreign teachers, they always had the problems of TV, fridges, water, power, the roof leading, computers, the speakers and the problems of pay not correct as well. ‘How annoying they were and how they got so many problems? I have my things to worry about- I need to get a new social contact as soon as possible.” That was Nancy’s priority.

Anyway the door was opened and Mr. Lee and his management group were in front of the door.
“Hi, President Lee” Nancy stood up right away and put the great sunshine smile on all her face: “I was concerning on my work and I didn’t hear the knocking, sorry.”
“Hi!” Mr. Lee said with smile and his eyes on Nancy’s huge breasts a few second and in which Nancy saw her brilliant future.
As a new leader, Mr. Lee just looked around everywhere of N college that day.

Nancy was planning how to lure Mr. Lee and the door was knocked by someone again.
“Come in.” Nancy said with great enthusiasm.
There were three foreign teachers, Smith, Norbert and Apple.
“Wow, you three planed to come together?” Nancy teased them,
“No, we‘ve just met on the way to here. Can I say my problem first?” Smith asked to his two counterparts.
“OK.” was the answer.
“Nancy, my apartment roof’s leaking and it is not the new problem which has being continued more than three years.” Smith said: “I hope it will fix sometime soon.”
“I know that problem which you told me two years ago. I’ve tried to work with the school, but the point is the school is giving up the old campus where you are living and all the teachers should move to new campus.” Nancy explained patiently.
“Ok. I’d love to move to the new campus any time now.” Smith said.
“We have no apartment empty at the moment, but after two months will have. The school is going to build new teachers’ apartments in new campus.” Nancy said.
“That means we all will move to new apartment after two months?” Apple was interested in new apartments.
“That’s right.” Nancy said:” What is your problem, Apple?”
“I’d like to know when I can get my money back, which was fixing the fridge that was I paid six months ago and you told that you would put in my bank account with my salary of last month.” Apple said.
“You didn’t receive that money in your account?” Nancy asked.
“No, I’ve just got my salary.” Apple said: “I guessed you forgot to put it/”
“No, I didn’t forget to put it, but I forgot how much money I should put.” Nancy said..
“Total is 388 Yuan.” Apple said and put the number and her name on a paper to Nancy: “Can I get cash now?”
“I will put it to your bank account with the salary of this month.” Nancy said: “Norbert, what is your problem?”
“My fridge was broken more than one month.” Norbert asked.
“More than one month? Why just told me?” Nancy was surprised about Norbert’s patient.
“I told you the day it broken and never stop telling you in this one month, I‘ve just called you before I came here.” Norbert said.
Nancy realized Norbert called her and told her something in this month and her mind was not in these kind issues since uncle Huang had left the office. If she knew his fridge was broken, she would buy a new one for him right away and she could get commission from the shop.
“I will buy a new one for you.” Nancy told Norbert.
“Really?” Norbert was shocked: “But that one in my apartment was still new.”
“I know that.” Nancy said: “Are you at home tomorrow sometime?”
“I will be home tomorrow afternoon.”
“Ok, I will buy a new one and send it to you tomorrow afternoon about 4 o’clock.”
“Thanks lot.”
“Wow, the school is generous.” Smith said lightly to Apple: “It’s weird of you, Apple, why not asked a new fridge instead of fixing, so you would not have the problem of asking the paying of fixing money back?”
“That is new fridge and broke after one month.” Apple said.
“I see. The school likes buying new things for us, especially the expensive things, as computer, CD players, TV, fridge, Speakers, USB Pen.” Smith said.
“Please buy a lamb for preparing lessons at home “Apple asked Nancy.
“No. The school just buys the things for life basic need for teachers.” Nancy said in public but in her mind: what I could get if I bought a lamb or a plate or a blender for them, there was no any commission for that kind of stuff.
The three teachers were happy and gone: Smith hoped to move to new campus after two months; Norbert would get a new fridge the next day and Apple trusted that Nancy would give her fixing money back end of that month.
Nancy called the shop and ordered a fridge and discussed the commission and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to send the fridge to Norbert’s apartment, and then she called her friend who had a clothes shop:
“Is there any new fashion you got recently?” Nancy asked.
“Yes, various, come and have a look.”
Nancy went to her friend’s shop that evening and she got a dress which would shot all the men in the world.

The second day morning Mr. Lee’s office door was knocked by someone.
“Come in.” Lee said.
A beautiful, elegant and hot young lady was in front of Lee.
“Come on in, come on in, Nancy.” Mr. Lee went to Nancy fast and said.
Nancy moved her slender waist and her huge breasts quivered up and down inside her sin silk dress and Lee’s eyes sparked following these steps.
“President Lee, I come here for apologize yesterday I didn’t hear your knock at my door.”Nancy’s voice was very tender.

