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May 24th 2013  |  0  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: tina20  |  924 views

Feng finished her 8 years countryside suffering same liked the other youth and came back to the city when the Culture Revolution ended in China in the end of 1970s. She didn’t same like the others that she didn’t do any farm work in these 8 years and her mother, a widow, a middle school teacher, posted her 10Yuan every month from her 50Yuan salary, and Feng’s elder brother, Dian, a worker in the other city, sent 5Yuan from his salary of 25Yuan to Feng each month too. After Feng 3 years in the countryside, her 17 years old younger sister, Yu, got a job as bus conductor and her salary was 14yuan a month and Yu gave all the salary to her mum, according the culture. It is better added this 14 Yuan for Fang’s mum to look after the rest of the family members: Fang’s mum, Yu and two grandparents in the city and Feng also came back from the country after she received her living money from her mum.
Feng was assigned as a painter for the buildings for a huge state company and she got the first month salary the first day she was there.
“It is a nice company, isn’t it? You haven’t done any job but got salary first.” Yu said.
“Nice for the money but I don’t like that job.” Feng said.
“I remembered you said that you just wanted to back to the city and had a job and didn’t care any kind of job, now you came back and you cared.” Yu reminded her sister.
“It’s wrong want to have a good job?”Feng asked.
“Not at all, it’s great you have ambitions. Why not study and go to the exams for university? Then you can have a good job. I am preparing for this and you can join me and we study together and encourage each other.” Yu suggested.
“Impossible for going to college, I’m already 26 years, too old to study.”Feng said firmly
“It is possible, nowadays the policy in China is: who catch the rat is good cat, black or white, whatever. So age is not a problem, the family background is not another problem and the gender is not the other problem either.” Yu still persuaded her elder sister.
‘No. You got a good job so said some thing like singing a song.” Feng suddenly said and made Yu confused.
“What a good job I have? I was assigned as a bus conductor when I was 17 and I have been in this job already 7 years for I need this money to help mum to support the family and I never stop studying and I wish I can go to the college someday. If you think this is a good job, I can ask my boss to heir you if my company still has job opening” Yu said.
“Yes, I hope I can go to your company to have a good job, such as office job, not a conductor, another terrible work. I’d like to have a comfortable job, just beautifying my nails and doing nothing with good pay.” Feng said.
“Yes, there is someone’s job like that, first you should be someone or someone makes you to be someone. I don’t think I am someone can get someone to help you become someone. Don’t forget, I am still a conductor in my company.”Yu smiled.
Year later, Yu passed the university exams and went to the university and Feng was just at home doing nothing and she still got 5Yuan from her elder brother and she wanted her mom give her some pocket money as well, but her mum said:
“No, you got a job, why did not to work and get pay?”
“Am I not your real daughter? You treat Yu much better than I. I just want to have bit pocket money and do you think I don’t need pocket money?”Feng shouted to her mum..
“Nonsense, Yu has given all her salary since 17 years old and she has never asked any coin for pocket money, or clothing, or anything. She wore the uniform and sometimes shared my old clothing, and I always thought I should buy some girl’s clothing for her but I have never got finance, emotion and time possibility and she already went to the university which the state pays everything for her.” Mum explained to Feng: “And you went to the countryside when you were 19. Each month I sent you 10Yuan and your elder brother gave you 5Yuan, we never missed sending during 8 years. Your life standard in the country was higher than us, everyone can see this. You are just taken and never satisfied. Yu is just given and never complained.” Mum was bit upset.
“Don’t just prize Yu, she got a job she should contribute to the family, if I had a job I would do the same as her.” Feng screamed.
“You got a job already but you just don’t do the job, and you want to get something from the others, not get something from your own.” Mum said.
“That not true, who said I didn’t work? I am working: I am using my brain to think how to live here and do nothing and how to get the money from you. You know that is intelligent work and need higher IQ” Feng said.
“You are shameless bitch, freak and parasite and I don’t want to talk with you anymore.” Mum was really angry:” Now you are dependent on me and who you can dependents on after I die?”
“Don’t worry. We still have meat to eat although butcher Hu was died.”
Mum couldn’t say anything.

