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November 25th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , Horror  |  Author: Soumesh  |  4343 views

Piku started laughing by hearing that we can connect with some dead person with the help of some precise and practiced technique. This is impossible, you are trying to make me fool, remember I am not a milk feeding baby any more – Piku replied to Mamon’s suggestion of doing some adventurous stuff in the summer vacation. Mamon and Piku used to stay in the same complex and they were both childhood friends. Piku was two years younger than Mamon and to piku, Mamon di (di refers to the elder sister in Bengali) was the source of all new information and facts provider. Momon tried her best to convince Piku that this is a fact and she is not making him fool. Somehow Piku believed, and this was the latest to-do adventure in their coming summer vacation. So they decided to ‘Planchet’ someone in their coming summer vacation.

A few months later the summer vacation started, all schools were closed, and their adventurous season started. Mamon’s parents were both working and she was their only child. So they both left home for the whole day and in the time of summer vacation their flat turned into a live and happening laboratory and field of adventure for Piku and Mamon. Also the terrace of the complex was the extended branch of this laboratory. After finishing their morning studies they used to rule these two places with their various kinds of childhood experimental stuffs till evening. So they started planning how to perform this task with precision. Being the elder one, Mamon started gathering information for this ‘Planchet’ adventure from various books and friends. Then internet was not there and they had to depend upon the other source of information.

After a long research a day was finalized, a week day afternoon was fixed for this one. Equipment for this ‘Planchet’ gathered and prepared. A big chart paper, a one rupee coin, a big candle, table and chair. They prepared the chart paper with various kind of structures, complete alphabet, zero to nine numbers and a circle to place the coin. That was the main thing for their task. They started implementing their plan by placing everything in the middle of the room and creating a complete darkness. They decided to call a person recently died in their locality. After a certain time, concentrating on that person the coin started moving over the big paper. They asked few questions to the spirit and the spirit answered their questions by moving the coin over the alphabetic chart paper. This question answer session went for about 15 minutes. They both were terribly scared after this event was over.

Now they both turned mature people. Mamon got married and small Piku is a corporate guy now. This incident is still unknown to other people. But after so many years whenever they meet they discuss this experience. No one knows what was that, how that happened, but the plan was quite successful and a memorable experience of their childhood days.


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