“Don’t worry about that, sit down, sit down. I make a tea for you.” Lee was rush to make a cup of tea.
Nancy was sitting at the couch and looked at the office which was same as before when uncle Huang in there, where she and uncle Huang did the things together.
“Nancy, I’ m glad you came to my office and we can have a good talk about the college, I am a new one and need more information.” Lee put a cup of tea on tea table for Nancy and sat down closed to her and he could fell Nancy’s body smell. Nancy was happy about the thing was easier than she thought and she could go to her point right away.
“I wish I could help you.” The tears were in Nancy’s eyes.
“What’s matter?” Lee was confused.
“I come here the main thing is for resigning although I love my job and I have done it very well.” Nancy’s tears were out of her eyes. “But the dean of my office didn’t like me.”
“Oh, I see, that is why you want to resign?” Lee asked.
“Yes, she’s created rumors about me around the campus: such as President Huang’s mistress and would lose the position soon, got the commission from shopping for the school and foreign teachers, various excuses for cutting the foreign teachers’ money and asked foreign teachers ‘signatures’ on empty recipes which she could put whatever and how much money for that, then the money all go to her own pocket and as a singing girl for the pubs and night clubs.” Nancy was a tear doll and sat at Lee’s laps already.
Lee looked at her face and his two hands were busy to handle everywhere of Nancy’s body and asked:”Who was your dean and how can gossip of the colleagues?”
Nancy knew that Lee was already to the direction of her plan and she moved her ass gently on Lee’s laps and at last Lee had to put Nancy laid on the couch
“I will deal with the gossip in this college.” Lee took off his pants and held his junior to Nancy and Nancy was an expert but pretended:
“I am shy, President Lee.”
“Don’t be shy and I know you are a good girl.” Lee‘s dick was helped by Nancy to herself.
Nancy and Lee co-operated well and they moved from couch to the floor, they switched the positions, top and down, front and back.
“Honey, I can’t live without you and all the positions you and I matched very well.” Lee was doing and saying.
Nancy still pretended as a gentle girl, for she still didn’t know exactly Lee’s idea of her future position in this college.

The great work was interrupted by Nancy’s mobile: “It is 4 o ’clock already, we are waiting for you to send the fridge.”The shop man said on the phone.
“I am busy at the moment and I will call you tomorrow.” Nancy said.
Nancy told Lee the fridge issue and Lee said:
“You are hard working lady.”Lee put on his clothes:” What time is it?”
“It’s near 5 o’ clock pm.” Nancy said. “We forgot the lunch and its dinner time already.”
“Go to your office and I will ask my chauffeur to pick you up about 5:30 pm and we go somewhere for dinner.” Lee’s fingers touched Nancy’s face and said..
Nancy knew that she was successful of her plan. In her office she did another making up and another dress.
Nancy and Lee had nice dinner and wonderful sex at a 5 star Hotel that night.

The second day, Nancy was in her office as usual and she called the fridge shop to confirm her commission and asked the shop to put it to her bank account. Later she got a phone call from Lee’s secretary, which asked her to enter the leaders’ routine meeting.
“I am not a leader and how I can go there” Nancy said on the phone
“President Lee gave me this name list and asked me to call.” The secretary explained.
Nancy guessed Lee made mistake for they stayed together from yesterday morning to this earlier morning and she didn’t go and she didn’t want to see the others mocked at her if Lee said he made a mistake.
The phone called from the secretary again:
“Ms Nancy, everyone here is waiting for you, please hurry.”
“Are you sure my name on the list?” Nancy asked again and again.
“Yes, I promise I am doing the job properly.” The secretary said firmly.
Anyway nothing the secretary could do for Nancy, and she went to the meeting.
Nancy’s present made the attendants surprised, someone whispered to each other and Nancy’s dean Ms Tong stood up to Nancy and said: “ I have meeting here, you don’t need to look for me and anything we talk at the office later.”
“I have meeting here too.” Nancy answered.
Tong couldn’t believe her ears and the meeting started.
The Chairman asked each department to report its job and then HR Manager announced some HR decisions, when he said:
“Ms Nancy replaces Tong’s position as a Dean of Foreign Office, and Tong’s job will arranged by the library soon.” All the people were shocked, including Nancy. “Lee is really a powerful man and does the things thoroughly and he didn’t say anything last night and today t I’ve replaced my boss, Tong, 5o years old woman, but made up as a 20-ish slut,” Nancy thought.

Nancy was more busy and more beautiful as the dean of Foreign Office, she was involved in the work between her office and Lee’s office. After four months she promoted to the position of Vice President which in charge of the HR and Foreign Affairs for N College.
The phone calls from the fridge shop never stopped during her changed these three positions: Secretary- Dean- Vice President and she couldn’t understand why the shop called her:
“Why you called me again and again? I’ve paid the fridge. You sold the fridge and got money and now what do you want?”
“We just notice you to bring the product which you bought.” The shop man said on the phone.
“I know I bought that, don’t need you keep telling me.” Nancy was upset.
This time Lee came to Nancy’s office to discuss the work. “What thing made you unhappy?” Lee asked.
Nancy told him the situation and also told him the fridge bought for Norbert who already left the college.
“Let me talk to him.” Lee took the phone: “Thanks for reminding, please send the fridge to this address this afternoon and Nancy will be there.” Done, the job was done beautifully by Lee.
Wow, that address was an apartment Lee just bought for Nancy and him for temporary staying. Nancy really admired and respected Lee.

During Nancy’s three years as vice President for N College, Smith and Apple’s problems were still there: the teachers’ apartments were still on the paper and Apple hadn’t seen the refund to her account.

Later Mr. Lee promoted to the position as a vice Mayor for this city and soon Nancy became the President of N College.


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    Hi Tina,

    I read your stories at, all are so nice and well portrayed. Just wanna add one thing, you should try to write stories for other genre too. I am sure people also loved it.

    Thanks :)

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