Anyway Feng went to work when she finished her first month salary and she met a young man in her company and they both fell in love and they married soon. She moved to her husband and after one year she got a baby girl.
Feng always brought her baby to her mum’s and mum was happy to look after the baby.
One day, Feng came to her mum with baby and she was very upset: “I’ve met a thief on the bus and he stole me 10Yuan. Unlucky day”
“Forget that, see your beautiful daughter and can pure your inside” Mum said: “Nowadays 10yuan is not valued as 10 year ago.”
“Terrible day isn’t it? I’ve lost 10Yuan, shit.” Feng repeat again and again.
“Please stop your complaining. I give you 10Yuan.” Mum gave her 10Yuan immediately.
“I would have 20 Yuan, if I hadn’t lost 10 Yuan.” Feng mooned.
“You will say: I would have 30 Yuan, if I hadn’t lost 10 Yuan if I gave you another 10 Yuan.” Mum said.
“Oh, yes, that’s true.” Feng laughed.
Suddenly, Mum fell over the floor and the face was terribly pale.
“Mum, you just gave me 10Yuan and you don’t need do this to me.” Feng said, but mum stayed there and had no any response. Feng was scaled and called Yu and told her mum’s situation.
“Call the ambulance and send mum to the hospital right away.”Yu said.
“I don’t know how to call ambulance even I don’t know the number, why asked me to do so many things which I don’t know how to do. You are selfish girl.” Feng complained.
“Ok, you just stay there, don’t leave, don’t touch mum, I call the ambulance and I will come back in any minute.”Yu said.
Feng thought who you are, you asked me that don’t leave, so I must be here? No way, I leave. Feng checked her mum’s pocket: just a pocket money, then she went her mums’ desk and she found some cash and a bank card, she put all in her bag and left.

Yu just saw the ambulance outside the building, her mum on the floor and Feng was gone and money was gone too when she came back. She sent her mum to the hospital and the doctor said her mum got stomach cancer terminal and had 3 months alive. She called Feng and told her mum’s disease.
“I know. Now the most important thing is she should tell us where she put her money and avoided later she couldn’t speak.” Feng said.
Yu said nothing and called Dian and told him their mum’s situation.
“I’m going to drop my study to look after mum: the doctor said that she had 3 months.”
“No, you couldn’t do that, you concentrate on your study and I will deal with this issue.” Dian said.

Dian asked leave from his job and came to this city with his wife and his son. He looked after their mum very well and same time he was looking for a job and soon he got a job and too his wife’s and his son a school place. Dain’s family settled here now. Three months later mum didn’t die even more health than before, the old lady was happy lived with her son’s family for her last 5 years and she didn’t need to face Feng’s troubles which Dian all sorted out but was happy seeing Yu graduated from the university, studied and working for the USA.
In the later 1980s, the city destroyed the old housing compounds and built new ones. Dian’s family as the other residents moved from the old building for a while then moved to the new which built.
Feng came to see Dian when Dian just decorated his new apartment.
“You’ve got a beautiful home, Dian, gosh, everything is new.” Feng was sitting on the new couch and drinking the tea. “I’ve got useless husband, we have nothing new, except the building.”
“You depend on him and think he is useless. By the way, why you still not get a job? Nowadays there are lots of jobs.” Dian remind Feng it’s time to get a job.
“I have to look after my baby so have no time to work.” Feng said.
“You daughter is 6 years old and she doesn’t need full time mum at home.”
“You know, I never do a job and I don’t know what job I can do.” Feng said the truth: “By the way, can you lend me 50Yuan?”
“Of course, you have no money for food shopping again, although your husband gave all his salary to you each month. I know you are not good at money management.” Dian said and gave her 50 Yuan.
“You are my brother indeed.”Feng put the 50Yuan in her pocket and started complaining about Yu: “Yu is not our sibling, is she? She is in the USA and never sends any money for me: she is not look like family member.”
“She is not easy for living in the alien country and I had the experience living in the alien city. I can understand her.” Dian said.
“But you posted me 5Yuan each month till I married.”Feng pointed out the difference between Dian and Yu.

At evening, Feng called Dian and said rashly:
“I’ve forgot to say the most important thing to you this afternoon when I was in your place, I’d like to move my daughter’s ‘Hukou’ to your place for she will go to primary school soon, you know in my place there is no any good school and I want my daughter go to good school.”
“That’s true, don’t worry, I will use all my social contacts to find someone who may has some connections with the police.” Dian comforted Feng.
Dian did and his niece’s ‘Hukou’ came to his family Hukou register book and Feng’s daughter went to a good primary school just near Dian’s home and the young girl had lunch at Dian’s home if there was anyone at home.
Three months later, Feng told Dian: “The school asked the extra money if the student’s mum’s Hukou is not with the student in this community. Asking money? No way! I always lack of money.”
“You want your ‘Hukou’ moves here?” Dian asked.
“Yes, indeed.”
Dian did and Feng’s Hukou on Dian’s ‘Hukou’ register book too.

One year later, Feng’s husband died by the accident of exhausting on shift. Feng lost the person who she could depend on for living and she had no money and no any ability for living. She came to Dain and Dian had to agree Feng and her daughter live with Dian’s family together, although his first plan was just financial support to her and her daughter, although his wife was not happy about this decision.
“She is unlucky girl, went to the country when was 19 years old, never work and now husband passed away. Who could help her if we didn’t? You are lucky, you have me and our son and we both have great jobs and nice pay and beautiful home. She will move out if she find a nice man or later her daughter grown up.” Dian comforted his wife, a kind lady.
The first week in Dian’s home, Feng’s behavior was not bothered the others too much, although she and her daughter didn’t do any house work. Dian did all the things, and his son did some sometimes when he came from his university. The second week, Feng started her complaining:
“Dian, the bed room has no sunshine all day, my daughter and I can’t in this room anymore. I’d like to switch with yours, OK?” Feng said unhappily.
“No.” Dian’s wife answered immediately.
“Who are you? I’m talking to my elder brother.”Feng was very aggressive: “Your lucky bitch married my brother.”
“You parasite, you killed your husband and now want to kill mine? OK, Dian if you still keep her here, I will to go to my mum’s.” Dian’s wife said peacefully and firmly.
“Don’t do anything extremely, Darling, she just want to our bed room, give her that she will be fine, ok? You are my wife and, she is my sister. Please understand my situation.”Dian hugged his wife.
The bed room switched.
Feng’s new complaining started:
“Dian, do you think the food is for human being? No taste, no quality and no nutrition.”
“Dian, why you haven’t washed my clothing which I put in the machine last night?”
“Dian, please send the lunch to my daughter’s school, she liked to have lunch with her classmates today.”
“Dian, why your wife didn’t clean the house, everywhere is dirty: the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, including my bedroom. Wives should do house work well that is our Chinese culture.”
Dian told her:” Your sister-in-law is not well and went to her Mum’s yesterday and she will stay there for some days.”
“Wow, that’s nice, I don’t need to see her widow’s face anymore, I should celebrate, I’d like to go to the cinema. Give me 50Yuan, Dian, I’d like to have a meal outside first, then the cinema.” Feng said excited.
“Ok.” Dian gave her 50Yuan.
“Don’t forget send lunch to my daughter.” Feng concerned and left
“Don’t worry.” Dian cooked the lunch for his niece in the kitchen and he felt not well. He fell over in the kitchen floor and the food burned and then the fire covered the kitchen, the living room. Dian was seeing all the things and burning with his screaming.

Feng saw the fire engine, a lot of people and her daughter was outside the building when she came back from her entertainment.
“What’s going on, Baby?” Feng went to her daughter right away.
“Uncle is died.” The young girl was crying.
“Did he send lunch to you?”
“Jesus, he said he would send and he had no responsible for the work he promised.” Feng was complaining her brother.
“Mom, uncle was died.”The young girl told her.
The fire fighters and the neighbors told her what had happened.
“What? Dian is died? How is my sister-in-law?”
The leader of the community told Feng that he already contacted with her sister-in-law’s mum and was told that she was in the hospital and the situation was not good.
“How can I live without anyone?” Feng asked herself.
The leader of the community said he would contact with Dian’s son, the university student.
One hour later Dian’s son was there, he was very sad for father died in this terrible situation and same time mum in the hospital. He told the leader of the community that he already contacted with Yu and Yu would send some money for him to deal with the family issue and support his study as well.
“What did Yu said about me?” Feng was alert.
“Sorry, aunt Yu said, you are parasite, who supports you and you will sack whose blood totally and she said she still want to live. Anyway aunt Feng, you can get a job.”
“I don’t know how to get?” Feng cried.
“I will help you to find one.” The boy said.
“Thanks.” Feng had nothing worry about: she lived in Dian’s new apartment and she told everyone that was hers, because her and her daughter’s Hukou there. She had nothing worry about her sister-in-law, a patient in the hospital. The young man, her niece, was helping her to find a job and shareing his money, for Feng’s living, which was Yu’s.
Parasite got a new body to survival.


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